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  1. Yo DavidB, are you some sort of racist? If you are simple type 'Thought So'
  2. Yes and i have been pwned too many times in my life. cock
  3. The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret- Queens of the stone age
  4. Foo Fighters are going too are they not? Dave Grohl slated them when he anounced the pro-bot album.
  5. Alot more had it not been live. On release day the servers were going mad, if it hadn't made that live move not as many copies would have been sold.
  6. Worst. news. EVER This has pissed me off... they were great, can't wait for nick and josh's next projects though
  7. the first track in SFTD 'You think I ain't worth a dollar...' makes me just go crazy... the part where it kicks in
  8. No, like Ghost Recon Island Thunder sold.... eat that stat fucker!
  9. I hate the fact that off topic has now been split up into sections but here goes The lads. I love them. All three of their albums are just amazing, the best IMO is Songs For The Deaf. Fantastic music plain and simple. However i'm worried, i have heard alot about them splitting. This would kill me (or i would kill someone or something) I was really looking forward to their next album. Anyone know any more information on this. By the by, if you like QOTSA check out Kyuss. Josh (lead singer of QOTSA) is on guitar and it's a similar sort of feel with more focus on the music than lyrics and singing. Great stuff.
  10. elmo

    What Next?

    We have Burnout 9 to look forward to! Here are some screens:
  11. I love prime you sluts! Regarding Goldeneye remake, i take it EA would have no plans to make it LIVE enabled, because as you know it would sell a stupid amount more
  12. elmo

    Swimming in games

    Banjo used to drip when getting out of the water in Banjo-Kazooie! (best. game. EVER.)
  13. Are you blind man? Go play BO2 then look at these screens... they look amazing. As it's been said, this looks xbox. The PS2 could hardly deal with BO2 (and yes i have both copies) Also this takedown buisness, i'm guessing it's when you burnout into an oponants car (not traffic car) causing them to fly all over the gaff... genius!
  14. yeah that was ace... and thinking back to my first time on live... the first room i went in hearing this northern friendly voice helping me out on how to get into games. Ruffnekk is the man! As you know i still game with him to this very date!
  15. i will rain shit down upon you
  16. elmo


    I'll most likely buy all of them Unreal is one i'm waiting for though uxy so you're not alone
  17. You have got to be kidding me!
  18. 'Billie Piper: When the former teen pop star Billie Piper was last on the programme she was about to sit her GCSEs. Now she's all grown up and a fully-fledged actress.' no she's fucking not
  19. I've been talking to mecca about it mate... it's looking good as there hasn't been a live game out in 13 years
  20. Sorry it's late but i've been thinking about it none stop since i saw it. I believe it to be the worst peace of television i have ever seen in my life. Can't remember the name of it but it was about these foster kids who grow up and shit. Awful. The script was shit, the acting was just shocking and the whole thing was just cringe worthy. I'm hopinh someone out there liked it so i can kill them. Thanks
  21. So when was it for you? Right at the start with moto gp? The original ghost recon days? Grabbing the documents in RTCW, in the RLM clan? The island thunder days? Or is the present day? When did you most love being a part of live, not a debate about the best game... For me it would be the RTCW days, we had some great games on that from the release to the day that patch ruined the servers. I enjoyed being in the original ghost recon crew (remember the unbelieveable noise of my consevetory(sp?)?) Some great times, but i had the most fun while playing Wolfy.
  22. That IS a shame. The Gamecube pad is by far the best to play burnout with... i'd have bought it twice... like i did with burnout 2
  24. elmo


    Anyone got the dates for the latest wave of live games?
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