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  1. So when was it for you?

    Right at the start with moto gp?

    The original ghost recon days?

    Grabbing the documents in RTCW, in the RLM clan?

    The island thunder days?

    Or is the present day?

    When did you most love being a part of live, not a debate about the best game...

    For me it would be the RTCW days, we had some great games on that from the release to the day that patch ruined the servers. I enjoyed being in the original ghost recon crew (remember the unbelieveable noise of my consevetory(sp?)?) Some great times, but i had the most fun while playing Wolfy.

  2. Shame theres no Gamecube version.

    You could always wait for the PC release of Halo 2, sounds like there are more games on PS2 you want to play.

    That IS a shame. The Gamecube pad is by far the best to play burnout with... i'd have bought it twice... like i did with burnout 2 :(

  3. God.... you are god... we have alot of catching up to do buddy and alot of talking about the top 1000 guys (again) Nice to see you back

    When you do get up and running give me a PM and we'll play some games with the lads. As you might have guessed me and wallzy went onto be quite a gameing pair.... well he lets the side down a bit and that.

    Chat soon


  4. I haven't played Rainbow Six, but how can it be better than counterstrike? When I first got counterstrike, for the first few hours I thought I'd wasted my money and was a bit pissed off. But now I absolutly love it, play it way more than pgr2, despite having to play usually with gayers on CS (although theres plenty of decent people too). Counterstrike is great.

    Because there is alot more tactical options in R6. You have to think about every move you make... every bullet fired. Different ways to out smart the other team. R6 is great :(

  5. Well i had a little bit of money to burst this week and this is what i shelled out on.


    GTA Double Pack... SO much better than when i had this last (ps2) adding you own tracks is a fantastic touch and the games seem to run better. Driving is impoved by 10 times. Fantastic

    Fifa 2004... Not really played this yet but my old man loves it... Millwall are in it you see

    Counter Strike... Bit dissapointed with this. I'm not too bad at it but the graphics ar very poor and its super hard to get into a game

    SSX3... Great great game... i'm and odd one loving this AND Amped both are fantastic


    Manhunt.... i have had nightmares all week


    Metroid Prime... sweet jesus this game is something else.

    God it's a nice time for elmo at the moment

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