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  1. So new Zelda, new Nintendo console, and I still ended up playing this for most of the weekend. I can't pull myself away from it. Made some serious progress lads. Fuck where to even begin. Ogled up the Ogress, put Honda into neutral, made katsu out of Okatsu, murked Magoichi, opened up Otani, shat all over Shima Sakon, gave Gasha-dokuro some...gashes, and I also beat Ishida Mitsunari in a fair and balanced fight. Oh shit and I beat my rematches with Hino-enma and Fatty fatty toad boy too. Hino was MUCH tougher second time round, but I licked toady boy first time. Toad is probably my favourite boss so far in terms of fun. Anyway. Shima Sakon and Mitsunari are probably the toughest fights so far. Onwards. I have to be near the end now. I'm farming revenants too atm, and exchanging glory for sick items at the teahouse! OH SHIT and those raven bastards. Once you get their pattern down they go down so easy. Still goty
  2. There's nothing like a new Nintendo console day on this forum. Soak it in guys, and good luck with your deliveries.
  3. Spot on Goemon. Block the ice shards. Consider loading up on heavy-ish gear so you can absorb more blocks. She normally follows up her sword slashes with an ice pound, which can one hit kill. Get in the practice of moving away from her as soon as she attacks, in case she does the ice pound. The sword fling, when she throws her sword is easy to dodge left or right. it doesn't track very well. In the second phase of the fight, keep. your. distance. Get hit with that sword stab and she'll bully up on you. Keep your distance, block the ice shards, get in for a hit, MAYBE two, when she whiffs her stabby dash. As long as you keep your distance in this phase you should be fine. The best time to wail on her is after the ice pound, and after she whiffs the stab dash. Good luck mate. She is an icy mistress and won't hesitate to put cold shards in your arse if you don't respect her.
  4. Had another run in with my old mate Nue last night guys. This time I fought him in a cramped area near the White Tiger boss, he was a lot more of a dick. Basically the whole area can be covered in yokai puddles if you're not careful and don't shut down his attacks. But once I remembered his patterns, chucked a bit of lightning resist armour on, ducked and bobbed and weaved, my dual swords snapped that goggly eyed cunt like a fucking Kitkat. Had a couple of pops on white tiger, he really doesn't seem that bad. That claw combo can definitely be easily blocked. OH GOD and there was one awful bit with a crystal, an axe demon yokai, and a lickitung yokai. That took me way longer than it should. but i couldn't get in and destroy the crystal quick enough! Game of the fucking year.
  5. That actually sounds pretty cool, having to strategise around forced buffs for elemental encounters.
  6. Good points. I just find them a bit annoying. Not as annoying as the mini cyclopses (not hard, just mischievous and trolly in a really annoying way), the fire wheels, the umbrellas, or the ninjas though.
  7. One thing that's slightly, slightly niggling me is the game's tendency to create artificial difficulty in some of the missions, by just spawning those insufferable elemental skull heads around dick-kicker enemies. Like, fuck off back to Doom 1, you floaty projectile spitting tossers. Let me fight my dick kickers in peace.
  8. It seems no one, no one, can comfortably 'give Nioh a miss for a while'. Welcome back mate. Game of the fucking year.
  9. Spent last night fighting the snow queen. MATE. What a fight. Took nearly two hours to take her down. That fight makes you really know the importance of blocking. With the right armour set you can soak up most of her attacks. That dashing stab move though, fuck. Keep your distance that's all I can say. Then get in for a jab and get back. Amazing fight. Anyway she's dead and now I can concentrate on never ever wanting Nioh to end.
  10. tbf, for everyone complaining about runs to the bosses, i've found a shortcut cunningly hidden out of the way. i don't think i've been on a single boss where the run was longer than ten seconds. but maybe later bosses are worse. arrow wise, you always know if an arrow will connect when the reticule changes colour. it requires some awkward positioning sometimes but i've not found it a problem. watch for the reticule to change. i think anyway. i guess the key (ki, buh dum tish) to avoiding getting stun locked to fuckery is to know the tells and dodge accordingly. the game makes it pretty clear that if you dawdle around, you will get certifiably rekt. not trying to be a cunt just giving my two cents and defending the game. fair play if it's not for you though.
  11. Where does the better than OoT quote come from?
  12. What a 48 hours I've just had with this game. Fucking hell mate. I am obssessed with it. Hopeless. Completely addicted. Did the centipede, sword guy hayfield rematch (WHAT A FIGHT), UMIBOZU, and spider woman bosses in one marathon weekend sitting. The umibozu level is probably my favourite so far, going off the beaten path and finding a level within a level, across the sprawling rooftops and back around, every little nook and cranny has something to find or a cool fight. Opened Umibozu up like a fucking box of cereal after a few tries. Epic fight. Some really gnarly yokai coming out of the woodwork now too. The licky bastards and the feathery bastards spring to mind. Some sub missions feel insurmountable at this stage. But the more you practice, the better you get, and as some have mentioned, you end up actually enjoying the fights you once dreaded. That's the mark of an absolutely exceptional combat system imo. Case in point: the floaty fabric tossing ghost women, one sub mission had my blood boiling she was so hard, but now I can beat them without getting it, and genuinely relish the encounters with them. On a beautiful snow level at the mo. Boss kicked me in the dick so called it a night. Fuckkkkkkk this game is so good. So good. I laid in bed thinking god I just want to get back up and play more.
  13. Jonzo

    Nintendo Switch

    I think we'll be surprised by how well the Switch does, actually. Once people start seeing them out and about, playing Mario Kart etc in pubs and in the park, it'll catch on like wildfire.
  14. New Souls, new Zelda, new Mass Effect, Nier, HZD. Divorce lawyers are going to have a very lucrative month.
  15. I'm doing a spear / dual swords run. I'm using the swords the slice through generic noobs, overwhelming them with sheer DPS, making their head spin, and saving my spear for larger yokai /boss fights. High stancing mate. Faaaackinel the damage is revolting. REVOLTING DAMAGE
  16. All poison based bosses ever, gtfo.
  17. Also something else about this game I really like: the sprawling open level design. Unlike Dark Souls, sort of, the way forward is never completely clear. You end up getting lost quite a lot, but there's always a reason to go off the beaten track and find some cool bit of kit, or fight a new enemy. There's stuff to discover and loot tucked away in every single corner. It's as if the game actively encourages you to get lost, get disorientated, find your bearings and explore, the rewards are always there and there's always a path to find somewhere. Case in point, I'm in this temple area with these slow moving knights. I am completely lost, attacked a wall and it came to fucking life! Behind there there's a shortcut and a little hot spring with loads of kodama frollicking around. Anyway I took Nue down last night, easy fucking peasy mate. Well I died about twenty times, sure, but PATTERN LEARNING. Every fight can be overcome in this game but being patient, learning patterns, getting in there, taking little jabs, ki-pulsing, and unleashing your living weapon when the time is right. The bosses themselves might be a big underwhelming to look at, nothing we haven't seen before, but their technical design is so fucking good, and so well suited to the speed and fury of the combat. Been a long time since I've been thinking about a game away from the game. Utterly head over heels with it.
  18. I fucking love this game. On the third boss so far. I have to say, not to seem try hard, but I was a bit disappointed by the second boss (paralysis woman). I was expecting a proper nail biting, butt clenching fight from the comments here and elsewhere, but I took her down pretty easily after a couple of attempts. She signals her moves so clearly and has so many moments where you can just wail on her. Dunno man. Anyway the first boss took me fucking ages and the third boss is an absolute dick kicker, so it was probs just a fluke. God I love this game. I'm kicking all manner of shit with my dual swords you would not believe it. I am pissing hit points into all and sundry. There's shitloads going on that I don't understand, but I love it. The combat is just so slick and satisfying. it's hard to imagine going back to Soulsborne after this. Those games just feel so sluggish in comparison, even Bloodborne. Oh and my Ki pulsing is coming along too. Love the way it gradually teaches you the importance of it, and forces you to learn how to do it, and do it well. The skill system is so deep and as far as I can tell, it's going to be incredible to run through the game with different builds. Played in my pants all fucking day yesterday, and I don't regret a single minute of it. NUE - you are on my shit list tonight, you leonine, lightning spewing bastard.
  19. I rolled double swords with a spear as a secondary weapon. DPS CREW FTW Just making my way through the first area, getting to grips with the combat, trying to remember to press cross instead of circle to roll Prologuey bit was weak, I agree. Constant music doesn't suit these kind of games. I think the Ki pulsing mechanic is what will set this apart in terms of skill level. The people who can refresh ki reliably and consistently will have a much easier time, but i've found it kind of tricky. Also wtf was up with putting the proper tutorial after the bit in the tower? Seems so weird. Generally though after my first couple of hours I'm getting that bubbling sense of uncontainable excitement that normally only comes with Souls games. That feeling of just wanting to jump back in so badly, you can't take it haha. NIOH PLACE TO HIDE!
  20. Oh god this game is so fucking great
  21. No grenades, but I managed to worm my way out. Lesson learned. What's the general vibe on this game here then? I'm only a handful of hours in, but I'm fucking loving it so far. It's really got its hooks into me. Seems like a pretty sad, embittered person not to appreciate the atmosphere, craft, ambition and love on display here. It's a very charming and unusual game.
  22. I found a cave with shitloads of gold in, kept going deeper and deeper and now I can't find my way back to the ship
  23. Every time I go to quit to desktop on PC, my screen goes black and everything becomes completely unresponsive. Anyone else had this issue? Is there a fix. The game itself runs fine.
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