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  1. I could be interested in a 3080 FE depending on price - but I think the play at the moment is to wait until the 4080 and 7900XT are released and see how they shake up the market.
  2. I ordered the drive at the same time as my deck so just wiped the microSD too and started over. I think you could keep game data on your microSD to save redownloading, but I'm not 100% sure. Yeah I used a USB-C SD card reader I had and put the OS install files on a full size SD.
  3. It's the same slot but it's a doddle to switch over and reinstall the OS. I ordered the 512GB SK Hynix for £65 on eBay - took 2 weeks or so to arrive from China but no customs charges and it's been working great.
  4. I've been away from PC gaming for a few years - since ordering my Steam Deck I've added about 60 games to my wishlist. I'd forgotten how cheap everything is compared to the Nintendo eShop. Famous last words - but not long to go now, it made it to the UK/Evri this morning.
  5. Could be a bit of a niche question - I went all in the cheap way and got the Legacy + Witch Queen Deluxe pack on my Turkish PSN account. When I've switched back to my main account I've got the expansions activated but not the season pass. Is there a way to get the season pass to register to my main account?
  6. The recent back page pod has suckered me back in - I think I played everything through Year 1 and then stopped at Forsaken. Reading wiki summaries to work out exactly where I stopped the only thing confusing me is references to a forge - I'm sure I did a quest where I had to get 10 weapons from a secret forge using a green currency? Anything I should know while I wait for this 100GB+ download the complete? Are all my raid/trials of the 9 weapons garbage now? Will I have enough to be getting on with until the next PSN sale for the latest expansion?
  7. My favourite gaming podcast, although I consistently get the name confused with "Blank Check" - my favourite film podcast.
  8. Crhis


    Had a fantastic time with this game, really grabbed me and I haven't put it down until I hit the platinum: And final boss spoilers:
  9. Have no idea how to get this working. I have: * PS Plus version * PS4 Disc version * Already paid for PS5 upgrade + INTERmission Everything I can see already says purchased or installed but every time I go to play it wants the PS4 disc inserting - which ideally I'd like to get rid of. Any ideas?
  10. The House in Fata Morgana on sale on the switch eshop - £22.49 down from £31.49. Picking it up knowing nothing about the story, which is the way I've heard you should go in.
  11. Crhis

    Nintendo Switch

    Excellent. Here’s hoping they maintain compatibility with future Nintendo consoles too.
  12. Crhis

    Nintendo Switch

    Are those official Nintendo Controllers “open”? Never bothered with the S/NES ones as I had an 8bitdo version that works with my PC and everything else too.
  13. Nintendo store delivered, despite only ordering at 7pm Wednesday evening. As someone who was on the fence and cancelled my original pre-order I'm glad I got sucked back in - really feels like a different device entirely. The closest thing I can compare it to is when I went from my Moto G4 with it's plasticky screen and cheap feel to a then brand new iPhone 6.
  14. I think my arm has been twisted - if anyone has a spare Student Beans code it would be appreciated. All sorted - thanks!
  15. Cancelled mine a few weeks ago but getting tempted in to ordering again due to a change of circumstances (and the HYPE obviously) - surprising that they seem to be readily available for release.
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