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  1. Yup, that was my plan too. With that said, and maybe I’ll get FOMO nearer the time, and have my resolve tested, at the moment I’m sufficiently disillusioned with the whole thing that it barely even feels like a hardship (which further devalues an already fairly insignificant gesture, I suppose). I’m still following the team I’ve always supported (Arsenal), almost purely out of habit, and up until the pandemic was actually still going to games fairly regularly - I actually had tickets for the first game called off due to Coronavirus - but I barely watch anything else these days, even at International level, and am generally finding it increasingly hard to care about any of it.
  2. It is - it’s the first of the original trilogy, and then there’s further books set in the same world, some covering the same characters, some more loosely linked. (I’ve read the first trilogy, been meaning to get around to the rest at some point.)
  3. I bought that the other week, and while mine doesn't glow in the dark, I still really it - I'm not a massive collector of the things, but do have a Hellboy, Ash, Cthulhu, Audrey II and Pennywise dotted around a few shelves. He's bigger than all of those others, and was pretty much instantly my favourite one. I'd wanted a Hulk one for a while, but found them all a bit underwhelming ('It's a green bloke. Woo'), so was pretty happy with it really.
  4. '...we will make their deaths look like accidents...' That trailer features a window shattering immediately before a chandelier drops on someone's head, and someone else literally about to take a bullet to the face.
  5. Took five attempts to actually get it into the basket, and then went straight to checkout as soon as it actually did... Arriving tomorrow. Still half-expecting it to not show up, but I'm buzzing!
  6. Already put it in the main Manga thread, but I know there's some crossover, etc, so... The first volume of Demon Slayer is currently down from £5.59 to £0.00 on ComiXology, if anyone's interested...
  7. The first volume of Demon Slayer is currently down from £5.59 to £0.00 on ComiXology, if anyone's interested...
  8. Oh, I should probably have dropped the ‘properly’ - I’d only been there about three times before this weekend, but I am actually going there, hunting stuff, and trying to level the areas up now.
  9. I actually got a new Optional quest from the shop lady in the forge yesterday, couldn't find it anywhere, and then went and found it in the Low/High Rank Optional list. I'm currently something like MR 77 / HR 150, so I have no idea what the hell suddenly triggered that, but it did amuse me. I did end up trying the Hammer, as I said I might in my last post a few weeks back, but only briefly, and I dropped it again fairly quickly (having described the experience to my MH-playing nephew as 'like being a T-Rex but trying to punch stuff to death', because of the lack of range). Objectively it's easy to just say that the GS is better - longer range, bigger numbers, cuts tails, can still stagger, etc, but something about it stuck with me, so I picked it up again this weekend, and haven't used another weapon since. I think my 15th ever hunt with it was to unlock the level cap at MR 70, against a tempered Glavenus and Brachydios, and I figured if I could do that with it (they've both got difficult to reach heads, etc) I was probably not imagining it, and was onto something. I think it took 20-25 minutes to capture them both in the end, which I figured was probably pretty decent in the circumstances/a good sign, and while I still think the GS probably has the better matchup spread, and is maybe the purists choice, it's also a bit more fiddly and tryhard, whereas Hammer is just more fun/goes bonk, so I think I'm converted. I'm much more prepared to just grit out bad matchups with Hammer, weirdly (I think the GS's gimped mobility made me get angrier quicker). I went back to fight (fucking) Diablos with it, to see what it was like in a fight I normally switch (to Lance) for, and while it was still not my favourite thing, it went fine, and was actually quite satisfying knocking the horns off that prick's head. I with the GS you have to be opportunistic in a different way, whereas with the Hammer it feels more natural (to me) to try and be proactive, influence the flow of the fight, and be more aggressive. (Also: bonk.) I've finally started using the Guiding Lands properly too - it's insane how much this game (and Iceborne) have to give, so seeing as I'm also still playing co-op with my gf (who's still going through the Iceborne story), I currently still don't see me getting to Rise until they have most of the additional content patched in...
  10. Yeah, I'm actually a little worried about going straight from Iceborne (nearing the end of the story, I think - just fought Namielle) to Rise, just because all the LR stuff is probably going to be really easy in comparison, and I'll miss all this nice gear I'm making for my GS and Lance... I expect to be (initially) terrible with the Wirebug though, so that will probably help balance it out a bit.
  11. Missed a trick with it not being sponsored by Cadbury's Creme Egg.
  12. Yeah, the MR gear absolutely annihilates anything HR can throw at you after a certain point. I've been going back every now and again to try and grab mats for charms and things and it's actually quite funny. My issue at the moment is that i keep darting between weapons now - I was fully a GS main by the end of base World, but now I've been using that, picked the Insect Glaive back, started using and (really enjoying) the Lance, dabbled briefly in the Sword and Shield, and am now tempted to finally try the Hammer... I'm never going to actually play Rise at this rate. I've only just beaten the Acidic Glavenus and angry Odie...
  13. i will! I’m MR9, I think? I have a couple of Level 10 weapons now, and fought Nargacuga and Glavenus for the first time this morning, so I’m probably only a third of the way through or something.
  14. Oh, she wants Rise... and a Switch. The prices for them over there are eye-watering though, and she hasn’t taken the plunge yet.
  15. Yeah, that’s probably the way. Yet another MH I’ve managed to miss the early running on that way though, which would be a shame. I almost certainly won’t be dropping MHW/Iceborne just yet no matter what, though - my gf (who lives 700 miles away, in another country, and as such, for fairly obvious reasons, I haven’t seen in months) is still playing, and is only an Assignment or two behind me again now. She’s put a bit less time in than me, done a little less of the optional stuff, and used the Defender stuff through the base game a fair bit more, so I think Iceborne is proving a bit more of a jump for her. I fought (and killed) Barioth yesterday, and I expect to be able to hear her screaming at the tv from here when she comes up against him (headsets or no). (Partly my fault, of course - I always make myself take stuff down solo in games, but then when she struggles I just jump in and try and help her over the line, which I think is probably only helping in the most obvious way. She’s definitely nearly always got (or getting) them down on her own anyway, but I’m a bit of a crutch I think.)
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