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  1. JDubYes

    Kindle shop Recommendations

    If we have any Joe Hill fans in here, NOS 4R2 (in the Daily Deal) and The Fireman are both 99p at the moment. I've not read either of them personally, but I enjoyed Horns, so have been meaning to get around to them.
  2. JDubYes


    I think it's probably the right choice; we've seen with the nerfs since Genn and Baku came into the game (with Equality having to be increased by two mana so it didn't make Odd Paladin stronger, or Giggling Inventor being raised by two mana so it couldn't be included in Even decks), they really actually were limiting design space, not to mention making everyone's life difficult/boring. When those two continued to shape the meta for the next year, even with no additional support (in the direct, 'if your deck has only Odd/Even cards...' sense), I can't imagine it would've been well received. In any case, with Genn, Baku, Carnivorous Cube, and all of the Death Knights and Quests rotating out, the next expansion should actually look pretty different for a change, though I'm not confident Blizzard won't immediately introduce something else that has to be built around and/or is completely busted and warps the meta for the next two years anyway - they need something interesting/broken to try and raise the hype levels for new expansions, and trying to do that and keep the game balanced seems like a thankless task.
  3. JDubYes


    Sorry bud, I jacked it in maybe a year or so ago. A combo of feeling like I’d hit my ceiling (hard enough that there were fears of a concussion), the community (at large, not the folks on here), and the feeling that I really needed to stop just playing RL and Destiny all the time and maybe play some of the other games I’d bought in the previous two years. Turns out other games are good too! Who knew?!
  4. JDubYes

    The 3DS Resurrection thread

    My favourite is this Monster Hunter one (which I have on my black n3DS), though the Animal Crossing one my girlfriend has on her white n3DS is beautiful too. The console is, on the whole, just a fantastic machine. I bought mine (and my gfs) on a whim years ago, after an unexpected bonus, pretty much just to play Fire Emblem and Monster Hunter. I don’t play it enough (I’m historically really bad for underusing my handhelds), but it’s got an incredible library of games, the 3D is wonderful, and all the little (big) things, like the feel of it, the practicality of the clamshell design, the buttons, etc, make for an all-time classic, and I adore it. I’ve got another bonus due soon, four years after the one I used to buy the n3DS, and I keep considering buying a Switch with it, but I’m still having such fun with the 3DS I might not bother just yet.
  5. JDubYes

    Have you ever completely mastered a game?

    There are a fair few things I managed to get really good at, back before The Backlog meant I rarely stuck around anything for longer than it took to complete it and move on, but I did manage to get Gold on every event (Race and Showoff) with every rider on SSX Tricky, which was a bit... wait for it... I was a long-time Tony Hawk player, so it took a while to get used to the trick system (I think I had an epiphany one day when I was giving it a(nother) go whilst off sick), but once it clicked I never looked back, and it's still one of my very favourite games of all-time.
  6. JDubYes


    Just the Lavazza derby going about as well as expected, unfortunately. We feel so isolated, talent-wise, in that we’re good enough to stay ahead of the chasing pack without really feeling like a match for the “proper” Champions League contenders. i like Emery enough to continue giving him the benefit of the doubt for now, and can see us improving further under him, but I’m not sure what he’ll be able without further (and better) reinforcements, either in January or the summer. That’s assuming I’m right to give him the benefit of the doubt in the first place, of course. I’m also beginning to wonder how many other Premier League defences I wouldn’t swap wholesale for ours. I know we have a lengthy injury list, but that doesn’t seem like an acceptable reason for them veering between terrifying and mortifying, with only very fleeting glimpses of competence interspersed.
  7. JDubYes


    Yeah. We’re definitely moving in the right direction in some areas, but our (low-key great - who’d have thought three years ago we’d have Auba and Lacazette?) strikeforce in particular are making us look better than we are. It’ll be interesting to see how the next couple of transfer windows go, not least because of the Ozil (and potential incoming Lacazette) situation, as we’ve got some really good players, but are missing some cover and consistency, and I expect much more personnel turnover (budget allowing) as Emery tries to make the squad “his”.
  8. JDubYes


    I’m not totally sold on him (though I certainly lean toward liking him), but in fairness I think his starting position was probably right, it was just that Lichtsteiner’s touch left him in limbo. I’m assuming I’m not alone in not really enjoying watching us much at the moment. We’re capable of some great stuff, and have some really good players, but we’re incredibly far from convincing, and our first halves/defending/early subs are invitations to heart attack central. We’re definitely still a work-in-progress, and while we’re in a good spot considering how early we are in our rebuilding process, I’d be very surprised if we’re back in the Champions League next year.
  9. JDubYes

    Football Thread 2018/19

    https://www.theguardian.com/football/live/2018/nov/24/river-plate-v-boca-juniors-copa-libertadores-final-second-leg-live?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other Nicely illustrates the utter shitshow that occurred tonight; the violence before the game was supposed to start, the confusion after, and the ineptitude throughout. i will admit to not knowing that the game was on, let alone how beautifully set up it was - a final between unquestionably the two biggest teams (and rivals) in Argentina, tied at 2-2 after the first leg (with no away goals rule) - but I’m really interested now. Will be an odd game to watch in the circumstances though, especially if it is played behind closed doors.
  10. JDubYes


    Rogue would appear to be Pirates, supported by the two-drop that's this set's Hench-clan Thug (a theoretically neutral card that is really a Rogue card in disguise), Sharkfin Fan, which is a two-mana 2/2 Pirate that summons another 1/1 Pirate every time you take a swing. I fully expect an aggro Pirate build or three to be tried (with Even and Odd versions of each), especially seeing as they've apparently printed card draw for (versions of) the deck too (a three-mana draw two Pirates that also draws a weapon if it's Combo-ed). The Rogue Epic they've shown today (a seven-mana 5/7 that Discovers a 1-mana 1/1/ version of a Battlecry minion) being a peg-leg but not a Pirate seems a bit weird though. The legendary Loa (a five-mana 2/2 that swallows a (presumably random) minion in your deck, absorbs its stats, and then puts it in your hand when it dies) doesn't really work in an aggro deck either. It'll be interesting to see what all these new cards do to Rogue in Wild too, bearing in mind the Pirate-heavy Odd deck running roughshod over the format, and the "Big" Deathrattle deck that is also pretty good (and good fun*) already. * Yeah, I'm back already - I had a break, then a weekend of dog-sitting (of all things) made some phone gaming very convenient, so I've been playing (a bit less, mainly doing quests), often in Wild (a bit more). Looking forward to the expansion coming out in a couple of weeks too, as despite the break I've actually got even more gold saved up than usual, presumably because Boomsday had so few really good cards I didn't feel so compelled to keep getting packs for as long as usual.
  11. JDubYes

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    I agree that Angel probably doesn’t have as many obviously standout episodes as Buffy (possibly due to there being less variance in quality/theme?), but I love the final season, and the series finale might still be my single favourite episode of anything ever. I hadn’t realised it was on Prime now - that makes the rewatch I’ve never gotten around to slightly more likely, and I might go watch the last episode (or two) now...
  12. JDubYes

    Football Thread 2018/19

    I appreciate that any (real or perceived) big club bias must be incredibly frustrating, but still, fucking hell.
  13. JDubYes


    Second Half FC strike again. What a sublime goal that third one was. By the time the ball hit the back of the net I was actually laughing.
  14. I've just looked at the prices for this on PSN. Jesus. I'm not missing anything though, am I - basically everything included in the Special/Ultimate Editions is a 'free money' cheat (for Online and/or Story mode, and I can't decide which is worse), an outfit or a horse, with barely anything of note in terms of content? Is there actually anything worthwhile in there, that I've just missed? Everything in there just looks like it should be a preorder bonus, not something to try and sell for an extra £15-£30 on top of an already pretty bloody expensive game. I was pretty hyped for it before I had a look, but it's actually soured me on it somewhat.
  15. JDubYes


    Also, the nerfs are pretty bad. Mana Wyrm now costs 2 mana. This makes it shit (why not just take away 1 hp?!), and destroys Tempo Mage, which in principle I don't really mind, but it does take away one of Quest Rogue's worst matchups even as... Giggling Inventor now costs 7 mana. Again, why not switch up the card instead of just murdering it? I get that it just being 6 mana would've made all Even archetypes a nightmare, but still. Aviana is now 10 mana. Well, yeah. Sort of a shame, but had been rendered necessary. But they've also left alone the entire Druid shell that makes the game boring in Standard*, and probably made pretty much the only decent anti-Spreading Plague tech (Mossy Horror) less appealing by murdering the only other decent target for it (unless you're playing a Deathrattle deck). I continue to have pretty much given up. * - Nourish, Wild Growth, Swipe, Branching Paths and Spellstone are all in 90+% of all Druid decks, but have all been left alone. So has Spreading Plague, which continues to be possibly the worst card they've ever printed.

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