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  1. Oh wow, Argos just called to say they'll bring round a PS5 tonight to replace the digital one. Didn't expect that... and still am not expecting that TBH
  2. hahaha Yep! £900 down for a week and back to square 1
  3. Oh wicked, Argos sent me the wrong console that they charged me twice for and can't replace for the correct one.
  4. Yeah it’s by region. Last time it slowly went in stock over different regions over a few hours. thankfully my weak bladder woke me up. Had a quick check of the twitch stream and it was going nuts. Popped onto the app and ordered. Very lucky. although they have charged me twice so I’ve got some explaining to do in the morning.
  5. Argos are in stock. Just ordered one!
  6. nothing here... just kept failing to add to basket.
  7. It'd be brilliant if you have to submit your PSN ID to order one. Didn't they do that when they first launched?
  8. No drops from Argos today. Expected in the middle of the night one night this week.
  9. Yeah It's funny, you see people in there chatting about how shit the xbox is and I just think... why? To me it feels like they're not even competing anymore yet some people still want to rage a console war. Saying that I'm in a twitch chat for a PS5 stock alert stream defending the Xbox. Who's the idiot?
  10. yeah it’s crazy. You literally have to follow all the rumours and be prepared to buy one throughout the day just to have a chance of getting one. I’ve read tweets about people staying up 40hrs at a time just in case Argos to their usual 2am drop or whatever. At this point I’d like one for sure but I’m not doing that. It’s nuts.
  11. you see the same thing with new mobile phones and they’re way more expensive. I’m properly happy with my Series X. I’m not playing anything mind blowing on it in terms of getting that ‘next gen’ gaming fix but the improved loading times and how well everything runs makes the upgrade totally worth it considering how much I love gaming.
  12. this is crazy isn't it?!
  13. Game have been pretty nuts. The bundles are laughable then if you want it sent out earlier than 2 weeks you have to pay for their Priority Delivery at £20. It's mad how hard these things are to get.
  15. Yeah I'd imagine that's the reason. I mean so many sites have gone down for ages because of PS5 drops. Shoot have been absolutely pummelled for hours at a time.
  16. i really do feel sorry for all those people who are staying up night after night over these rumours. It’s mad.
  17. looks like there was a lot of people staying up last night!
  18. watched this last night and wanted to see if anyone else on Rllmuk had seen it. It’s a shame it didn’t click with you because it absolutely blew me away. I was a bit of a wreck by the end and I can’t stop thinking about it. For those put off by the idea of watching a 90 minute magic show, don’t be. It’s not about the magic at all. The trick he does to finish the show is incredible really because you start with the usual “how does he do that?” Then move on to theories about how he does it, then for me it hit me that it really doesn’t matter. It’s not about the tricks, it’s about how the audience is reacting and what that means. It’s slow, plodding and I have a feeling a lot of people will lose interest quickly. But if it does manage to click with you then it’ll hit you like a ton of bricks. Definitely give it a go.
  19. Nope that’s the most spot on first impression I think I’ve ever read tbf
  20. Enjoy man! I’m happy to wait tbh. Hopefully stock will improve next month.
  21. I was at the pay screen before my stock informer notification came out. Just got lucky and refreshed at the right time. hit ‘pay’ and got an error. Then they were sold out.
  22. The digital foundation segment in the next gen special is too good.
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