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  1. I know it doesn't make financial sense, I hope they don't take the GC ports out of the Wii successor; some prized Wii games just aren't the same without a Gamecube pad. Mario Kart Wii and SSB Brawl would lose their best control methods. Thinking aloud here, my personal theory is that the Wii HD will be internally what the Wii is to the Gamecube, i.e. very similar architecture, but with the successor with a higher spec. Y'know, for making things familiar for developers, more maximum backwards compatibility. (Quite ironic that the least successful console from the last generation is the only one whose games you can play on a current gen console. Funny old world.)
  2. I have a Wii already and am very content. But every generation, you're missing out by sticking to one format. In terms of JRPGs, like 'em as long as they aren't the tedious random battle type, and the racing games, the more immediate kind, not the Gran Turismo sort.
  3. To be honest, that little list has completely put me off considering an Xbox 360 now.
  4. Henry Bobbins


    Here's a thought: couldn't the DSi Shop sell Turbografx games? After all, the format did have a handheld incarnation which played the same games (the battery-guzzling TurboExpress).
  5. I'm a veteran gamer (remember the Oric Atmos?) but I've never paid any attention to either Xbox as it seemed like the 3DO did back in the day, a hardware format that only has American software, which these days means the gory FPSes and xtr3m3 sports/racing games I've always avoided. I'd like to be proven wrong though, about the lack of variety. Actually I did consider Viva Pinata, but as I dislike the DS game so much, that's off the list of possibilities now. That's the killer for me. Not because I give a shit about online gaming (I don't), but I'd like access to the Xbox shop....
  6. Pikmin http://www.gametrailers.com/player/40716.html To be honest, I have wanted budget re-makes of GC games for a while now, so I'm not displeased about this.
  7. Henry Bobbins


    In GS I got the response of "a what"? I then explained what it was, but then looked at me as if I was a spacker who had repeated a playground rumour from a younger relative. Oddly, in Game that started a conversation with a shop lad that ended with him describing the Wii as "a woman's console". Quite an unexpectedly misogynist thing to say considering the guy had a stereotypically Emo hairstyle.
  8. Henry Bobbins


    I had fun tormenting Game and GS staff this lunchtime, asking for a pre-order. As for my verdict for far judging but what we know now, well, if my Lite died on me I wouldn't mind owning a DSi as a replacement but I'm not putting this top of my priority list, I'll put it that way. Overall, there's less 'need' to update the Lite, as unlike the DS Fatbastard, it's not an obviously flawed piece of hardware. I swear the first thing I though on opening the DS on launch was think "they are going to replace this with a new model soon, I bet you". IMO the best thing about this is that the DSi isn't a whole new format. There's still plenty of potential and life to be squeezed from the DS, and I prefer the old days when format lifespans were longer...
  9. Only got it last week. It's not an all-time classic Mario adventure in the way SMB3 and Super Mario World were, but it's better than the worst of 'em (Super Mario Land 2) and it's still lots of fun. 3D Picross? My girlfriend will love that.
  10. Debating whether to get the Arcade 360, as someone who's never owned or played either Xbox before. At £100 it's very tempting. Still, stumbling blocks are that I dislike the genres of games that seem to be everywhere on the 360 shelves, and you have to buy an expensive add on to use a wifi router.
  11. The anachronisms there are unavoidable, really. A show in Old English (Anglo-Saxon language, very different to Modern English) would be. unwatchable.
  12. I'll be up for that. As long as there's a reinvention of the Gameboy printer to print out 'wacky' stickers.
  13. I think that's convinced to get round to playing MP3 now. The difficulty spikes were the only flaw in the first two.
  14. Can't say I like the user interface. It's not the worst I've ever seen, but it's far from satisfactory. Don't think I could play this for long, to be honest.
  15. I was bought this game today, played it and - wow. It's a great melting pot of Super Mario Bros and SMB3 with a few modern twists. Quite disappointed with myself that it took me as a Nintendo fanboy two and a half years to get round to, but it was worth it. I haven't played a game solidly for four hours until my eyes felt odd for many years. Wouldn't mind a second one of these to be honest, as long as the design quality is there. Speeding through this quite fast already, but hey, I'd rather complete a game for once.
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