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    Destiny: FIN

    cheers i was so convinced it was WOW ive paid no attention at all didnt bother with beta guessing PS4 is best console version ?
  2. denisb

    Destiny: FIN

    just crawled from under my stone on this one had no interest at all i thought mistakenly ? this was some openworld rpg thingy like WOW just seen advert on tv stating its best fps game ?? im confused if its like call of duty, halo, gow ,etc im in so will place order via amazon prime have to find out PS4 or XB1 or steam will be best option if its like GTA or WOW im out gonna have to do some research as trailer doesnt really show much
  3. Still waiting for tesco to bother delivering mine last time I order from them
  4. used to listen to sanxion loader over and over on c64 ghosts and goblins c64 shadow of the beast amiga https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TKV_90aYgI outrun arcade
  5. denisb

    Playstation Vita

    i bought one from game on monday £169 includes 16gb card 30 day psn little big planet lego marvel superheroes and tearaway
  6. awsome freebie better than silly wave race on xbone the best defender/dropzone type game ive played even though im appaling at at i get zoned out and forget ive got boost bombs etc just look at the pretty explosions contrast is also a decent game if you fancy a slower pace
  7. denisb


    i hope they dont get rid of wenger i hope they give him some cash and time im not a fan of arsenal btw the mighty wolves are my team but im always entertained when i watch them more than can be said for some teams
  8. anybody here bought a 3ds just for this ? i know i did
  9. gonna give it a try does it have a demo and do you know it's price to save me the look
  10. oh i didnt even know there was a new one just bought it all exited now
  11. ive got this game on the arcade disc is there anyway to copy it to the hard drive?
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