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  1. JDubYes

    Football Thread 2018/19

    https://www.theguardian.com/football/live/2018/nov/24/river-plate-v-boca-juniors-copa-libertadores-final-second-leg-live?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other Nicely illustrates the utter shitshow that occurred tonight; the violence before the game was supposed to start, the confusion after, and the ineptitude throughout. i will admit to not knowing that the game was on, let alone how beautifully set up it was - a final between unquestionably the two biggest teams (and rivals) in Argentina, tied at 2-2 after the first leg (with no away goals rule) - but I’m really interested now. Will be an odd game to watch in the circumstances though, especially if it is played behind closed doors.
  2. JDubYes


    Rogue would appear to be Pirates, supported by the two-drop that's this set's Hench-clan Thug (a theoretically neutral card that is really a Rogue card in disguise), Sharkfin Fan, which is a two-mana 2/2 Pirate that summons another 1/1 Pirate every time you take a swing. I fully expect an aggro Pirate build or three to be tried (with Even and Odd versions of each), especially seeing as they've apparently printed card draw for (versions of) the deck too (a three-mana draw two Pirates that also draws a weapon if it's Combo-ed). The Rogue Epic they've shown today (a seven-mana 5/7 that Discovers a 1-mana 1/1/ version of a Battlecry minion) being a peg-leg but not a Pirate seems a bit weird though. The legendary Loa (a five-mana 2/2 that swallows a (presumably random) minion in your deck, absorbs its stats, and then puts it in your hand when it dies) doesn't really work in an aggro deck either. It'll be interesting to see what all these new cards do to Rogue in Wild too, bearing in mind the Pirate-heavy Odd deck running roughshod over the format, and the "Big" Deathrattle deck that is also pretty good (and good fun*) already. * Yeah, I'm back already - I had a break, then a weekend of dog-sitting (of all things) made some phone gaming very convenient, so I've been playing (a bit less, mainly doing quests), often in Wild (a bit more). Looking forward to the expansion coming out in a couple of weeks too, as despite the break I've actually got even more gold saved up than usual, presumably because Boomsday had so few really good cards I didn't feel so compelled to keep getting packs for as long as usual.
  3. JDubYes

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    I agree that Angel probably doesn’t have as many obviously standout episodes as Buffy (possibly due to there being less variance in quality/theme?), but I love the final season, and the series finale might still be my single favourite episode of anything ever. I hadn’t realised it was on Prime now - that makes the rewatch I’ve never gotten around to slightly more likely, and I might go watch the last episode (or two) now...
  4. JDubYes

    Football Thread 2018/19

    I appreciate that any (real or perceived) big club bias must be incredibly frustrating, but still, fucking hell.
  5. JDubYes


    Second Half FC strike again. What a sublime goal that third one was. By the time the ball hit the back of the net I was actually laughing.
  6. I've just looked at the prices for this on PSN. Jesus. I'm not missing anything though, am I - basically everything included in the Special/Ultimate Editions is a 'free money' cheat (for Online and/or Story mode, and I can't decide which is worse), an outfit or a horse, with barely anything of note in terms of content? Is there actually anything worthwhile in there, that I've just missed? Everything in there just looks like it should be a preorder bonus, not something to try and sell for an extra £15-£30 on top of an already pretty bloody expensive game. I was pretty hyped for it before I had a look, but it's actually soured me on it somewhat.
  7. JDubYes


    Also, the nerfs are pretty bad. Mana Wyrm now costs 2 mana. This makes it shit (why not just take away 1 hp?!), and destroys Tempo Mage, which in principle I don't really mind, but it does take away one of Quest Rogue's worst matchups even as... Giggling Inventor now costs 7 mana. Again, why not switch up the card instead of just murdering it? I get that it just being 6 mana would've made all Even archetypes a nightmare, but still. Aviana is now 10 mana. Well, yeah. Sort of a shame, but had been rendered necessary. But they've also left alone the entire Druid shell that makes the game boring in Standard*, and probably made pretty much the only decent anti-Spreading Plague tech (Mossy Horror) less appealing by murdering the only other decent target for it (unless you're playing a Deathrattle deck). I continue to have pretty much given up. * - Nourish, Wild Growth, Swipe, Branching Paths and Spellstone are all in 90+% of all Druid decks, but have all been left alone. So has Spreading Plague, which continues to be possibly the worst card they've ever printed.
  8. JDubYes


    For the first time since around May 2014, I don’t have Hearthstone installed on any device. Between the rock-paper-scissors nature of the meta*, the fact I’ve achieved most of what I can reasonably achieve in the game, Druids, and the way that all of these have combined to suck a lot of the fun out of the game for me, I’m out, at least for now. There was an announcement that there’ll be an announcement (FFS) about balance next week, and of course there’ll be a new expansion before the end of the year (though I think we need rotation rather than more cards at this point), so there’s always a chance that those (or indeed habit) will draw me back in (I certainly don’t hate the game...yet), but it’s so hard to generate any enthusiasm for it all at the moment. * this is an interesting read about the meta polarity issue - https://www.vicioussyndicate.com/meta-polarity-and-its-impact-on-hearthstone/
  9. JDubYes

    Crimson Skies is ace!

    I knew it was too much to hope that the thread had been bumped for a remaster/remake. (Not that it'd probably come to PS4 anyway.) Such a brilliant game. Of all the XBOX games I had, it's the one I'd most enjoy playing again now, I think.
  10. JDubYes


    I think part of the problem (with buildup and general quality of play) is that we’ve been playing an admittedly talented front four, but we’re playing three of them out of position; Auba is on the left, which does make some sense, and I think we might get away with, except that then Ozil is too far out wide, and pretty ineffectual, and Ramsey is too far forward (literally, a lot of the time - he was often further forward than Laca and Auba yesterday, and/or making speculative runs that he’d have been lucky to have any of his teammates spot, let alone find him on). I was genuinely surprised, given Ramsey’s contract news, that Emery hadn’t opted to drop him and put in the more in-form Iwobi, or even Wellbeck, and move Ozil back into his preferred position. Certainly those two fit the system better, while also giving us a bit more pace, and it was telling that we played better as soon as they came on, and added some real impetus. (The second goal was partially down to that, and partially down to the fact that Watford, who’d played well, keeping us in check while still able to push forward, and really deserved better, finally had to push out with some urgency, and we just hit them on the break almost immediately.) Leno looked decent when he came on, much more comfortable on the ball than Cech, and he made some good saves after a nervy start. He looked in part like the goalkeeping personification of the (recent) Arsenal - talented, good on the ball, but a bit indecisive - and that worries me a bit in a goalkeeper, as does his apparent reliance on punching (rather than collecting) the ball. There were a few other positives (the Katsu burger at Bird, Torreira, one of the kids’ penalties at halftime getting put right in the top corner, the performance/impact of the subs, seeing the hateful racist scumbag near me in the crowd being forcibly ejected) in what wasn’t a great performance, but was a good result against a decent, in-form side, but the main one was definitely the performance of Holding, who was rightly man of the match; he was great in the air, and made some timely interceptions and one great, potentially goal-saving block. A very promising showing.
  11. JDubYes

    Recommend me non fiction

    I can’t speak for their quality yet, beyond knowing that they’re well thought of, but three books by Michael Lewis (The Big Short (the book the film is based on), The Undoing Project and Flash Boys) are all in the Kindle Daily Deals for 99p if anyone’s interested.
  12. JDubYes


    Not an entirely original idea, but I found myself contemplating Odd Deathrattle Rogue as a viable deck earlier, so I went ahead and made this from scratch: Not sure anyone (less obsessed with Rogue) will have the cards/dust/inclination* to try it, but I’d be interested in any feedback from budding deck doctors, as the few games I’ve had with it so far have gone surprisingly well. In fact, having beaten an Odd Paladin and a Zoo Warlock already, when I was a bit worried about the early game, I’m starting to think it might just work... There’s a few questionable choices in there still though - it’s top-heavy, and I’m asking a lot of the hero power when it comes to the early game (as one of the one-drops is an egg activator I haven’t been able to use as such yet, and should probably be Dire Mole/Crystalizer instead). I’m also asking a lot of Zilliax, in terms of helping me survive long enough if any early burst of aggression doesn’t carry me through, and while it’s flexible it doesn’t have a lot of card draw, so could just fizzle out... It’s been bloody fun so far though, and seeing the Paladin concede because I had out two Zilliax (with another two in the Cube alongside them) was immensely amusing. The Warlock following suit because I’d gone from being on the back foot to having out two 5/5s and three 4/6s against his empty board was pretty satisfying too. So, yeah, it might be a case of getting a little success so far because of blind luck, and sticking enough borderline-OP cards in a deck with a vague semblance of synergy will always win you a few games, but I’d like to see if this could actually work, seeing as most of the time I’m just tweaking netdecks (and arguably that’s what I’m doing here too, I suppose). * I wouldn’t recommend crafting much of this to try it. Please, for Brode’s sake, don’t waste your dust on my idiotic experiment.
  13. JDubYes

    Slay the Spire - Roguelike Card-em-up

    Congrats dude Shame I’m away (sort of), as I’d have been really interested to participate in that stream, as much to pick up tips as offer them, as I’m in a similar boat to the one you were; despite all my play time, my only win so far was on (my first attempt at) a Daily, so I’m not really counting it. I’ve got to the final boss a few times, and nearly taken it down, but never quite managed it. I’m hoping I get there soon, as I’ve had a bunch of successful runs on similar games (Meteorfall on iOS, Monster Slayer on PS4/Steam, etc), using similar character archetypes to my preferred StS character (the Silent*, though I do try and play the others too), but it bothers me that I haven’t finished a run on perhaps my favourite game in the genre. I just need to spend more time on it, I think; I do most of my gaming on other platforms, so I sometimes go weeks without playing, despite thinking it’s an all-timer. Incidentally, @JLM, not to sound like a fanboy or anything dude, but as a lapsed SF player (I’ve never really gotten into V) who used to frequent the Street Fighter IV thread, I’m really pleased to see you in here/playing this - your posts are always really insightful, detailed and interesting, and you’re generally always really helpful to boot (as we’ve just seen again with you tuning in with your friends to help VN1X). So, yeah, just wanted to give credit where it’s due. * at some point a few years ago it became apparent that, no matter the game/genre, my favourite character pretty much always ended up being the ‘Rogue’, and this is definitely no exception.
  14. JDubYes


    Zilliax is just good, full-stop. You can run him in decks where there's little or no synergy and he can still be used as removal/healing, so at the moment he's the only neutral legendary I can think of (bar Whizzbang) that I'd even consider recommending crafting. With that said, I can't actually think of any decks that just don't work without him either. Yup. I play pretty much exclusively on mobile these days, and thought it was just broken, but thanks to this I now know I just need tap 'OK' about 12 times... On the plus side, I got Whizzbang in one of my free packs! (I still want to make a gold one, if I'm honest. ) Oh, and I've hit legend again. I'm pleased, of course, but am very aware that it's so much easier to do now, once you've done it (or gotten close) before, what with the way the season refresh system works now, and as long as you have the inclination. I kept playing interesting new decks to about rank 2, and in the end I just decided to ride Odd Rogue the rest of the way, so I could play without worrying about rank for the rest of the season. Been trying a bunch of stuff since, and found a few other decks I quite like, while gravitating towards the same classes I normally do, which is to say I have about eight or nine decks made, and half of them are Rogue*, and then there's a bit of Paladin (various, depending on mood) and Hunter (Deathrattle or Spell) with control variants of Warrior and Warlock for if I fancy that kind of thing. Mecha'Thun has made an appearance, and probably will again, because the idea amused me, and I don't like Druids**, and Big Spell Mage is pretty decent, but the other classes don't do much for me at the moment. I'll be honest as well, and say that I think the meta is actually pretty good at the moment - as with Witchwood, there's perhaps little great innovation, but all classes are being represented, there's not too much that feels overpowered (that doesn't have a counter), and there's a lot of variety on ladder, to the point where you can't tell what you'll be playing against upon queuing into pretty much any class at the moment. When the only card anyone's talking about nerfing is Giggling Inventor (which is a bit too good/prevalent, to be fair), you know the balance can't be too bad. * I've got an Odd Rogue, a Deathrattle Rogue, a Quest Rogue (IT. WILL. NOT. DIE), and a semi-serious Tempo variant with Academic Espionage and Tess, for the shenanigans. Academic Espionage is an absolutely hilarious card, but is thankfully quite difficult.to put in a competitive deck, or it would potentially get way out of hand. ** they're not unbeatable, but when you lose it's normally for reasons that feel bad, because a few too many of their cards are a bit too strong. I genuinely can't think of any card I've ever hated more than Spreading Plague, and then there's Ultimate Infestation, or the borderline impunity they can seem to get from their armour gain...
  15. JDubYes

    Phantom Doctrine

    I think the PS4 version was £32.99 (reduced if you have Plus). It sounds interesting, right up my alley, but I’m holding fire for now because of an enormous backlog and some mixed (if not generally bad) reviews giving me pause.

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