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  1. Märvel aways do amazing covers, bu this is just great.
  2. Something cool/useful from one of the previous games? I have Ultra Sun, but I'm struggling to get through it.
  3. I can get you a Meltan this evening as I already have one in Sword. Melmetal will be a few weeks as I just spaffed 400 candy evolving a Meltan on Saturday.
  4. I wish this was on Switch. Don’t get any screen time with the PS4 or X1X at all
  5. This is a truly brilliant game.
  6. I’ve been trying to hatch a shiny Feebas since I completed my Dex over a month ago. This game hates me
  7. I absolutely loved it and yes.
  8. I very much liked what I've played on Game Pass so far, but not played enough to know what longevity would be like. It's bonkers, much like Devil Crash and Alien Crush and the music is great. Switch version seems to be missing a lot of lighting and post-processing effects judging by what I've seen on YouTube. I was going to buy this, but at £17.99, it's out of my impulse price range.
  9. Sword seems to have outsold Shield, so you’re probably more likely to get Sword exclusives sent across on random trades.
  10. Wait a sec... When did they add Home Run mode back to this? I haven’t played in a while.
  11. Only took 1200+ battles. What am I doing with my life?
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