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  1. my boy has been banging on about it non stop for a week. They’ve bombarded kids TV with trailers and all his mates are talking about it at school. So yeah. We’re going tomorrow.
  2. Signing up for a premium account activated a 90 day free trial. Tried this last night. Never had a PC for gaming and am using it to finally play Disco Elysium on my MacBook. Works perfectly. Really impressed.
  3. I’d like to see the stats on who’s played more games this season. Shrewsbury or Liverpool. And even if you think these professional football players are playing too much football, what’s Klopps excuse for not turning up? personally I hope that the FA scrap the replay and put Shrewsbury in the next round.
  4. And ticket prices will be the same? nah it’s a shithead move. People moan about the FA cup losing it magic. It’s premier league teams that’s feeding into that narrative. Got to say, Shrewsbury will have a lot of fans that day.
  5. yeah but Liverpool could play a team. Klopp could manage them. It’s their fault that they’ve got this replay in the first place. i wonder how much money Shrewsbury will lose because of this dickhead decision.
  6. Man. Ben this week. Man.
  7. the treatment of C3PO is my favourite thing about Rise of Skywalker.
  8. For the record, I went back to Outer Wilds since recording. I stand by the decision. Did you not get on with LiS2?
  9. hahaha! Don’t. thanks for the kind words mate, genuinely appreciate it.
  10. I’ll pass that on to Mat. (it’s David BTW)
  11. I’m Mat. Hate to say it but David is one of the most attractive blokes I know. Like Brad Pitt but better looking. So talented. Modest too.
  12. The talking over stuff is becoming a pain in the arse. It’s down to discord. I swear it’s been getting worse by the week recently. You can’t hear it on the show but when we’re talking there are time’s where we just can’t hear each other or the lag kicks in. hopefully the service improves soon.
  13. elmo

    Game is Saved!

    DIY SOS been cancelled?
  14. Fucking hell I’m so fucking pumped for episode 5. Fuck. i really don’t care that I’m the only person on Earth feeling like this.
  15. It’s not to everyone’s taste.
  16. I'm properly happy I clicked on this thread, if only for Rafaqat's posts.
  17. Might have something to do with only having one shot on target.
  18. Yeah maybe I should stay away. The first thing I think of when people say that they’re annoyed that they don’t know how the New Order was formed I remember last month, after RotJ when I still didn’t know where the fuck the empire came from. EDIT: FIRST Order. Sorry I’m new.
  19. Can I... can I join the conversation now? holy shit I’m so fucking pumped for this fucking hell.
  20. They really did. We barely got a touch of the ball. Couldn’t even get near them. Nailed on to be up there if they can maintain it.
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