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  1. Breath of the Monster Wild Calamity Hunter: Nintendogs Edition looks bloody excellent. Day one.
  2. Nicke Anderson and Marty Friedman!!
  3. 7. Paper Mario: The Origami King (Switch) Enjoyed it quite a bit. There are some dips, but overall a great little game. Took me just over 30 hours with many secrets left unfound, but I'm fine with that. A very good 7, maybe even 8/10.
  4. I'm really enjoying this, but I did struggle with the Fire Vellumental. Think I'm on the final stretch now as only one streamer left to go.
  5. I'm playing it, but finding It a lot more difficult than I remember. For 89p this is a must-have.
  6. 6. The Stretchers (Switch) A really fun game. Played it in chunks when my brother was visiting, so it took a while, though I'd guess you could hammer through it in 6-8 hours. Enjoyed this a lot, and got a few non-gamers involved also absolutely loved playing it. Some of the puzzles are really fun, there's tonnes of slapstick humour and weird driving physics, with a suitably daft story. Can't comment on the single-player antics. Highly recommended.
  7. This isn’t my wife and I and I didn’t write the music. Honest.
  8. This is fucking brilliant. How the Hell Johnny delivered some of his lines straight-faced and earnestly is baffling. My wife and I have been double over with laughter. More please.
  9. I enjoyed the review(s) very much. I'm tempted to buy this if only try the 4x JoyCon mode. The switching between Left and Right guns on the same track is fucking weird though, especially if I try to play it like a drummer.
  10. Wait... Sweetpaper Valley... I knew what was coming, but bloody hell.
  11. Power Trip are fucking great. Very sad news.
  12. A Short Hike is lovely isn’t it?
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