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  1. 03. Borderlands 3 – Bounty of Blood DLC (XSX) A Cowboy-themed DLC which was a lot of fun. Pretty sizeable at around 6-8 hours with some spectacular, challenging and enjoyable bosses. Hopefully I'm levelled up enough to progress on the Love, Guns & tentacles DLC now as I hit a wall there. Really getting my £25 worth out of what is proving to be an absurdly large game.
  2. @Boothjan Can you play Doom Eternal without having to create a Zenimax account yet? EDIT: Just tried on Cloud gaming and... nope.
  3. 02. Gorogoa (Game Pass) Completed this lovely puzzle game on iOS when it was released and thought it deserved another play through. It absolutely does.
  4. 4th of May doesn’t really work over here though.
  5. DD is one of those games where you fail a fight multiple times, decide it's impossible, go and do something else for a bit and when you come back to it, you manage to beat the enemy without taking a hit.
  6. BT Store have limited bundles w/ extra Dual Sense and headset. BT Broadband customers only though. https://shop.bt.com/products/sony-ps5-console--dualsense-controller-and-headset-bundle-9709893-bundle3-GH7H.html?s_cid=con_bt_dg-home_awin_aff_vidAJM_201309-Editorial43Content&vendorid=AJM&utm_source=Affwin&utm_medium=https://shopbtcom/products/sony-ps5-console--dualsense-controller-and-headset-bundle-9709893-bundle3-GH7Hhtml&utm_campaign=201309&awc=3041_1642673581_28c61f622ffa210293c9145d7d3886a0 Refurbished disc edition for £395 at Box https://www.box.co.uk/playstation-5-console
  7. Man, this bundle is some £800 of bullshit. I'd take R&C and Resi Village, but the camera and the rest? Nah mate. https://www.thegamecollection.net/playstation-5-console-with-deathloop-back-4-blood-ratchet-and-clank-rift-apart-resident-evil-village-immortals-fenyx-rising-watch-dogs-legion-mortal-kombat-11-ultimate-playstation-5-hd-camera-and-playstation-plus-12-month-membership EDIT: Meant Resi Village, not Deathloop
  8. Little Computer People Remaster in Unreal 5 please.
  9. I've had one spawn a few times at Logjam Lumberyard, near the very Northern tip of the lake.
  10. Nope, they need to be installed. On the flip side, I did give Mass Effect a quick go and ended up playing the entire first mission. The level design and gameplay is showing its age, but it was still fun. OT: Should I play ME 1 and 2 or just skip to 3? I never played them back in the day.
  11. Was this given away free on Xbox at some point? I seem to own it already, including all the DLC. It’s not a game I’d drunk buy as I’m terrible at stealth games.
  12. I'd much rather they did something interesting than having to resort to elastic bands to grind bullshit tasks.
  13. Travelling 3km in The Long Dark for 75 points is absolutely not worth it as you walk at around 2cm per week.
  14. I'm really getting into this now – it's a lot better than I first thought. Greninja and Venusaur are my mains and getting MVPs all over the place. The 5-minute Delibird battles they did over the last few weeks were great fun.
  15. Ah the old “mark it ‘As Designed’” method of clearing bugs.
  16. I’m getting a weird bug where there’s tonnes of traffic in the distance which disappears as I approach, making the roads really empty. Now I’ve noticed it, it’s annoying the hell out of me.
  17. shirubagan

    The Punk Thread

    More TGBZ is always a good thing.
  18. This is also my plan. I've got around £130 of points which is not bad since I only started collecting in April last year. I'm hoping they run another Gamer score > Reward Points promo soon – I think I got around 7,000 of 10,000 from the one last summer.
  19. EDIT: Just played two games, came 2nd with the crown, then first without it. Typical
  20. Agreed. I really enjoyed it and local multiplayer is excellent fun.
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