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  1. Here's the video if anyone's interested: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/144223702
  2. I was gonna get this, but I watched Delrith from the angry joe show go into this huge, venomous, articulate rant about how broken and frustrating it is on twitch last night, so gonna give it a miss now.
  3. I tried killing those aliens by setting up turrets but they just kept one-shotting them. so i've fucked them off for later when i'm tooled up, then i'll come back and show them who the daddy is. clue: it's me
  4. Signed up for noob night this Wednesday, London on Board. Pub, board games, social awkwardness - bring it on.
  5. i started playing this last night. i got a keycard for the trauma centre. I went in and two massive aliens with a million HP killed me over and over again. you can't sneak past them and you can't meaningfully oppose them. and then my PC crashed. so. good then. was enjoying it up until that point thought, a lot. tonight when i get back on i'm gonna go round collecting loads of turrets and just throw them in the room with the aliens and listen to them get killed
  6. So, we had a lot of fun last night. I don't know where the time went. We started off with Love Letter.None of us were kind of feeling it at first, there was an awkwardness, but we ended up playing shitloads of rounds, and getting seriously into it. Paranoia, salty knockouts, bluffing, overthinking, rng, this game has everything. This took up a lot of our time. So then we decided to get Betrayal out, and ngl we were massively overwhelmed with the rules. We put a couple of youtube vids on and they sort of helped, but we decided to just play and consult the rules as we went, and it ended up not being too bad. We totally understood the first half of the game by the end, you're just going around exploring and collecting items, but it gets a bit more complex when the haunt starts and monsters come into play, attacking, that kind of thing. Plus every haunt has its own rules so the traitor who was by this time quite heavily inebriated was having to cross compare the main rulebook and the traitor's tome. Our scenario was one guy playing a madman who goes round all the windows letting ghosts and monsters in to kill us. It was a lot of fun but took longer than expected just cause we were all complete noobs. A couple of more games and rulebook studying sessions and we'll be away with it though. First board game night = a success. And better than that it was shitloads of fun. I want to play more but don't have that many mates. So definitely looking into going along to a club meet at some point.
  7. In my basket right now, god help my wallet, are love letter, king of Tokyo, ticket to ride and betrayal. good range for a decent gaming night?
  8. Thanks so much for all the responses and recommendations guys. Really appreciate it. ALSO. I've managed to rope in some mates for a gaming night round mine tonight. Should I get Betrayal House on the Hill? Even if we're all noobs?
  9. It sounds so good, oh man. Definitely getting that next. Do you go to a club then? Anyone know any decent gaming clubs in London? Noob friendly?
  10. shit, betrayal house on the hill sounds absolutely amazing! is it completely unfeasible to play it two player though? or three player? i guess it's a case of the more the merrier with games like that?
  11. Nice! Yeah it was kind of surprising how much we enjoyed it, and how immersed we were. Will add those two to the list, cheers mate. I'm pretty keen to get into some horror themed games too.
  12. So I've been thinking about getting into tabletop games for a while now, and last night I took the plunge and ordered Pandemic and Carcassone from prime now. I heard these are pretty good two player games for beginners. So me and my girlfriend cracked open a bottle of wine and got stuck in with Pandemic. It seemed pretty complex at first, having not really played anything more complicated than Monoply in our lives. We got absolutely rekt on the first game, and the second, but by the third game we were really beginning to understand how to play and came pretty close. but we ran out of played cards. We were a bit drunk and it was late after the third loss so we packed up and went to bed, but we really enjoyed it. A lot actually. Didn't have time to deseal Carcasonne but that's next. Thought I'd share anyway. Also, does anyone have any good recommendations for two / three player games besides these two? I really fancy Eldritch Horror but is that too much of a big step too soon for a rookie? Can't wait to get stuck into more. Might even go along to some meets once I'm a bit less of a raging, bumbling noob.
  13. Yep. Immortal Redneck is fucking superb. As moreish as a bowl of crunchy nut cornflakes.
  14. This is a fucking excellent game. In my opinion the best horror, in whatever medium, is born from surrealism. And this game has it in spades. Not since PT have I seen a horror game do surrealism so well. It really is like a nightmare, everything's exaggerated, nothing makes sense, everything's grotesque and mundane, it's just absolutely brilliant. Better than Inside and Limbo imo. Next I want a full blown ten hour sequel, building on the brilliant ideas of this one and making the whole thing meatier. A really surprising and exciting and nail biting and disturbing videogame which lingers on the brain ages afterwards.
  15. The first level is just an endless barrage of enemies all single file, bundling over each other to drain your HP. Some enemies have homing attacks and there's poison on the floor which is really hard to see in the midst of all the chaos. Put simply this is fucking seriously hard. Not necessarily in a fun way.
  16. Couple of middling reviews from Metro and Guardian just in, for anyone still on the fence. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2017/may/08/prey-review-sci-fi-shooter-bioshock-dead-space-dishonored-bethesda http://metro.co.uk/2017/05/08/prey-review-shock-of-the-new-6623206/
  17. That worthabuy guy is pretty funny. His Immortal Redneck review just had me properly laughing. Shows what you can do with game reviews if you have a dry sense of humour and a bit of character. I'm so utterly bored of worthy Gamespot style reviews read from some self serious bland check shirted douchebag. I subbed
  18. "The last time i played a game like this, my beard was black"
  19. tldw, he said it's an absolute buy. quite like that guy's channel actually.
  20. I can't talk for the later dungeons, I'm only on the third so far, but the only reason I've ever lost time is because I pushed on recklessly and greedily.
  21. Can everyone add me if that's alright? Or add me to a list if there's one going? SW-6024-7490-5629
  22. If you want Morgana to get crushed to death, you'll have to go through me first. Love that fucking cat.
  23. Personally a big fan of the save point system in this. I mean, there's been times when I've had to replay the same section a couple of times, but it adds to the tension. The subsequent sweaty handed Palace raids, wondering whether you should push on or head back, provide a brilliant contrast to the chilled out levelling up and hanging out in the real world. Each encounter feels tense when you're running low on SP. But the greedy bastard in you will always want to see how far you can push it before admitting defeat.
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