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  1. Some advice/opinions please folks! There's a sale at Comixology at the moment on Dan Slott's Spider-Man stuff, some of which I read/liked previously - I read from Big Time to around Spider-Island before eventually being reminded why I tend not to read ongoing Marvel/DC series (continuity and crossovers, mainly) - but I've never managed to read any of Superior Spider-Man, despite my interest in it. So, has anybody here read it? Do they recommend it? And if I just buy the two collections of the Complete Collection (which have the last few Amazing issues that lead in, and then the whole Superior run), is it standalone enough that I won't need to supplement it with anything else?
  2. I thought that sounded familiar - it's 'The Sea Hates A Coward' (which I've read) and 'Grand Amazon' (which I haven't, yet) put together into one book, instead of as separate short stories. Just a warning, in the unlikely event anyone else has bought one or both previously.
  3. How long does the eShop sale tend to last? I don't have a Switch yet myself (though my resolve weakens every day), but my nephew does, and I was going to get him Luigi's Mansion 3 and a couple of download codes, but it turns out the little bugger has already got LM3... Now I'm considering getting a fairly hefty eShop card, and then telling him there are a few things that, unless he has serious reservations about them, I'm getting him with it on Christmas morning - he likes bending my ear about games, so I figure if he wants to start bending my ear about games I actually know (and think he'd like), like Dead Cells, Slay the Spire, Into the Breach, Gungeon, etc, then that would be even better. If any of them are in the sale it could work out very nicely, as I can plan accordingly, and if there's anything not spent on those then he'll have some credit on his account to spend on what he wants.
  4. Are they trying to set this up as something that runs as a series for about 20 years? As otherwise (and even then, not least because counting those chickens before they've hatched rarely goes well) that makes very little sense.
  5. Not sure what's in the sale, but as far as Batman goes I like Year One, The Long Halloween and Hush (besides the stuff you've already mentioned, which I'm variable on), and am pretty sure I enjoyed Arkham Asylum, but need to reread it at some point. The ones on my to-read list (which is to say that I've bought them in previous Comixology sales and not read yet) are Dark Victory (the follow-up to Long Halloween, I think), Court of Owls and Son of the Demon (which I got a used TPB of for 50p from the local library as a kid, and have meant to reread for years).
  6. Once it's broken once it's often done for good, as well - the focus of the action then tends to switch immediately to Point A, as the attackers suddenly have multiple options in terms of approaching it more quickly, and under relative cover, and can make it very difficult for the defenders to rejoin the fight. Sometimes a team will successfully defend that first choke for the whole round, and sometimes it'll get flanked/a defending tank and/or healer will die almost immediately and it'll all fall apart in seconds.
  7. I instantly thought of three films when I saw the thread name, and two of them (The Phantom Menace and The Matrix Revolutions) have already been said, so I guess I'll go with Mission: impossible 2. Teenage me had really enjoyed the first film, and was now familiar with John Woo through Hard Boiled, and The Killer, so I genuinely couldn't wait, but unfortunately the film was an underwhelming mess, full of ambitious but slightly unconvincing stunts (the motorcycle "jousting" sticks out), ridiculous plotting, and a thoroughly forgettable antagonist. I'm now trying to think of a disappointing indie/non-blockbuster, as so far everything we've said has been something with an enormous marketing budget, and while it's understandable that our most memorable disappointments stem from an overabundance of hype, I'm sure there's plenty of other stuff that just didn't live up to our expectations... But no, I've just remembered The Lost World: Jurassic Park instead.
  8. That series was my contribution to the ‘rllmuk Recommended Reading’ thread, not because they’re necessarily classics, but because they seem so little known on here, and I just thoroughly enjoyed them, without any kind of caveat; they’re funny, well plotted, and populated by characters I cared about, with satisfying arcs over a series that had time to breathe without outstaying it’s welcome. I really need to reread them.
  9. When the Cherry trailer came out there were a couple of quick flashes where I thought I saw Shiva, and the fact that it is him (and that I remembered his name) is hitting all the right buttons, nostalgia-wise. I hope there’s a cheat to play as him again. Also, it’s odd, because it seems like it’s 2019, and I’m old, and yet I seem to be excited about an upcoming scrolling beat ‘em up.
  10. JDubYes


    Yup. Which is part of why I’d probably have taken that result before kick-off, especially with our upcoming tricky run of fixtures meaning points might be at a premium for the foreseeable. Game went pretty much as expected, bearing in mind that team was far from our strongest, with a lot of our best players either unavailable or unready. Hard to really read much into it for that reason, but it was nice to see a couple of flashes of quality from the new guys, as well as Auba doing Auba things.
  11. JDubYes


    I was actually genuinely surprised to see that he played 50+ times for us last season, even if they weren’t all (or even mainly) starts. My initial (objective) reaction to the transfer was that it lost us a useful squad option, and that stat suggests I understated it a bit too. Beyond that, I’m genuinely sorry to see him go. His finishing and composure might have frustrated at times, but I liked his drive and strength, and his being both an academy graduate and immensely likeable didn’t hurt either. I understand (if not necessarily agree with) the suggestion that he’s not good enough for where we want to be, it might be that he was deemed surplus to requirements based on what Emery’s plans are, and the amounts being quoted are arguably decent business for someone perceived to lack end product, but one way or another it’s taken some some of the shine off of what looks like an otherwise very good window for us, especially considering expectations going in. I’m a little worried we’re going to struggle to have a strong start to the season, what with so many important players returning from injury, bedding in, returning late, or some combination of the three, but I’m still genuinely excited for the season now, and generally very pleased with what’s been achieved in the window. Roll on Sunday!
  12. I’ve only read the first few so far - my recent iPad purchase has meant I finally only generally read one or two issues of things at a time (instead of binging whole tpbs/series at a time), and so have multiple series on the go at once, which is lovely - but this seems really great, and I’d echo the recommendation. There’s a Harrow County sale on ComiXology at the moment too, if people are interested.
  13. It is an amazing game, which also works surprisingly well on the PS4, I have learnt to the cost of yet more of my free time. If an iPad version ever comes out, I'm doomed.
  14. Oh yes. In terms of longevity, I'd recommend Solitairica, as that has lots more to unlock, and runs take longer, but Card Thief is also great, as are the other Tiny Touch Tales card games, Card Crawl and Miracle Merchant (which I've finally started playing having originally downloaded it years ago, and am now mildly obsessed with). To be honest, if you take those four games and add Meteorfall you're probably talking about the iOS games I've played the most (outside of Hearthstone), so I'd heartily recommend them all. Worth looking here too - https://www.pockettactics.com/guides/best-card-games-android-ios/. It's a solid list (though I haven't played them all, and am a bit wary of the Elder Scrolls game), as the ones you've mentioned (or I have) are all either on the list, or referenced in the Hall of Fame at the bottom (with links to the reviews).
  15. JDubYes


    The nerfs go live today, and I have to say that I think they're all pretty reasonable... apart from Preparation finally getting hit. I'd have rather it got HOF'ed than nerfed, but then it's been my favourite card for years, so I'm less than happy to see it hit; when a card has been defining the Rogue Spell cards as much as Prep has, it's hard to see it get nerfed in the middle of a rotation, without any amendment to all the existing cards that were costed around it. Will my last few years as a pseudo-Rogue main* survive this nerf? I'm not sure, to be honest. I think I quite fancy a change, so will be casting around for other stuff to play even more than normal now, I suspect. In any case, I responded to the loss of my true love by retreating to an old flame (or two) of mine, and have been playing Murloc Shaman in both Standard and Wild. The Standard one seems pretty good, if less consistent than I'd like, but the Wild one... Well, I've just legend in Wild for the first time, so you work it out. Oh, and there are buffs coming! Buffs! In Hearthstone?! What a time to be alive..! * I'm always less of a Rogue main when they're (really) good anyway, to be honest, so for the last month or so, and the Tempo Rogue reign of terror, I spent half my time playing something else, in much the same way as I first moved away from Shaman when it was Shamanstone a few years back. I'm such a hipster...
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