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  1. Yeah maybe I should stay away. The first thing I think of when people say that they’re annoyed that they don’t know how the New Order was formed I remember last month, after RotJ when I still didn’t know where the fuck the empire came from. EDIT: FIRST Order. Sorry I’m new.
  2. Can I... can I join the conversation now? holy shit I’m so fucking pumped for this fucking hell.
  3. They really did. We barely got a touch of the ball. Couldn’t even get near them. Nailed on to be up there if they can maintain it.
  4. Wow. Both our kits are quality for next season. Loving our away shirt. shame we’re likely to get relegated in them.
  5. You all love Ben, right? youre going to LOVE this week’s show.
  6. Actually thinking of it, a good way to reveal a kit would be to get some random bloke to wear the full new kit and walk about a high street for a while. People will obviously take photos and let social media do the rest.
  7. Apparently they provide commercial chocolate. The type you see at hotels with the hotel name on it etc. Not sure how true that is or not. They're bringing a chocolate drink to the UK, they had a taster trial at The Den last season.
  8. Huski? Apparently the bloke that owns the company heard about Roy Larner screaming “fuck you I’m Millwall” at the terrorists during the London Bridge attack, read up on us and wanted to go to a match. Since then he’s been going regularly, owns a box and loves it. by the sound of it this is the first step towards a full on take-over of the club.
  9. Really happy with our new shirt. To be fair last seasons was quality too. Happy with what Macron have done for us so far.
  10. A short one I made for a mate doing a stream tomorrow. W8J-GK6-1QG
  11. Ok so I edited a few bit based on your feedback and added a few areas. i think I’ll be amending my courses a lot until I’m happy with them. let me know what you think! C2H-K9R-FCG
  12. Just something short and sweet that I put together to test a few things. 1KT-9YX-6HG I uploaded it last night but I’m not sure if I did it right. I’ve not had any information on if anyone’s played it or not. Either it’s fallen through the cracks or I’m looking in the wrong place.
  13. Just out. Man, I went in thinking exactly this. came out thinking “wow. They actually did it.” If it’s character growth you want, this has more than the three other films combined. i must say I still think 3 is better than this one and it’s true that maybe this story didn’t need to be told, but I’m glad it was.
  14. The Johnny cash sketch was so funny that I’m still giggling to myself about it 2 days after seeing it
  15. Jesus. I’ve been doing that a hell of a lot recently. A mate asked me a question the other day and I replied “Fuck know”
  16. We can’t. From reports over the past few years it looks like digital sails have been a massive impact.
  17. I’m hoping that Leon Cox listened and that I’ll hear from him soon.
  18. Our live show from Rezzed is up for anyone who’s interested! https://youtu.be/NB2uITLc4lg
  19. elmo

    Nintendo Switch

    With Nintendo now adding VR to games outside of the Labo card then I’m expecting to see cheap third party headsets with straps and ting.
  20. Yeah I see what you’re saying, but it brings the point back to expectation I guess. And it’s probably down to personal expectation more than some sort of weird unwritten ‘industry standard’. I guess the issue is that unless you have Spotify Premium then you have no choice but to race without music. Driveclub, I feel, chose that to fit in with its style. This doesn’t seem to be the case here.
  21. I’m not going to argue that and totally see your point. But as I say you can’t really get upset with the press/consumers complaining about it as this stuff is important to a lot of people and ultimately they’re not going to care about budget and team size. Adding Spotify is certainly not inivative or groundbreaking IMO. To me it’s a step in the wrong direction (as a replacement rather than an option). I’m of the mind that graphics don’t have a priority over having a soundtrack to be honest. But that’s my personal opinion. i think the issue here is with the industry as a whole. Too many developers are willing to blow their budget to try and create games that was out of their reach. This results in the sink or swim risk that so many studios face these days. As a result, expectation from consumers are through the roof. I like that we have a game here that has tried to keep in budget but maybe the game they were trying to make wasn’t possible on the initial budget if it means we’re left having to pay for the music.
  22. With that then I suppose the situation for you would be a game coming out that asked you to subscribe to something to allow you to turn that music off. Obviously that’s not the same thing, but you see my point?
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