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  1. Are you sure @rgraves? A quick search says it’s just the docks that were bricking Switches, especially the Nyko ones after the V5.0.0 firmware update. I’ve not had an issue with any combination USB-C cable, power brick, iPhone, iPad or Mac charger.
  2. @bradigor Yeah, any old USB-C will charge it. Bricking was because of crappy third party docks.
  3. For those that claimed the 12 months free Nintendo Online via Twitch Prime, here's a reminder that you can claim the other 9 months now. Mine has been extended 'til September 2020. Annoyingly it seems that you have to link a credit card to it to redeem, then go to your shop settings and delete the card and auto renewal :S
  4. 7/10 from Nintendolife Conclusion: http://www.nintendolife.com/reviews/switch-eshop/my_friend_pedro
  5. Just preordered this as it looks daft as fuck, something games need much more of. 15% off still applies BTW.
  6. The Iceborne stand at E3 was amazing. Very hyped for this.
  7. This is bloody great. Playing w/ split joycon isn’t ideal, but we’re starting to kick arse with only around 15% of the map complete. And yes, it feels like a Zelda game. Stellar work by the team.
  8. @g wings There’s an auto-beat setting, but I think you still need rhythm to figure out the patterns. Checkpoints seem quite generous and you keep any upgrades you’ve bought. TBH, they’ll probably just get it and then be composing symphonies before you know.
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