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  1. I've been laughing about this all day.


    From the serious 'health and safety' inspector tone in his presenting style. To the bit where he clearly thinks everyone would crack up at him holding a Mario 64 cartridge then going on a rant again about how he was set up, complete with letting us know that because he didn't win on a TV show he's never played it since all the way to the Bikini bit.


    Let me be clear. I rarely get offended by stuff, certainly wasn't with this. I do however find it fucking hilarious that ANYONE would put something like that out in 2018. Being so unaware of everything is utterly insane.


    Also the music behind it is the funniest thing of all. Up and down, up and down, up and down.


    God, I hope there's an episode 2.

  2. I found the bonus podcast so frustrating. I mean I absolutely loved the interviews and the clips BUT it really frustrated me when someone was talking about their favourite moments on the show and they didn’t play the clip they were talking about.


    ”the Saints Row vs Skyrim argument was legendary” followed by a completely random clip.


    its hard to explain, I really enjoyed it but it frustrated me.

  3. 1 hour ago, sandman said:

    I'm confused - was I wrong?


    I don't do social media so have no idea if I was wrong or not

    Yes sir although I was laughing at the response not at you.


    from left to right: Mat, James, Sean and Me.

  4. 9 hours ago, mechamonkey said:

    Has anyone tried The Gardens Between yet? looks like a perfect bedtime game. Just worried I wont be able to see the details properly in handheld mode (as I need glasses usually to read text on it)



    Just finished it and loved every moment. The price tag is quite high as it’s prett short at 3-4 Hours but if you’re happy spending that then you will get a wonderful little game for your money.

  5. 5 minutes ago, Mr Do 71 said:

    10 man Swansea come from behind to beat Millwall 1-2! @elmo 


    We were shit, no doubt. Harris is a good manager but he’s way too loyal. We need to try a new team for the next one. Get some of these new signings on the pitch. I mean I was expecting to be hammered today but the way we lost was flat out embarrassing.


    international break couldn’t come at a better time.

  6. 14 hours ago, dumpster said:

    I'd be interested to know what a newcomer to Shenmue thinks. Objectively, it looks like a poor quality rip off of the Yakuza series if you haven't seen it before. By today's standards it looks and sounds dreadful.  But it is Shenmue and Shenmue is wonderful. So I'd be interest to see if a newcomer can overlook the dated appearance to see the beauty inside.  


    Well here’s my first 90 minutes with it. Obviously I’m playing up to the camera and the voice acting had me laughing my arse off but on the whole I enjoyed it and am looking forward to getting back to it.



  7. 23 minutes ago, catinthehat said:

    Has it changed much since the beta?  Tempted to download it again for the free weekend to see if it clicks this time.



    For me it is a lot better than the beta was. The online games are a lot less laggy and the extra game modes are class. Give it a go, it’s free after all.


    as for the World Cup argument, well. Trust rllmuk to force negativity onto a free game weekend.

  8. Yeah that episode of Checkpoints was excellent. A really cool chat, both seemed proper realaxed and you bounced off of each other really well. Loved it.


    sad to see the pod going but I’m sure you’ll be back in no time!

  9. 10 hours ago, declan said:

    The latest and last (!) Checkpoints just went live today, ep #128.


    For the final show I managed to pull Robert Ashley from video game retirement and we have a brilliant chat about his life in games. 


    There are a bunch of reasons I'm finishing up the show - which if you're interested I talk about in next week's epilogue episode where I'm interviewed by Violet Berlin -  suffice to say it's for good reasons. I'm sticking the landing. 


    It's been a brilliant time! Thanks to everyone who has listened. If you never listened I'm going to start repeating the show from the start in the next few weeks. The content is evergreen, iTunes only archives the last 100 eps and there are WAY more people listening to the show now than there were at the start so it seems appropriate. 




    I’m incredibly excited to listen to this.

  10. 0D5E0EE4-991B-4EC1-A5D0-3A81BB82C239.thumb.jpeg.418d30bbc22bfbec2d7fc29bf3957336.jpeg


    this is driving me mad. It’s all I have to do. Can anyone give me a hint to getting to this wickerling?


    EDIT: Never mind! Got it last night and waited for the boy to wake up so we could watch the final ending together. What a wonderful game!

  11. Yeah a ‘Left Behind’ mode would be incred.


    if you’re last for a certain period of time you’re out of the round. If you get taken out you’re out of the round best 2 of 3?


    Actually there are a bunch of game modes in my head that I’d love to see but whether they would be good or not is another matter.

  12. I will never understand the 'needs a finish line' stance. Not saying it's wrong but I've not missed the lack of traditional racing once. To me it's like asking for traditional deathmatch in Overwatch.


    I really hope this pulls through because I'm around 20 hours in an still loving it so much.

  13. Another cracking night with this game but the game mode rotation was a bit weird. Seemed to favour Lockdown (fine by me) with like 9 of the 15 or so rounds being that.


    also on a few modes the choice of vehicle was limited. In one game we only had a choice of two. Is this new? Not seen it before

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