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  1. Great article! That Splug64 in the comments is a proper dickhead.
  2. shirubagan

    Pokemon Go

    I just beat a triple Snorlax TR battle. My reward? Garbage.
  3. Your enemies will be Laikitu survive.
  4. I picked up Ultra Sun in anticipation of Sword & Shield and it's a bit good isn't it? I don't know why I picked Rowlett over Litten though. Rookie. Can I find Litten anywhere later in the game?
  5. shirubagan

    Pokemon Go

    I’m away so couldn’t raid. Gutted as this is the nicest shiny of the three dogs and I have nine regular Suicune from weekly rewards, including a 96 and a 100IV so the shiny would be the icing on the cake. Hoping someone in my local group has a spare to trade.
  6. Did you use it to strangle your opponent?
  7. shirubagan


    I bought this on sale for Switch aaaaages ago and I’m playing it tonight finally and HOLY FUCKING SHIT/10.
  8. Galarian form Pokémon! Koffing/Weezing is just amazing.
  9. I’ll be on this for a few hours tonight. 6:30-10:30 or so. PSN: shirubagan
  10. That Ark Mall Combat music sample is amazing.
  11. I* managed to defeat Tempered Kirin last night so my HR cap has finally been removed and I had a go on The Greatest Jagras. My word you get a lot of Decorations, don't you?! * I sent up an SOS flare and watched as a Japanese duo slaughter it in under 10 mins. I felt quite bad for it actually.
  12. I'll jump on The Greatest Jagras tonight.
  13. Shield on the Palico? Christ. A mate of mine joined and it took us 45 minutes to figure out how to start a game. We tried to do Kulve, but he hadn't found the pieces, even though he's 15-20 HR higher than I am. Also, FUCK KIRIN. Still can't do the bastard.
  14. @mechamonkey Do you know what the limited quests & rewards are for each festival?
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