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  1. Discovered nabuz's courses today, they're really good: m5c-c5y-hpg (not at all hard but really charming and well thought out) Liked this one too: 5td-kcp-tvg
  2. I think there's just a delay on the info coming through, I've had the notification that someone's cleared it and they don't show up in the list until later.
  3. The multiplayer versus thing in this is hatefully bad. Partly because loads of the random levels are just rubbish, but just the core choice that you can physically bang into/bounce off each other is super-irritating, especially in SMW3D and NSMB modes where the characters take up more room on screen so there's less room to see/make jumps. And it just chooses levels at random (possibly favouring shorter levels?) so nothing's designed to have four players and you get things like three players waiting for a clown car to respawn when one player's taken it, or a switch level where you make jumps hoping that nobody hits the switch and makes the platform you're on disappear. Then on top of that lag makes it unplayable sometimes. The best thing about is that it lets you give up on a course immediately if it's a 'collect all 175 coins!' one. The Mario Royale thing the community made is so much better designed :/
  4. I do think Nintendo could have done a LOT more curating MM1 stuff - some of the puzzly levels CarlSagan played in youtube videos were properly incredible design and there's no reason they couldn't package actual good levels together by the dozen
  5. Having played this a fair bit I don't like it as much as I want to. Quite a lot of the levels are a conceptual puzzle (which I like) with a precise sokoban puzzle on top (which isn't fun at all). I'm finding it annoying to work out what needs doing and then having to fiddle for another ten minutes to get the sequence of box pushing moves right. It's a weird mix of enjoyable head-spinning rule-breaking and fiddliness. Given what makes the game unique I'm also not sure what I think about it very quickly getting into 'wall is wall' and 'rock is rock' rules all over the place. I really like the good bits of this and I'm glad it's doing well but I don't know how much longer I'll play it.
  6. Oh, yes, sorry, misunderstood (I'm bad at remembering boss names)
  7. I got stuck on FO for quite a long time, finally did him today (then beat another boss first time :|). Tips:
  8. Re CM -
  9. FINALLY beat Guardian A.
  10. I think one big thing to be aware of is that deflects can be very effective or barely effective depending on their timing - get them bang on and they do good posture damage, but if you keep tapping deflect you can stop them hitting you but it'll hardly affect their posture bar. Also their bar recovers much slower when their health is lower, so try to do a bit of damage first if you're going for a posture win (EDIT - sometimes prosthetics can get you cheap damage early on).
  11. Tip for AE -
  12. Beat samurai boy from the start of the game this morning after a lot of tries yesterday:
  13. Alright, so there's a boss that just absolutely depends on deflections (I assume there's no other way to beat it) and I understand deflections better now - they're not a binary got it/missed thing like parries in Souls/BB, there's a range from 'just about deflected it' to 'beautifully timed deflection' and they do different amounts of damage to enemies' poise/balance. The amount of sparks coming out tells you how good your deflection was. The boss is in the Spoilery deflecty-boss video:
  14. Tip re upgrades:
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