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  1. On 05/06/2020 at 20:03, Thor said:

    Yes. Buffy is fucking great. Some proper feel-good TV along with some genuinely brilliant TV. :)


    Been thinking of re-watching it for a while. 

    better hurry up before the reboot drops 




  2. 9 minutes ago, bradigor said:



    Partner got given a 256GB MicroSD card at work (something to do with her boss and phone upgrades or something), so going to swap it out for the 128GB in the Switch. Are saves all stored on the Switch itself? Not bothered about re-downloading the actual games, but don't want to lose my saves. 



    if you have nintendo online they're stored in cloud 

  3. 24 minutes ago, Dudley said:



    He'll lose 7 points to each of them every time they win but only gain 3 of them back when its that Merc's turn to finish behind him.


    There's 21 races (in theory) so Lewis would win 11 for 275 points and get 10 3rd places for 150 making 425.


    Bottas would win 10 for 250 and get 11 3rd places for 165 making 415.


    Max would get 21x18 or 378.


    Yes I am putting off other work, why do you ask?

    don’t you still get a point for fastest lap ?


    still not enough though 

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