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  1. 7 hours ago, Jamie John said:


    Some of the stuff they get for the feedback section is corrections, but a lot of it is in direct response to the points made in the previous show, so it keeps a dialogue going. It would seem odd if it was at the end, I think, after they've just spent 90+ minutes talking about new things.


    What I'd like is if they just mentioned whether they were still playing certain games that they had been playing in the previous episode or if they'd abandoned them, and, if so, why. With FF7 Remake, for example, one week they were all talking about how great it was, then the next week it wasn't really mentioned much at all. They do this some of the time, but occasionally I'll want to hear about how far they've progressed with a particular game and whether it's worth seeing through to the end, but it's not spoken about much.


    exactly this. Having feedback at the end makes absolutely no sense to me. Having said that ‘Because HarryBizzle Doesn’t Like That Bit’ might be enough to get us to reformat the show, we’ll see.


    As for FF7 we certainly went over our journey with that game (I mentioned why I suddenly dropped off of it, mat spoke about completing it etc.) however we have been guilty of that in the past, it’s something I’ll keep in mind going forward for sure.

  2. 17 hours ago, Uzi said:

    I kinda hoped it would be huge to avoid cooling issues - my own PC is basically a big box of glass where the entire thing is on display so made as neat as possible so size isn't an issue but the clash of the white on black is still so odd to me. Just wish they confirmed an all black for release because I know I'll be an impatient shit and buy the astrobot combo 

    I get that but when you look at the One X, very powerful at the time, really small and fucking silent... it doesn’t make for a good comparison.


    Really though, the design of the box doesn’t matter. It looks awful but by the time the thing comes out we’ll be used to it/won’t care. My major issue with the PS4 has been with how loud it is. If this is quiet, then all good.

  3. 8 hours ago, Capwn said:

    Are young kids actually seeking to see this with little knowledge of Sonic's history? or is it mostly parents being like "Look, lets go see Sonic this weekend. Then we don't have to go and watch that Peter F******g Rabbit 2. At least with Sonic it's a character I grew up with and understand"


    or something?

    my boy has been banging on about it non stop for a week. They’ve bombarded kids TV with trailers and all his mates are talking about it at school.


    So yeah. We’re going tomorrow.

  4. 12 minutes ago, Gotters said:

    It's not often I'll defend Liverpool or the increasingly moany Klopp, and I'll deny every doing it if challenged again in the future, but somebody needs to take a stand against the idiot scheduling to make the powers that be take notice. They need to be embarrassed or shamed into sorting things out as polite reasonable argument rarely works.


    A team after their first title in 30 years, still in the Champions League and back from the World Club championship can't rank every fixture equal, and the FA cup is a side show the biggest teams pay lip service to as suits them.


    What Shrewsbury did yesterday was great for them, but its the FA ruining the FA Cup by failing to act with it sat in the middle of a stupidly crowded fixture schedule and pretending its still relevant and equal billing to everything else. 


    Anyway, to balance my post I hope Liverpool throw away the league to City and up the Shrews. 

    I’d like to see the stats on who’s played more games this season. Shrewsbury or Liverpool.


    And even if you think these professional football players are playing too much football, what’s Klopps excuse for not turning up?


    personally I hope that the FA scrap the replay and put Shrewsbury in the next round. 

  5. 2 minutes ago, bradigor said:


    There will still be a big crowd at Anfield* and they'll still get the payout. So won't lose out at all. Hell they even stand a chance of going through and getting another payday against another big club. 


    *Won't be our biggest attendance of the season, but will still be a full stadium and an experience for the Shrewsbury players and fans. 

    And ticket prices will be the same?


    nah it’s a shithead move. People moan about the FA cup losing it magic. It’s premier league teams that’s feeding into that narrative.


    Got to say, Shrewsbury will have a lot of fans that day.

  6. 1 hour ago, Plissken said:

    Same reason - the PL winter break.


    (And it's the PL who scheduled it, not the FA. Best weekend for it, if you were an organisation looking to kill off the FA Cup.)

    yeah but Liverpool could play a team. Klopp could manage them. It’s their fault that they’ve got this replay in the first place.


    i wonder how much money Shrewsbury will lose because of this dickhead decision.

  7. On 06/01/2020 at 08:39, Lorfarius said:

    I have to talk about the C3PO stuff.  Been a week since it's sunk in but

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    they really treated him like garbage, the big emotional scene where he's going to be wiped and calling them his friends.. yet they've all spent the trilogy dismissing him off hand. It happened in the older films but it wasn't to this degree and I felt sorry for the guy.  Such an awful way to deal with a beloved character and there wasn't a point in the entire film where it felt like the rest of the crew deserved to be friends with him.


    the treatment of C3PO is my favourite thing about Rise of Skywalker.

  8. 1 hour ago, Moz said:

    Ahh see I didn’t mind that because RDR2 is a bad game. 


    For the record, I went back to Outer Wilds since recording. I stand by the decision.


    Did you not get on with LiS2?

  9. 2 hours ago, Jamie John said:


    Ah. I feel stupid now for not realising that.


    Anyway. Keep up the good work!

    hahaha! Don’t.


    thanks for the kind words mate, genuinely appreciate it.

  10. 44 minutes ago, Jamie John said:


    Hmm. I think I'll just keep imagining him as Jay.


    I enjoyed your most recent Sekiro Sunday video, by the way, even if you didn't seem to ;). I found that the best tactic for his third phase was to bait his lightning attack, as it's relatively easy to counter and deals a lot of damage.


    Not that you were asking for any advice...

    I’ll pass that on to Mat.


    (it’s David BTW) ;)

  11. The talking over stuff is becoming a pain in the arse. It’s down to discord. I swear it’s been getting worse by the week recently. You can’t hear it on the show but when we’re talking there are time’s where we just can’t hear each other or the lag kicks in.


    hopefully the service improves soon.

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