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  1. Well well well. When things look down, things go back up again. My xbox, stolen from my paws by my father. I have found out he is shelling out for the special delivary... so i should have it back very soon. AND today i have got a new job. No more night shifts. God i feel like a crap!

  2. I've found us rllmuk-ers to be the best to play with in general. You get a lot of Americans who just like the extreme / ultimate cars or they are ridiculously competitive and slag you off something bad if you beat them. Obviously this isn't all of them...

    yes it is!

  3. Tonight my xbox goes off to Yoda

    Thats no live for a while and that just worries me a little... so i'll be on all day... i have to be... it wouldn't be right if i wasn't.

    So lads you have a week of no slags, mother fucks, cocks and singing. Enjoy it while you can.

  4. So we all met up then and...

    Simms: Top top bloke. exactly how i thought he would be. Dude' we'll have to go for a drink somtime.

    Hitcher: Alot thiner that i thought and jesus man, where was your wellys?

    Uxy: Not the fat jolly man everyone expected. Great bloke but forgot that he wasn't on live and slagged me to peaces :)

    Outspaced: You are the man! We'll go for that drink soon... as it's hardly a treck

    Keraig: Dude, you need help

    Capp: Top geezer, sorry i didn't have as many games with you as i'd hoped.

    Heavy Metal UK: Where you there? I saw your name on halo but didn't meet you.

    Did i miss anyone out.

    You'll all top!

  5. But those words don't go with the tune at all.

    '...every day you fuck my face' works better.

    I. am. elmo.

    NEVER correct elmo

    I hesitate to contradict you Elmo, but I prefer 'fuck my face' as well. Better pace and rhythm you see. Geet, you're clearly a man of impeccable taste. Care to fuck my face?


  6. XIII is complete shit online. It was obviously made as an after thought. Sublime single player game though.

    serioulsy it's all in the game you are playing. Get some really close CTF going and it's fan fucking tastic

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