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  1. 13 hours ago, Mrs Horribleman said:

    Anyone 100% this yet? My wife is struggling with one of the post game things. 


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    Where is the bee suit? Are there seeds with only one chance to get?





    try experimenting with adding colour to your ball. Remember you can combin up to 2 sprinkles to change how it looks [\spoiler]

  2. 11 hours ago, Hitcher said:

    Finally worked it out - there was a damn locked jump switch near the top of the map that I'd somehow missed. 


    Hahaha. There’s a ton of moments like that in this game. I spent ages trying to get a seemingly inaccessible key. I thought I tried everything.


    I think I still have a dent in my forehead from slapping it so hard when I worked it out.

  3. 31 minutes ago, JPickford said:


    It works about 1 in 20 times for me.   I hold the button but the slug still explodes.  Can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.  I got past the bit where I was stuck but there's loads more places where you have to do the same thing.


    It should slow down every time you get near a slug unless you’ve already sucked one up.


    it sounds like it could be a bug if that’s not happening. And yeah the slug stuff is a HUGE part of the game so I’d make sure before continuing!

  4. 20 minutes ago, JPickford said:


    Runs smooth on Switch.


    Yeah runs brilliantly on the switch and the pro controller triggers feel incredible.


    it struggles to load areas later in the game when you’re zipping about but it only pauses for a second and doesn’t affect gameplay at all.

  5. Honestly I think if you’re even interested in the concept you’ll go on to love it. It’s really good.


    the post story stuff can be a tad frustrating but there’s still so much mystery there to keep me playing.

  6. 13 hours ago, Mitchell said:

    It does look like a winner.  I think review copies have been out for a couple of weeks and all of the first impressions I've read have been very positive.  

    There's a lengthy (20+ min) PC video here: 




    I ‘finished it’ this weekend. Got to the end of the story I mean. There’s still so much to do.


    I absolutely love it. Found it addictive, charming and really fun to play. If you like the look of it, Then definitely pick it up.

  7. They were certainly the best team I’ve seen us play this season so I guess they deserve it. Decent game of football though. Tension was there right up until added time where villa seemed beat.


    I feel for Villa fans. As someone who’s seen their team lose twice in a playoff final, there really is no worse feeling.

  8. 2 hours ago, U-1 said:

    Personally I think people need to try and stop focusing on what the game isn't and give it a chance for what it's trying to achieve.

    Im not saying don't be disappointed it's not another Motorstorm but likewise don't automatically write it off because it's not either.


    It's biggest hurdle by far will be its learning curve for the scoring/modes but once you get a proper feel for each gamemode it does offer some genuinely enthralling arcade gameplay... with some proper down to the wire results.


    I too yearn for another "traditional" arcade racer like NFS Hot Pursuit and Burnout.. but in the meantime I'm looking forward to many fun hours spent with this.



    and @Simmy nope no start/finish lines in any of the game modes. 


    It really is like people focusing on the lack of respawns in PUBG.


    this is trying to do something completely different. I’m willing to see if it is able to make a good game of the concept.

  9. Having played a lot of this over the weekend I can see why people are being turned off.


    For me there are three main issues.


    The first being Netcode. I've seen a lot of cars warping around the track. It's insanely frustrating when you go in to knock someone out and they disappear and reappear the other side of you. If this is the competitive game it needs to be that shit needs to be sorted.


    Secondly it's not clear how taking someone out works. Several times there's been moments where I've got smash into someone, turn into them but its my car that starts flashing warnings. I've also had it a few times where I'm driving along and suddenly I'm wiped out completely without even seeing what happened.


    Finally the two game modes on offer here are very similar. Countdown being the better version. I hope there's some wildly different ways of playing in the full game.


    It's still insanely good fun to play but if this is to have lasting power as a competitive team game, there's a fair bit of work to do IMO.

  10. 5 hours ago, Boothjan said:


    As much as I agree, do you really think they'd have got anywhere near scoring in the last 5 minutes even with a man extra?


    Their game plan was a disgrace, they got what they deserved and if I was a Boro fan I'd have been livid with that complete lack of intent.


    Not in the slightest. If they’d have scored from that shot Villa would still have gone on to win it. They totally dominated that game.


    Stranger things have happened in football though and conceding so close to the end could have changed thing dramatically. It also doesn’t make the decision right along with Villa having their first choice goalkeeper available for the final, it’s pretty messed up.

  11. Yeah so I’m well into this now.


    DONT GET ME WRONG. It’s still insanely disappointing on some level. Getting a new Arctic Monkeys album without any bite, riffs and incredible drumming is a huge let down. Although the AM sound has evolved over the years it always has a string of incredible catchy rock threading it all together. This lacks that and quite frankly, that fucking sucks.


    But some of these songs have stuck in my head forcing another listen. Four out of Five is the standout for me but some of the others have been scratching a weird itch.


    the one song I still can’t stand though is She Looks Like Fun. I can’t get into that in any way.


    i wonder if it will continue to grow on me or fall apart and return to where I started with it.


    its been a odd trip with this album so far.

  12. 14 hours ago, Naysonymous said:

    Playoffs up next: 


    Friday 11th May 2018: Derby County v Fulham, 7.45pm

    Saturday 12th May 2018: Middlesbrough v Aston Villa, 5.15pm


    Monday 14th May 2018: Fulham v Derby County, 7.45pm

    Tuesday 15th May 2018: Aston Villa v Middlesbrough, 7.45pm


    Saturday 26th May 2018: Championship Play-Off Final, 5pm



    Can't decide whether I'm nervous or not.   Villa should be coming into the playoffs the freshest.  We took four points off of Middlesbrough,  won at home and lost away to Fulham but Derby took four points off of us, albeit with particular circumstances ahead of either result (massive injury crisis before the away game and the home game being a dead rubber for us).  We've generally delivered in the big games at home this season so I'd fancy us in the semis but our recent record at Wembley is wretched. 



    But early for all that. Let’s talk about yesterday’s game first....




  13. Fair play to Boro. Deserved their win. It’s weird to be dissapointed considering we were facing relegation in December but I can’t lie. It’s a kick to the stomach.


    Tomorrow I’ll wake up clear headed and be proud of what we’ve done. Until then I’m going to get pissed and cry.

  14. 7 hours ago, Uncle Nasty said:


    Done about eight hours. The stranger fight isn’t something I’d ever want to sit through again, whereas in Bloodborne I’ll gladly take on any of the bosses for the gazzillionth time. 


    And “cinematic” isn’t necessarily something I want from games.


    Like I said, it’s good, but why reviewers lost their collective minds over it is beyond me.


    Mum assuming that’s because they didn’t have the same hang ups as you. That’s not a dig, it’s just you seem to not like the cinematic element of the game and that’s something many people enjoy. I’d guess that considering all the marketing if someone on the team hated that side of gaming they wouldn’t be given this to review.


    its still early doors for me but I’m already really liking it. Can’t wait for it to open up a bit though.


    I absolutely love the stranger fight so if there’s more like that then I’m going to really enjoy my time with it.

  15. We were the better team in the first half I thought. Second half they outclassed us completely. We couldn't compete.


    It's a tough ask for us to make the playoffs now but I can't let it take the shine off of the season. If we were where we all thought we'd be tonight would have been devastating. Instead, it's just a bit gutting.


    No complaints at the result, although we shaded the first half they absolutely spankers us after that.

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