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  1. I love Audica. It's a weird one, though. It's kinda dull on the lower difficulty levels, and then it's quite a big step up to the one that throws everything at you. Once it clicks though, it's awesome. Great selection of songs, too. Better than Beat Saber in that regard, in my opinion. Throwing and spinning the pistols in the middle of a song never gets old, either. I paid full price for it, and don't regret it at all. The season pass isn't really necessary IMO though, as there's loads of content in the base game.
  2. You should switch on the Audible Alarm feature, then it will scare the living FUCK out of you when it goes off and you're on a conference call. Works like a charm.
  3. Nice one, thanks for the heads up. Hadn't heard of this.
  4. I’m so fucking weak. I bought Skater XL again this weekend. Going to give it a few more hours and see if I can get it to click.
  5. Is there a side-mission where you have to visit a clown convention, or are you wearing that outfit for a bet? I've been ignoring all of the different armour stats, and just wearing the best looking combo I can come up with. My dude looks BAD ASS all the time, even when he's getting his BAD ASS kicked over and over again.
  6. Completely agree with this; it was definitely heading in the wrong direction. 3 was the worst of the series, but if you can ignore all the nonsense then the free-skate mode is an absolute dream. It's my most-played game on my Xbox One.
  7. That's an interesting closing statement, because from my initial impressions of both I don't (currently) want to be playing either. I'd much rather be playing Skate 3 (or 2, if they'd sort out the backwards compatibility). Those Skater XL gifs you shared just look awful. The game is a sloppy unfinished mess, just like Session. The physics look wrong, the graphics and animation are really basic, and the environments are lifeless. I love the fact that these small studios are trying something different, but neither game is anywhere close to being release-ready in my
  8. I’m completely absorbed in this. It’s a lovely piece of relaxing entertainment after the harshness of TLOU2. Graphically it reminds me a lot of Spider-man, and I can’t stop taking screenshots every few minutes. It’s just gorgeous. And those sunsets... damn!
  9. Does this have different difficulty modes?
  10. I don't agree. There's a world of difference between some of the cars in the Street Race category, for example. The handling and performance can vary massively, even with identical upgrades fitted. Add in the bikes and you've got even more variety. I've been playing TC2 on and off for a couple of years now, and never get bored.
  11. I struggled at just about the same point you're at now. I was getting a little bored with the pattern of getting to a new area, some enemies appearing and needing to be taken out, then scavenging for every last item you could find. Then the game just got better and better from this point, in my opinion. You're a long way from the end, but don't let that put you off. There's so much good stuff to come.
  12. I finished this in the early hours of this morning, having played 2-3 hours per night since release. I was fortunate enough to be able to avoid all of the leaks/spoilers, and only ever watched the very first trailer, so it was all completely fresh to me. I loved it. I had a slight wobble with the repetitive scavenging about 10 hours in, but it quickly turned things around and was an absolute roller-coaster ride from then on. The stand-out section for me was the bridge sequence with Abby and Lev (not sure if I'm spelling that correctly). Climbing the tower
  13. I just started creating one, but then decided against it. It's too easy to have the game ruined, and at this stage everything would need to be in spoiler tags anyway. Happy for somebody else to do it, but I won't be reading just yet. Just going to have to bite my lip about *REDACTED* and *REDACTED*. And that's only the first few hours! Fucking hell. This is brutal.
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