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  1. Has this been posted already? https://acpatterns.com/
  2. Ah sorry @CheekyLee , I didn't keep my eye on the switch and it went to sleep.
  3. I'm going to charge my PSP so I can play this tonight.
  4. I wasn’t paying attention to the bunny. What do I do with the eggs again?
  5. 4. Pokémon Shield (Switch) Same as sword, but with a couple of different gyms.
  6. FFS, do you have to visit someone's island to add them to your Friends app on the Nookphone? I want to send a friend a guitar and I can't see his details anywhere.
  7. It's definitely there, just bought another. Sorry, the console went to sleep. How do I post items to a recent visitor? No-one's showing up in my recent list on my Nookphone.
  8. Oh balls, I've just realised you can't take the fish because I placed rather than dropped them Thanks for the skeleton and coconuts @cassidy
  9. Yeah, they're in the cabinet at Nook's Cranny. Gates are open, K3L4W If anyone has oranges and/or coconuts, that would be great. Help yourself to the stuff on the shore. I'll be AFK, but will monitor for crashes. Edit: F/s @ Nook's: red mug and hamster cage. There's a Tatami bed as well, which I already own.
  10. I’d like a skeleton please @cassidy Anyone interested in any of this garbage?
  11. Skull print flooring in San Dimas if anyone’s interested? @moosegrinder?
  12. I was just skimming through the thread to see if anyone had posted that! Monster Hunter 4U
  13. I do! Will post a Dodo Code ASAP Edit: Not much going on in San Dimas, but I could use oranges and coconuts if anyone has one of each to spare. Turnip prices are a lofty b109 Dodo Code LPRGC @skittles Chrysanthemums are all growing in the wild area on the North side of the island.
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