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  1. After selling my original PS4 a while back and going Switch only I’m back in with a Pro. I got it with Death Stranding and picked up Spider-Man and God of War in the digital sale. By the time I’m done with them I should be able to pick up Shenmue 3 and Jedi Fallen Order for cheap so I’m feeling very content about my gaming plans for the next few months.
  2. Ordered physical on this as I think it will be a play once and then sell on deal. Looking forward to it!
  3. Will I be at a big disadvantage if I start playing again on PC with a controller vs keyboard and mouse people?
  4. Totally opposite experience for me, LB has become one of my favourite bosses in any souls game
  5. There’s a Demon Bell you can ring early on to make all enemies tougher.
  6. It says "This game will unlock in approximately 20 hours" on my store page so I wouldn't count on a midnight release, unfortunately.
  7. Crhis

    Nintendo Switch

    Is there anywhere I can buy official replacement thumb stick covers for my Joycons? (I find they slide off very easily!) Seen some on eBay but the design looks different.
  8. I have a slim and I've been thinking about swapping the other way around! I'll send you a PM.
  9. Crhis

    Nintendo Switch

    Might be a bit late now but you should be able to transfer the data between SD cards without redownloading if you have enough space to use as a holding area on your PC.
  10. I did OK at first but now the raid is out I'm getting super tempted to cancel my PC pre-order and go all in on the PS4/big telly edition. Talk me out of it? Talk me in to it? I'm so confused!
  11. Crhis

    Nintendo Switch

    Got the Hori Playstand, looks solid and it folds down nice and neat.
  12. Crhis

    Nintendo Switch

    Had to wait in the car for half an hour or so yesterday. Flew by
  13. Crhis

    Nintendo Switch

    Remember when we were all pre-ordering and that one guy cancelled and bought a cheapo Windows tablet with some weird controllers and it turned out it couldn't run much of anything games wise anyway? I my Switch.
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