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  1. I find that I rarely have any of the ingredients for food. Are there specific farming spots for them, or do you just pick them up on your travels?
  2. Oh, cool. Is that different to the weird circle thing that actually highlights breakable walls? Has she got better range than that?
  3. I'm sitting at about 91% map completion, and struggling to find places I haven't been yet. I've also picked up a load of recipes that I can't seem to use or do anything with. Do they just automatically unlock more stuff that you can cook/craft, or do you need to give them to somebody?
  4. Ok, I think I’ve found a new way to go without killing the dude. Onwards! Only bought this yesterday, and I’m thoroughly addicted.
  5. I’m at this same point and confused as hell. You say “new powers” but when I reload it’s before the boss fight. Do I have to start again?
  6. Given up with this now. Can't get past the bug on level 17, and not about to start the whole thing again. Shame, but quite happy to trade it in and get something else instead. Some of the shooting/climbing sections were absolutely amazing, but the unskippable cut-scenes and this one massive bug have completely ruined it for me.
  7. Has anybody picked up Sairento? It looks really good, but I'd like to hear some first-hand impressions. https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/product/EP3820-CUSA14818_00-SAIRENTOPSVR0002 Edit: only 24 quid on Base.com as well, compared to 35 on digital.
  8. I've climbed to the heady heights of Ascension 3 with the Ironclad, so am probably not best placed to advise, but I've had most luck with STR decks and not worrying too much about defence until Act 2 at the earliest. Just batter things before they batter you.
  9. I just did that (yes, I managed to skip a vendor, again). I actually works. All those relics, vendors, potions, card... lost but not forgotten. Thank you!
  10. Isn't he the bass player in The Darkness?
  11. Whhhaaaattt?!? That's amazing. So you just re-select the previous level on the map?
  12. I feel your pain. The number of times I've skipped relics, shops, and things by hitting Y at the wrong moment... it's infuriating.
  13. That looks like it could be fun. Very hard to tell from the trailer, with the crazy over-the-top music, whereas the film looks like it could be quite a sedate affair.
  14. Thanks guys... that'll help in theory. Now I just need to not be rubbish again for a few goes.
  15. I had back-to-back wins last night with the Silent and the Defect. My first win with each of those. So chuffed. Spoiler question for once you've completed it once with each character...
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