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  1. Just watching the 1st episode I like James may especially when he’s not just the but of clarkson and hammonds joke anyone know the brand of jacket he’s wearing ? Quite like the look of it
  2. Just set up my oculus link all good and painless had a play on google earth . is the quest basically a rift in link mode ?
  3. Cheers I've ordered one now thanks though
  4. That's ok for pc link ? I thought they were stupid dear ?
  5. Anyone got a link to a compatible oculus link cable
  6. Is there any benefit other than outfits and stickers etc to do all the daily tasks etc and buy the season pass ? I pretty much only play Free for all if that makes any difference
  7. Just bought super hot thanks for heads up it didn’t take my £4 credit for some reason so I’ll need to find something else to buy
  8. Just played a bit of Vader and moss wow both great shame my battery ran out oculus just gave me £4 any decent cheap indies ?
  9. Star wars the rise of sky walker 4.5/5 loved it
  10. I've got mine today quite pleased with the voodoo at play I've played a bit of destiny and tomb raider . Games seem a bit overpriced in the store
  11. denisb

    Xbox Game Pass

    I bought a 12 month gold pass that converted to game pass before I realised I could have stacked 3 years . If I buy another 12 months gold does that also convert ?
  12. Knives out great old school whodunnit 4/5 well worth a watch
  13. I had both I preordered the master system from somewhere weird like boots who were exclusive I had the 3D glasses as well for the ms
  14. I cancelled my preorder but I’m just bout to pull trigger again convince me yes/no is it worth £120 ? I don’t have Chromecast so that’s one reason in the yes camp
  15. Ford vs Ferrari 4/5 great film bit long and shoddy brummie accents
  16. Do I need to pay for the Atmos app to get Atmos on my Xbox games ? If so is it worth it?
  17. Does everybody use a headset ? I don’t understand how people know I’m coming and from what direction I’m coming from ?
  18. Getting a bit tedious now every time I boot this game up I’m having to wait half hour while it downloads and installs yet another massive patch ‘’off to play Luigi
  19. I’m on floor 10 my favourite game of the year loving it
  20. I haven’t bought a cod game since the one in space . loving this though It’s the little things I got killed cause I was watching a train go by overhead rather than looking for my next target . and jumped out of my skin when a ran round a corner and a chicken was startled
  21. Where’s the spec ops PS4 exclusive thingie
  22. Finally got into multiplayer why is my username a massive bunch of gobbledegook And not my psn one ?
  23. Been installing for ages now why won’t it let me play campaign while I wait grr off to take dog for a walk instead roll on stadia
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