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  1. Bit quiet in here. The Bobby Lees have got a new album out in October. There are a few tracks from it available already. They're great.
  2. I'm 4 episodes in now, and liking it but not loving it. Episode 3 was a highlight so far, but 2 was fun also. The main character's thing of being all dark and mysterious just makes him come across as monotonous a lot of the time, but the supporting cast are entertaining (particularly in ep#3). Will definitely watch to the end, but after all the great reviews I'm feeling slightly disappointed so far.
  3. Amazing session at a massive park.
  4. I actually got around to watching this over the weekend. Thought it was great. This was also great, and much, much shorter.
  5. Everybody liked Unbreakable. It's awesome.
  6. I enjoyed Wildlands a lot, playing it in Co-op with my brother. We’ve recently started Breakpoint in the same way (also cheap) and it’s just not clicking. Wildlands was the better game for sure.
  7. Finished this over the weekend. It started really well, but outst(r)ayed its welcome. Could have done with a lot less robot talking stuff, and being a couple of hours shorter. The game was a lot better at the start before you picked up the companion. I did enjoy it, and exploring the environments was lovely. No real interest in going back for the trophies though, and that one about leaving the PS5 on for an hour just for a trophy seems misjudged in the current energy climate.
  8. Sounds about right. It's such an amazing experience. I so tempted to start my 3rd playthrough, but I want to wait until it's cold outside. Especially for when you start heading into the mountains.
  9. Nice idea. A couple of villains for you... Anything by Steppenwolf, I guess.
  10. Anybody managed to download Man of Medan? I'm battling the PS Store website and app, and can't seem to find a PS Plus version of it at all. Edit: Ok, NOW it's working. FINE.
  11. I replayed it when the DC came out. Having absolutely rinsed it on release, I still ended up putting a huge number of hours in on my second playthrough, and did things I'd somehow completely missed the first time around. I possibly enjoyed it even more the second time through, as I wasn't too worried about trying to make sense of the story.
  12. Corridor Crew did one of their VFX breakdowns on this. They clearly love it as much as everybody else. What a movie.
  13. This is so good. I've been listening on repeat for a while now. Thanks for the link. Also listening to a lot of The Buoys. They should probably be in the Aussie music thread as well, if they're not already.
  14. I bought Pistolwhip in the current sale. Seems like a lot of fun. It's nice and simple, but I love the art style and soundtrack. My ratings for shooting on the beat are terrible at the moment, as I'm just frantically shooting everything that appears as soon as I can. I'm barely using the pistolwhip ability either. Lots to improve on. Worth a look if you like shooty games and rhythm games.
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