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  1. What can it emulate? Are they hacked
  2. i loved corner gas Kim’s convenience is another lovely Canadian comedy if youve not seen it
  3. Free stadia kit if you preorder the stadia version
  4. Slaxx a horror film about a pair of jeans that go on a killing rampage in a store. about as good as you’d expect 2.5/5 but I quite like rubbish horror movies similar to the old tat troma churned out in 80s
  5. you can get 6 months of starzplay for £12 at the moment some decent exclusives
  6. I lit I literally got as far as the first screen and saw family guy that’s as far as I need to go that’s going to keep me busy for a while I’ve only ever seen the odd episode
  7. It will only be for me (and the pup)99% of the time occasionally my sis will visit so 1 or 2 pizzas at a time
  8. I’m really wanting one of these I’m a complete novice would you recommend the gas or pellet version ? also tips on how to make pizza I generally buy kids frozen pizza lol
  9. Is Wayne the YouTube exclusive that’s a bit like the end of the f**cling world ? I watched the first couple on a dodgy stream ages ago and couldn’t find any more
  10. I don’t watch live telly at all but I do use iPlayer a bit so I guess I still have to pay for a licence ?
  11. denisb

    Apple TV +

    The beastie boys documentary and The Tom hanks world war 2 film are good Mythic quest was pretty good
  12. Just installed unruly heroes not sure If it’s new? but it’s quite a fun platform beat en up seems to based on the same legend as the monkey tv show from the 80s also my first downside of the series x ssd I want to play the monkey cymbals load screen more
  13. Currently binging the shield which is great I binged dead pixels on all4 yesterday great game nerd comedy
  14. Can you turn off game pass quest stuff ? I’m not interested in it at all
  15. So can We buy it on Xbox ?
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