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  1. There's definitely something in ranked where after a while toxic/bad players get sorted together at certain ranks (I think when you get to gold it never puts you with bronzes again?) so if you have a week/a few days not playing it at the start of a season you can end up in that. I had one season where I played it quite a lot at the start and moved up steadily and ended up in good cooperative squads a lot (won three games in a row with one pair). A lot of players literally see/hear fighting and run directly at it in lower ranks, I definitely noticed the difference in people being selective in w
  2. I like this season - arenas feels really pure in that you get to properly test which weapons are best (the RE45 is so good I've starting using it in ranked). People quitting after 1/2 rounds drives me nuts though, the community in this is obnoxious (loads of hot-droppers who drop solo, die in 30 seconds and then quit even if you're in banner range) I also like world's edge - but there are definitely areas where it's chaos a lot of the time and you just constantly get third-partied or blindsided (sorting factory, fragments, used to be trainyard) so if you drop at lava city/lava fiss
  3. Re games costing £40 ages ago - I think that might be true for the SNES/Megadrive era, but then weren't PS2 games basically all £30 at one point? Plus there was absolutely rampant piracy at that point with people selling burned game discs on market stalls all over the place. And that played a big part in a) making games mainstream/growing the market and b) setting people's general impression of what a 'fair' price is
  4. I'm sure I've died at least once to throwing a pot and then almost immediately getting poisoned by the red snake inside :/ I was thinking about the liquid physics today and whether it's worth having in the game - what does anyone think of it? I basically think the lava isn't adding anything. It makes the drill unusable about half the time and it only messes stages up rather than offering any fun benefit. It's odd how little it adds given how different it is code-wise to the first game (having physicsy bits)
  5. I don't like the male voiceover, it's just typical hacky macho voice I'm playing this on a base PS4 and it's got obvious technical problems but the mood is cool and the customisation seems really deep. I just did the first bit of BD and that sequence was genuinely fresh and interesting and very much not just off the peg open-world stuff. Reminded me of Phoenix Wright (in a good way)
  6. Finished it on the daily challenge today, KAPOW Having played this a fair bit now I think a lot of the small decisions just aren't very fun - like when there are creatures in pots they have basically no stun time, so either you compulsively whip every pot twice or a scorpion kills you every now and again. But double-whipping pots isn't exactly enjoyable. And avoiding the insta-kill man traps in the jungle just requires treating every bit of foreground foliage with suspicion, but having a bit of a careful look at foliage to see if there's metal behind it isn't enjoyable, exactly. I
  7. I've had four(?) I think DS4s and bits of all of them have stopped working. That and the price of the new ones are putting me off the PS5 in general (especially as xbox controllers will work across generations now)
  8. I know what you mean, sometimes I'll have 3 or 4 runs in a row end in just some teeth-grindingly stupid way and think 'is this fun? Am I enjoying this?'
  9. DID IT, finally (normal ending, anyway). Honestly the last area felt super-dangerous and I don't understand how all the stuff works there so I was just cautiously safety-bombing my way through it all. Also confused by the exactly how the final boss works but I had lots of sticky bombs and a jetpack and eventually it went down. Obviously might just be getting used to it but I think it's definitely harder than Spelunky 1 - certain specific enemies are always tricky (e.g. the tiki men who can curse you or send that spirit after you, the scorpions, the things that spit ink..) and if they get in a
  10. I was talking about the first game, in the ending so it does force you to do things (& so does this one, with the button prompt before
  11. I think there are two things here - one of which I agree with you on, and one I don't. Definitely some criticism/backlash is people used to games being constructed to make you feel powerful and heroic, to the extent of saving the world/universe, and the shock of playing someone not heroic like that is a shock to their fragile egos and they react negatively. But where I disagree is that some of the stuff the characters do isn't an expression of the themes in a meaningful or inevitable way, it's arbitary and transparently just a decision of the writers. So Joel taking Ellie out of the hospital f
  12. Haha I know it's a pretentious thing to say on a game forum but what I mean is - it's an incredibly famous play and it's 400 years old, and it's all about the morality of revenge/justice/mercy so if you're were making something on the topic today you should at least know it (it's like LOU2 re-runs the basic plot set-up and stops before the nuance/complexity/thought) One other thing I think is relevant is what they make fun - they're amazing at making stealth/shooty bits enjoyable, so the player naturally wants those bits to continue (and loads of the systems are built for it), but
  13. Well, I've given up on this. Really really not impressed. Fully expect people to mostly disagree with me but: The gamey bit of it is still basically the fun game but it's just a horrible world, a horrible storytelling sensibiity and sort of half-taking-away-the-player's-control to make them do unpleasant things is a very odd use of the medium. The big problem with it is that the moral idea at the core of it is trite. I grew up in the UK in the 80s, I know that revenge is bad because of the troubles. And Israel/Palestine. And I've read Hamlet. In this, it's like they're
  14. @Rsdio I'd go for hell - you need a really juicy run to do it and I actually found that quite fun because you can't expect every run to go that well so there's no pressure. I think on the one when I did it I had jetpack/shotgun/30+ bombs/ridiculous amounts of health from the kapala. I'm so looking forward to this - Derek Yu's design is so sharp and thought-through and his comments on that video make me believe it's going to be great in co-op especially
  15. I agree this normally doesn't work - in modern Deus Ex-type games it means everything's designed to be done in multiple ways (e.g. combat/air ducts/hacking) and they don't want to upset a player who's chosen one of those builds so everything's usually quite easy. I played Madden on the Wii online a few times and usually people throw massive downfield bombs all the time so just out of curiosity I committed instead to a grinding running game and the odd short throw off play-action. Often they'd have a quick drive, on which they'd either score or get intercepted in about 4/5 plays and
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