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  1. Still looks like Zack Snyder's Avengers.
  2. Thanks for the heads up. The show could really do with timestamps for the feedback, news and what we've been playing sections.
  3. Wonder if it'll be running at 60fps on the next gen consoles? I'm assuming 4k is a given but it's weird how performance was just kinda glossed over when he mentioned the Series X version.
  4. He said in that tweet thread that the reason he's left so many jobs is because that's basically the only way he was able to get a pay rise. I think Kotaku and Vice are the only places he's worked that have a union so that probably explains the jump in pay.
  5. He said on a Waypoint podcast not long ago that he basically just works 9-5 Monday-Friday. He works from home as well (he's in Chicago and Waypoint is in NY). Not bad for some. The old 1UP Shows have been streaming on Twitch every night for the past few weeks and I forgot how annoying he was back then. I didn't finally warm to him in audio/video form until he was at Waypoint.
  6. Bungie are great at blowing their load on the first mission of campaigns and making everything after that pretty forgettable.
  7. I'm sure a lot of UK game media types are looking at that and spewing.
  8. The new dungeon does look stunning I wonder how much of the "Destiny 2 is too large to efficiently update and maintain!" is to do with the engine which was notoriously bad to work with for Destiny 1. Not sure how much that changed with the sequel but deleting more than half of the current patrol areas and all associated content is pretty major. Weird they skipped over properly announcing that on the live stream.
  9. That and the Pyramidion were both stunning. Shame to see them go. Im surprised at this point the didn't drop the 2 and just call it Destiny: Expansion Title
  10. An expansion comparable with Forsaken in terms of size and quality, and them actually being able to do 60fps on the next gen consoles would probably be enough for me to get back into this.
  11. You can get a maximum of 500 coins as well as a bunch of free smoothies and ingredients, it's pretty handy if you do it often.
  12. I'm at level 72 and on world 9 or 10 (I think) and seriously lacking in higher damage red exercises compared to green, purple and yellow. I think the highest damage is something like 130 and after that they're all around 80 or lower, whereas with the other types I've got ones close to or over 200 damage. There doesn't seem to be many on the skill tree I can unlock either.
  13. Mafro

    Pokemon Go

    Trying to do this Kanto throwback challenge, need to catch a psychic Pokemon but I haven't seen one since I got to this part of the task. There were tons of Abras before this. Bloody typical
  14. Is there a limit on the amount of stuff you earn when using the ring outside of the game. Seems incredibly generous how much coins you get.
  15. Mafro

    Pokemon Go

    Are you sure that wasn't when they doubled the gym distance? That caused a bug that screwed up normal pokestops and made it look like you could reach them from a further distance, but you still couldn't. Dunno why they didn't just do them both at the same time.
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