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  1. Has she played Let’s Go Eevee/Pikachu?
  2. 10. Pokémon Sword (Switch) Some dodgy graphics aside, this was an absolute tonne of fun and removed the excessive bloat from Ultra Sun. Really enjoying my time in Galar doing Max raids and faffing about trying to complete the Pokédex. Recommended. 11. Assemble With Care (Apple Arcade) Short and sweet and a nice little snack game which can be done in under two hours (took me a bit longer because two of the levels glitched out, forcing a restart). ––– Abandoned Games
  3. Caught a couple of G-Max Snorlax last night. Love the altered design..
  4. There's no VO, just babbling noises AFAIK. I'll check later.
  5. Still the best game I’ve ever played and I still have one bloody shrine to find.
  6. If it’s by Stern, I’m not interested.
  7. Playing through The Stretchers with my brother and his girlfriend and we’ve been cracking up. I’d definitely recommend it for anyone able to play it co-op as it’s a very enjoyable little game. Yet to try single player so can’t comment on that aspect.
  8. shirubagan


    I’ve reached a room which I just can’t pass. Must have had 30-40 attempts and just can’t get the timing. So frustrating.
  9. I'm paying a lot of them on my Mac, which is just as good an option and also supports XB/PS controllers and KB+M, which is great for CCRU.
  10. Will have to have a look at those, but I'm still making my way through Grindstone and Chu Chu Rocket Universe a few levels per week, with some Bleak Sword on the side. Absolutely excellent games.
  11. Is this to the base stats? That can't be right.
  12. Mine has been deleted also. Feels good.
  13. I was sent a Japanese Ditto last night in a surprise trade – it's going to be working hard on that Sex Farm <SpinalTap.gif>
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