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  1. I still think their end goal is just going to end up being recycling the original Destiny 1 story that was scrapped and rebooted e.g Uldren being one of the earth vendors, Rasputin being put into an Exo body, the the Traveller ending up being evil etc.
  2. Looks like the end product of a "build your own Drifter" magazine that costs £5.99 a month.
  3. I don't think it'll be a return to old-style at all outside of the setting. It'll basically be a sequel to World.
  4. They dispatched mine today but by tracked 48 hours rather than first class which I actually chose when making the order.
  5. New titan super just looks like Fist of Havoc, but ice?
  6. I still think splitting from Activision is the worst thing they could have done. I'd be surprised if a PC port would have happened without Vicarious Visions, and High Moon's work on the expansions was excellent. I'm looking forward to getting back into this on PS5 but I'm still not confident Bungie will be able to fill the content droughts between expansions with anything that's not tedious and boring.
  7. Mafro

    Pokemon Go

    I got 3 within the first hour then none (stopped playing at about 2 since I had plenty of candy)
  8. Mafro

    Pokemon Go

    So their way of adjusting the amount of candy needed to evelve Magikarp for community day is just to have them spawn everywhere non-stop
  9. Mafro

    Pokemon Go

    Alright for some. I live in a rural-ish area and Niantic don't exactly have a good reputation for balancing the game for that vs cities.
  10. Mafro

    Pokemon Go

    They've been pretty rare for me outside of events. I had to have one as my buddy to actually get enough candy to evolve it and I'd been playing since launch. Never got a shiny either. I was just saying to a friend not long ago that they should do a community day for it
  11. Mafro

    Pokemon Go

    Magikarp community day next Saturday!
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