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  1. No, unfortunately not - it’s not showing as synced on PS Plus cloud saves at all and I sold my old system when I upgraded to a PS5.
  2. Couldn't resist jumping back in, picking up a used PS4 copy and buying the Yuffie DLC separately. Disappointed to learn that my platinum save has been lost to my old PS4/the cloud - I take it none of the materia etc. transfers over to Yuffie anyway? Would I be able to download a complete save from somewhere if I did want to go back to the combat sim in the main game?
  3. I wish I could give them money to upgrade my PS Plus version to full fat PS5 Intergrade. Could that be what the £8.99 is for?
  4. Or Electropylon Driver with anything.
  5. This looks like fun but I can't find any reviews. Is there an embargo?
  6. I can't even remember what the defaults are now, but I had: Always Sprinting = On Dash = L1 Melee = R1 Use Item = Square
  7. Had a blast with this, even after completing Act 3 it was enjoyable going back in and trying out different builds while I cleaned up collectibles. Pity that the RNG for some of the rooms is broken as that was the only sour experience.
  8. Thanks, not sure how I missed that!
  9. Overload is the Gears of War style reload window.
  10. Well, that's the credits. It was only my 3rd or so life on Biome 4 but I slowed down, picked up my augments, and just snowballed all the way through to the end. I ended up stacking a leech weapon + regen on adrenaline + regen on low health + astronaut figure + revive parasite so I felt pretty much invincible. Absolutely fantastic game. Spoilery question about what to do next
  11. Simply Games stock email just come through, still up to their old tricks.
  12. I'm getting a big DOOM (2016) vibe from this when the "LOCKED DOWN AREA" warning flashes across the bottom. The prioritising and isolating threats and traversal around a cramped space feels similar, as do the glowing powerups and health orbs. Just finished the first boss and loving it so far.
  13. Got a dispatch notification from boss_deals on eBay earlier today, complete with a Royal Mail reference number. Hoping for tomorrow.
  14. I'm hoping ordering through boss_deals on eBay that they might be less strict about the release date and I could receive it early (even today!). In reality they're going to mess it up and I'll be left still looking out of my window for the postman on Monday.
  15. PS5 owner since December. I sold my PS4 Pro for £270 in June 2020 in anticipation so for a £180 upgrade fee I couldn't be happier. Other than Demon Souls/Astro Bot/Spider-Man MM I've been playing PS4 or earlier games (completed Dark Souls Remastered, 13 Sentinels and Shenmue 1 + 2) but I'm happy to be future proofed and I'm excited for Returnal and RE8 and all the rest. The only disappointment was Spider-Man which was technically impressive but reminded me why I don't bother with those open world sandbox type games.
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