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  1. JDubYes


    There’s been a lot to like about this game, but Auba’s body language is increasingly worrying. He’s gone in the last ten minutes from just looking like he’s frustrated and in desperate need of a goal to looking dejected and a bit petulant. On the other hand, ESR didn’t “just” look like a decent player in a position where we really needed something today, he actually looked genuinely really good, as did Tierney and Saka (not that that’s really newsworthy lately). Laca seems to have real chemistry with the young players too, and is starting to look like 2018 Laca again. I
  2. JDubYes


    If you’d watched more you’d probably have a better idea as to why they’re a bit subdued. I’ve got really low expectations of this team at the moment, and they’ve still managed to get in there under them, with room to spare I might add.
  3. JDubYes


    I find myself really wondering what game Per was just playing on his phone. It’s the most interested I’ve been in anything so far this game, at least.
  4. I'm another who thoroughly enjoyed it - only put it on on a whim, based on a surprisingly high IMDB score. but to be honest I'd decided I liked it before Ted and Coach were even off the plane, and I ended up loving it. Really nice change of pace to watch something that's almost always so upbeat and positive, even when it's not all going according to plan.
  5. I'm still only 39, so should I wait a bit?
  6. JDubYes


    I hadn't played or thought about this game in months, and then last night I saw a mention of the new expansion featuring the return of the Old Gods. Just when I thought I was out... actually, I'm still not sure I care. Whispers of the Old Gods was the best (or at least my favourite) this game has ever been though, so if anything can pique my interest again it'll be this.
  7. My answer to this and similar questions is always (and will hopefully always be) the same: - Saved up to buy a PlayStation, mainly to play Resident Evil. - Bought a PlayStation, with Resident Evil. - Couldn't work out how to go up stairs in Resident Evil. - Took Resident Evil back to the shop.
  8. Before anyone gets their hopes up, it's not Ash. Hype levels reset.
  9. It's a testament to the variety in this game that I bought it on Switch the other week (I've not played as much as many of you, especially lately, but have now bought it on 4/played it on 5 platforms) and promptly "beat" the game on my first runs with all three of the "old" classes, but after 4-5 runs with the Watcher still feel like I have basically no idea what I'm doing. Between this, Hades, Darkest Dungeon, Dead Cells and the like, it would seem I prefer indies to most "big" games these days, which is part of what gives me pause about the next generation (and makes me so glad I
  10. JDubYes


    Well, Auba hasn't scored since he signed his new contract, and if that keeps up I wouldn't rule it out. It would be very like us to have tried to do the Gunnersaurus thing today so that everyone will forget when we sign someone, only for us to not sign anyone.
  11. JDubYes


    He was also (deliberately) even worse at saving penalties than Cech, even while dressed in a giant Dinosaur suit, and that takes real talent. On the one hand, you can see what they're trying to do, and why, when it comes to cutting costs, but on the other it's absolutely disgusting to see someone in such a (sometimes ironically) beloved role, who's presumably on a fraction of most of the player's wages (that parallel always makes it worse), let go like this. I've commented to people previously that I thought it was possible that some of the 55 staff (who were supposedly
  12. JDubYes


    It’s doing the rounds that he lost a close relative (potentially his mum) to COVID around May, and that’s part of why he’s struggling to settle/he might be sent “home”. Arteta was asked about it during his presser earlier, with someone very specifically (and tactlessly) addressing the rumours, and he looked quite a lot like he wanted to do some very bad things to said journalist.
  13. Yeah, that was my assumption, as otherwise it's a too easily abused (in the way I was attempting). Oh well, thanks anyway!
  14. Just did my 7th run (and first since last Wednesday, as I've been away), and managed to take Meg down without losing a 'life' for the first time, and beat the Hydra for the first time to boot. I'm still struggling to remember what each of the icons represent on the doors, which is still hampering me somewhat, but otherwise progress is being made, and I absolutely love the game. It's never really reminded me of Bayonetta or Diablo at all though, and I only get Slay the Spire on the map screen - for me it's a lot like Dead Cells and (as someone else pointed out) a little like Disgaea
  15. The Vinciblest? I'm not sure that works either, actually.
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