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  1. This was my initial reaction as well. DC and (to a lesser extent, I find) Marvel do have some great standalone, sometimes pseudo-canon limited series, but every time I've ever tried to get involved in one of the ongoing comics series I've ended up dropping off/regretting it again. To be honest, other than having more recognisable characters I don't think they have anything over a lot of the other relatively mainstream or indie publishers anyway, and most of the comics I read these days are published by Image, Vertigo, Dark Horse et al. They seem to have more interesting series, with beginnings, middles and ends, and even sometimes little crossovers that you actually like, that don't require an encyclopaedic knowledge of the lore and/or healthy bank balance to understand/enjoy.
  2. Said ground is also my least favourite to watch a match at on TV, thanks in large part to that hideous graphic of their fans on the wall of one of the stands. If that's a shallow (additional) reason to want a team to be relegated, I'm fine with it.
  3. JDubYes


    I just wish I found any of it surprising.
  4. I turned 12 in 1992, but it was ‘93 that I was 12 for 364 days of, so that’s probably more relevant. I would’ve likely (still) been picking up and playing the latest iterations of Street Fighter II, Sonic, Sensi and Earthworm Jim for the Mega Drive, while slowly discovering that I actually quite liked slightly more cerebral things too (Populous was a surprise hit when I picked it up second-hand on a whim, as were Syndicate and Cannon Fodder when they were ported). The defining game of 1993 for me though was actually Gunstar Heroes. A random shop appeared on Watford High Street one day (I never saw it before then, or again after), and amongst the random jumble of crap it sold was a surprisingly cheap new copy of Gunstar Heroes, which I’d never heard of prior, but picked up on a whim. To this day I still adore that game, with its daft sense of humour and wonderfully solid, almost chunky feel, and still end up buying it and playing it through again on any console I own that it’s ported to. It’s one of my favourite gaming purchases ever (the first time I got it, that is), and probably the only game I actually remember the act of buying prior to the PlayStation era.
  5. Yeah, he appears to be right. I’ll be hoping for an update to resolve that, and only playing on the iPad in the interim, I think.
  6. Say goodbye to your loved ones... IOS version now available.
  7. I’m trying to find a good second thing to get alongside House/Powers of X, as I’ve heard good things, am a old/lapsed X-Men fan, and I like Hickman... For anyone who’s been reading the ongoing series since, are the Dawn of X books a good way to keep up? It seems incredibly sane to have one book collecting all the ongoing series, so I’m half-expecting there to be a catch, or one (or three) of the books to be dreadful, or something.
  8. JDubYes


    I’m playing again, yeah. I actually started playing Gwent a week or so ago too, which probably wasn’t ideal timing in theory, with Outland just around the corner, but I’ve been furloughed, so I’m finding it easy enough to find the time to play a bit of both here and there. Speaking of the new expansion, I’m already wondering how long it’ll be before they make some changes to Demon Hunter. The class is ridiculously overpowered at the moment, to the extent that the combination of that and the level of representation on ladder at the moment mean that all nine other classes currently show a sub-45% winrate on HSReplay, which is absolutely insane. I think the Galakrond Shaman nerfs took nine days (when that deck wasn’t as dominant or prevalent as about three different DH ones currently are), and it wouldn’t surprise me if this prompts an even quicker response.
  9. JDubYes


    Yeah, it seems so rare for our defenders to move toward the ball carrier, or stand their ground. It’s not always inadvisable to back off, of course, and often the shot ceded isn’t too dangerous, but still, we do seem to do a lot of it (Luiz had a pretty glaring example yesterday that sprang to mind) and I always wonder how much it’s coached, and how much it’s a lack of confidence.
  10. JDubYes


    My mate was saying during the game that ‘one-nil to the Arsenal’ is still probably his favourite chant; I told him that I still love it, but miss feeling like you could sing it with a bit of confidence/conviction, when lately it’s felt more like opportunism - sing it while you can! Regardless, a good result (especially considering how the other results have gone this far) from a half-decent game and an fairly meh performance. Leno was certainly still a bit busy for my liking, so thank fuck he’s as good as he is. It definitely feels like there’s an actual system in place now, but we’re lacking a bit of a spark going forward sometimes, and remain prone to individual errors at the back. I’m also so, so tired of watching our defenders continuously backing away from opponents coming at them with the ball... The main thing I’ll remember from the game is the lengthy delay and then (amazingly, positive) result of the VAR decision on the goal; the general mix of bemusement and disapproval in the ground was something to behold, giving way to the the slightly surreal scenes as we realised it’d been given, with people who’d been watching the ref celebrating as people who’d been watching the screens gradually caught up and joined in the celebrations. Five minutes of injury time, and I genuinely believe four of that was from the VAR delay...
  11. JDubYes


    My favourite Jenas-ness of the evening was how he was gleefully negative about our defending (which was admittedly nervy at times) any time Portsmouth got anywhere near our goal, and kept singing Nelson's praises all game, but then when asked who his MOTM was said 'none of the attacking players for Arsenal caught my eye, so I'll give it to David Luiz'. Brilliant.
  12. Adoner Kebab Edamame Honda Panko Crusher Steak Balrogi
  13. Some advice/opinions please folks! There's a sale at Comixology at the moment on Dan Slott's Spider-Man stuff, some of which I read/liked previously - I read from Big Time to around Spider-Island before eventually being reminded why I tend not to read ongoing Marvel/DC series (continuity and crossovers, mainly) - but I've never managed to read any of Superior Spider-Man, despite my interest in it. So, has anybody here read it? Do they recommend it? And if I just buy the two collections of the Complete Collection (which have the last few Amazing issues that lead in, and then the whole Superior run), is it standalone enough that I won't need to supplement it with anything else?
  14. I thought that sounded familiar - it's 'The Sea Hates A Coward' (which I've read) and 'Grand Amazon' (which I haven't, yet) put together into one book, instead of as separate short stories. Just a warning, in the unlikely event anyone else has bought one or both previously.
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