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  1. It really is. I've just bought it again in 4K to go with my new PS5 and TV, and really can't wait to watch it again. I've seen it loads of times now, and I just never tire of it.
  2. What’s the issue that the disc spinning thing causes?
  3. Nope, I've only got two games - Miles and Demon's. Both disc. Installed and updated both, played some Miles, went to play some DS and it was uninstalled.
  4. I use the Xbox branded one of those on my PS4 and it's been great. Not sure why they sell Xbox and Playstation versions, really.
  5. OH MY GOD IT'S ONLY LIKE A DAY AND TWO SLEEPS! I'm so fucking excited for this. Miles and DS sitting here (with the covers reversed, obviously) with me, waiting to be installed. Space cleared in the cabinet, with plug sockets cleared and ready. TV arrives tomorrow. Console Thursday. Got Friday* off. GET THE FUCK IN! *Considered also taking Thursday off, but don't have a delivery slot yet, and there will be shit that needs downloading, and I'm working from home anyway, so I can get it all set up and ready to rock, then chill out and play all day Friday.
  6. Yes, yes, and yes. Did exactly that yesterday and it worked like a charm.
  7. Could we maybe get some links to the issues?
  8. Haven’t actually decided yet. I was sold on the LG CX OLED until the posts today about the VRR issue. Now I’m reconsidering.
  9. Do we know if connecting the PS5 up through the PSVR (2nd edition) pass-through box will get the full signal to the TV? I like to leave everything set up, so would be annoyed if I had to have two different hdmi cable setups. Edit: by full signal I mean 4K and whatever shenanigans are going on with the frame rate.
  10. Just me who quite likes the look of Godfall, then? It looks pretty, has big weapons, and doesn't seem to require much thought to play. Seems like the perfect choice to dip into when Demon's get a bit frustrating. I'm fucking getting one.
  11. Don't give them ideas! Let's start the bidding at £35 and see where it goes from there.
  12. Breathing in the scent of the manual on the bus on the way home from the game shop was the first indication you got of how good a game was going to be. That rich, luxurious scent of a well-written and hefty manual was a sure-fire sign that you hadn't wasted your cash.
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