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  1. It’s been a thing in the US for ages - they were doing it with NFL and NBA jerseys the first time I went over there, over 25 years ago, I think - so I suppose it was only a matter of time before they tried it here.
  2. About 4-5 years ago I was still just trying to get into the series, with MH4U, with my then 11-year-old nephew watching with interest over my shoulder. A couple of false starts later - I only really got into World last year - this week I finally fought Fatalis for the first time, and the same nephew brought his Switch over earlier because he needed help with beating the Allmother on Rise. We beat her second try, but only after he’d been forced to admit the superiority of wisdom, experience, and the Great Sword. Speaking of which - you really find out (or are reminded) which weapon your real main is when those weapon showcase trailers start coming out, don’t you…?!
  3. I may be the wrong person to answer, as I'd never quite gotten into the series prior to World, and I only really got into that last year, with Iceborne, etc, already available, so it was just constant content for me for hundreds of hours (and still is - I'm still occasionally dipping into the Guiding Lands, and only fought the Silver and Gold Raths for the first time in the last few weeks), so Rise feels like an easier, simpler, more lightweight and arcade-y instalment, but I still found plenty to do. There's definitely an element of looking for it though - I've got over 200 hours on the clock, but have done every single Event Quest, as well as frequently just answering SOS's for the hell of it (just as I did with World/Iceborne), especially as I was learning new weapons. I'm not a fan of the talisman crafting system, and can see why people bounce off of Rise a bit, or find it a little lacking, as the lack of tougher quests means there's less need for item/build variety, but there's plenty of fun to be had, and I'm really looking forward to Sunbreak.
  4. I haven’t watched many non-Arsenal games this season, so I’m not sure if he always does this, but Carragher’s favourite way of adding emphasis during commentary is very irritating, it really is.
  5. I didn’t think it was a penalty at all in real-time, but the replay did show that Coufal’s foot touches the ball, but doesn’t really win it, before he trips Lacazette. I don’t think it’s totally clear cut, and I think the award of the yellow card on top was harsh, but I do understand it being given (as well as your frustration - I definitely think I’d have been annoyed if the roles were reversed).
  6. JDubYes


    Same. It’s not like it was immediately from the throw either - Watford even had the ball back again afterwards, before being dispossessed by White. Add in that Rose could’ve probably just let the ball run out for a goal kick, or certainly got it back up towards the halfway line (rather than just casually knocking it out), and it’s hard to feel any sympathy for them at all.
  7. Just a heads up - ComiXology currently has the first volume of Locke & Key for 79p (normally about £9), and the rest of them for £1.59 (down from about £11), which even by their standards is pretty damn cheap.
  8. Yup, that was my plan too. With that said, and maybe I’ll get FOMO nearer the time, and have my resolve tested, at the moment I’m sufficiently disillusioned with the whole thing that it barely even feels like a hardship (which further devalues an already fairly insignificant gesture, I suppose). I’m still following the team I’ve always supported (Arsenal), almost purely out of habit, and up until the pandemic was actually still going to games fairly regularly - I actually had tickets for the first game called off due to Coronavirus - but I barely watch anything else these days, even at International level, and am generally finding it increasingly hard to care about any of it.
  9. It is - it’s the first of the original trilogy, and then there’s further books set in the same world, some covering the same characters, some more loosely linked. (I’ve read the first trilogy, been meaning to get around to the rest at some point.)
  10. I bought that the other week, and while mine doesn't glow in the dark, I still really it - I'm not a massive collector of the things, but do have a Hellboy, Ash, Cthulhu, Audrey II and Pennywise dotted around a few shelves. He's bigger than all of those others, and was pretty much instantly my favourite one. I'd wanted a Hulk one for a while, but found them all a bit underwhelming ('It's a green bloke. Woo'), so was pretty happy with it really.
  11. '...we will make their deaths look like accidents...' That trailer features a window shattering immediately before a chandelier drops on someone's head, and someone else literally about to take a bullet to the face.
  12. Took five attempts to actually get it into the basket, and then went straight to checkout as soon as it actually did... Arriving tomorrow. Still half-expecting it to not show up, but I'm buzzing!
  13. Already put it in the main Manga thread, but I know there's some crossover, etc, so... The first volume of Demon Slayer is currently down from £5.59 to £0.00 on ComiXology, if anyone's interested...
  14. The first volume of Demon Slayer is currently down from £5.59 to £0.00 on ComiXology, if anyone's interested...
  15. Oh, I should probably have dropped the ‘properly’ - I’d only been there about three times before this weekend, but I am actually going there, hunting stuff, and trying to level the areas up now.
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