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  1. i dont think i have ever played you on live!
  2. Yes you did you slag! Was great to meet you all, looking forward to seeing you on Live soon. fuck! Johnny... you were as safe as houses my son... how could i forget you
  3. So we all met up then and... Simms: Top top bloke. exactly how i thought he would be. Dude' we'll have to go for a drink somtime. Hitcher: Alot thiner that i thought and jesus man, where was your wellys? Uxy: Not the fat jolly man everyone expected. Great bloke but forgot that he wasn't on live and slagged me to peaces Outspaced: You are the man! We'll go for that drink soon... as it's hardly a treck Keraig: Dude, you need help Capp: Top geezer, sorry i didn't have as many games with you as i'd hoped. Heavy Metal UK: Where you there? I saw your name on halo but didn't meet you. Did i miss anyone out. You'll all top!
  4. I. am. elmo. NEVER correct elmo I hesitate to contradict you Elmo, but I prefer 'fuck my face' as well. Better pace and rhythm you see. Geet, you're clearly a man of impeccable taste. Care to fuck my face? yes...
  5. oooooohhh baby i love ya way.... every day you fucking shit face But those words don't go with the tune at all. '...every day you fuck my face' works better. I. am. elmo. NEVER correct elmo
  6. oooooohhh baby i love ya way.... every day you fucking shit face
  7. elmo


    gotta get back into this... argh... soon my people.... soon
  8. slag. Sorry to outspaced and johnny there... my fuck-head of a brother shut the fuck-head of a PC down
  9. yeah there is always ONE game. A couple some of us play but you always know what the next big game will be. So yeah just read in here
  10. PGR2 R63 you fucking fuck!
  11. elmo


    serioulsy it's all in the game you are playing. Get some really close CTF going and it's fan fucking tastic
  12. I think i'm quite upset that you would have to do this to be honest. Have you been abused by online gamers or something because you can report them.
  13. lick my balls the lot of you... i think i range from about 15,000-1,000 Now THATS ninjar!
  14. 'm looking for the best of the best. I'm in that best because i started the thread but i'm looking for the rest. I want to try Recon on co-op because RS3 worked so well with it and it seems as thought we have missed a gem on this one. Who would be up for a few levels sometime?
  15. elmo


    Rent it. It's a hit or miss game with most... but when you play with me on it you'll love it because i'm such a great guy. peace and love and all that fucking hippy bull shit xx
  16. elmo


    Hitchy... you are the dude of dudes, you know that?! Erm dont know about this week i am all over the place but i'll bring my copy to the meet... and so will you... oh, i'm not asking! Could you imagine the 4V4 CTF... amazing
  17. Again i want it back as i think its one of the best ones out there... keep it updated. Myself and wallzy managed to convince a kid this morning that wallzy was the best gamer ever. you should have heard this kid praise wallz to fuck!
  18. elmo


    nah... i find it better than unreal.
  19. elmo


    Well screw you lot Had a fantastic match today on CTF. It really is a good laugh. Uxy, man, you need to sink your teeth into this and Hitch, have you got it yet?
  20. leave the man http://www.playmoreconsoles.com alone. If he wants to http://www.playmoreconsoles.com talk about his site let http://www.playmoreconsoles.com him do so. jesus you http://www.playmoreconsoles.com guys. What was the address http://www.playmoreconsoles.com again?
  21. sorry about heading off last night... Live was fucking up for me then my flesh friends came online. I needed to beat them at xiii
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