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  1. Just echoing an earlier question, how long is it taking you guys to complete it? Usually in a game like this I'm a bit of a completist, but the collectibles are so pointless I can see me just working my way through the story and leaving it at that.
  2. Loving this. Been dipping in and out all weekend, and can’t wait to spend more time with it. Those Wookie graphics though. Playing on a PS4 Pro and they look like they’re made of twigs.
  3. Just played through the intro again with my son. It’s really very well done. Just landed on the first planet again and... Other than that minor quibble, I’m enjoying this a lot. Needs to up the Star Wars-ness a bit though. Only on the second planet, so hopefully that will improve.
  4. Red Dead 2. It was probably my most anticipated game of all time, having absolutely adored the first one and rinsed it several times over. RDR2 is probably the most beautiful world I've ever explored in a game, but the actual game itself is so mind-numbingly boring with such awful gameplay that I really struggle to get anywhere with it. I still play it a lot, just mooching around, riding from town to town, exploring everything the game has to offer, but I'm stuck somewhere in Chapter 2 in the campaign and just can't be bothered to do any more.
  5. Yeah @Droo. And why are your hands so tiny?
  6. It’s got difficulty settings. But you lot pre-ordering with such a tight review embargo are bonkers. Hopefully the game will turn out to be amazing, but I feel like we’re just encouraging this embargo bullshit by pre-ordering.
  7. £24.99 is a bit more than I was expecting. Will probably still take the plunge, but not today!
  8. Oh. Well that's a bit shit.
  9. Audica's due out today, isn't it? No sign of it on the store yet. Come on Sony, been waiting for this one for ages!
  10. In the actual game, when you guess one correctly does it highlight it on the canvas in some way? Edit: Also, Oliver! the musical has the exclamation mark in the name, but the website doesn't accept that.
  11. She's absolutely awesome, but hardly rock of any kind? No matter though, she's still awesome.
  12. I'm probably a bit older, so grew up mostly listening to their earlier stuff, and trailed off around the time of BSSM. I remember being massively disappointed with huge chunks of that album and thinking they'd gone all commercial, but at the same time absolutely loving some of the tracks. I've not bought an album of their since then. I'd listen to Uplift Mofo and Mother's Milk over BSSM any day of the week. And I fully agree with Nick Cave about anything they've done since BSSM, except for maybe that one about the aeroplanes and the car park one.
  13. I've got 3 now. This is one of them, the others are Skyrim and Dark Souls. Something about these 100+ hour beasts that makes me want to buy them physically.
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