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  1. For some reason I've never played a fallout game which is best to try out ?
  2. Just played through planet alpha some lovely visuals and audio and interesting puzzle platformer marred by some absolutely dogshit stupid bits Still enjoyed and ok for free 6.5/10
  3. Swedish disaster movie the unthinkable I thought was very good be warned it's a bit slow to start
  4. Army of the dead I thought was pretty fun no brainier zombie film 3/5 the unthinkable a low budget indie Swedish disaster film on prime I thought was excellent takes a bit to get going but stick with it 4/5
  5. Hi,


    Just wondering if you sold the ebike in the end. If not, might be interested.

    1. denisb


      It’s currently pending to @DC collecting next Saturday I’ll let you know if. Anything changes 

    2. Steven



  6. I downloaded nier automata last night don’t really know what I’m doing I got killed by these 2 big spinning wheels twice and each time it restarted at the beginning? It won’t let me save at any point before am I doing something wrong ?
  7. eu works fine we are still in Europe just not part of the EU trade I bought Brazil gold with vpn as it was much cheaper then added the £1 offer once I returned to the uk
  8. I sold my first console on here shortly after release and gave my gamer tag with 3 years game pass with it . mainly because I found I preferred the PS5 and was moving so everything was being packed away for a while I then rushed out and bought 3 years game pass when the announcement came they were increasing the price of gold then reversed it I’d also sold the gaming laptop I had so despite buying it I couldn’t play game pass . I then got in the hunting frenzy for a series S but ended up buying a series X off eBay I hav3 a bit of a problem with impulse buying and selling stuff
  9. Quite honestly because I’m stupid and it’s pure fomo
  10. im the exact opposite i was lucky enough to get both on their release date without any effort . ive enjoyed my PS5 experience so far but I’m already on my second series X with 3 years game pass sold the first one within weeks and this new one I paid over rrp just sits there again
  11. How come background downloads are really slow I was playing rain on your parade waiting for a download it was 15-20 megs it said suspend game for faster download . When I suspended it instantly shot up to 150?
  12. What can it emulate? Are they hacked
  13. i loved corner gas Kim’s convenience is another lovely Canadian comedy if youve not seen it
  14. Free stadia kit if you preorder the stadia version
  15. Slaxx a horror film about a pair of jeans that go on a killing rampage in a store. about as good as you’d expect 2.5/5 but I quite like rubbish horror movies similar to the old tat troma churned out in 80s
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