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  1. I’m the same now it’s 120 mile round trip for my nearest multiplex chain I like my local but it’s either the big films or live ballet
  2. I’m the same now it’s 120 mile round trip for my nearest multiplex chain I like my local but it’s either the big films or live ballet
  3. I’ve not watched it since the whispering zombies arrived .not because I don’t enjoy it still it’s ok I don’t love it anymore it’s more background telly now for me. i haven’t watched because I’m positive Daryl’s dogs gonna get ripped apart . They can do what they like to the survivors I’ve not been fussed since they killed Beth . But I can’t watch the dog getting it does he and and can I tell when it’s coming so I can skip it ? i want to watch it till the end I endured lost so this will be a piece of cake
  4. This . some of the best films and best times I’ve had were at the electric in brum
  5. Rambo last blood 1/5 rubbish story but the gore made me laugh a lot so not a waste of time and it was free at my cinema
  6. denisb

    Google Stadia

    Ive just ordered one I was thinking of getting chrome cast ultra anyway for the bedroom for streaming tv stuff my living room has chrome cast built in I’m assuming I can just take the controller from room to room and continue ? i buy every console release really and I quite enjoyed my onlive console while it lasted
  7. denisb

    Nintendo Switch

    I’ve had a switch since release and never played handheld I’d be happy with non portable switch if they’d make one I just sold mine because I want the all grey model I didn’t know if there were any other improvements
  8. denisb

    Nintendo Switch

    Are there any benefits to the newer switch if I don’t play handheld ? Or do I get the older version with £30 credit
  9. Just picked one up here what are good games to ease me in that won’t make me feel sick ? Moss looks great so I’ll pick that up
  10. He’s in a strop I bet he won’t go on podium
  11. denisb


    I call it red and brown sauce always have @Capwn what’s the chips Canada love with curd I really want to try those
  12. Listening to the radio x stone roses documentary debut album 30 years old today
  13. denisb

    Nintendo Switch

    Celeste looks rock hard am I gonna be able to walk from all the dead legs I give myself from the frustration if I get it ?
  14. I used to love the loader music on c64 games this one especially
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