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  1. But why is it one or the other? Why is it, let's get embarrassed by non league teams but stay in the champions league?


    it can be both. Playing a strong side in the cup doesn't mean you're going to lose in the champions league.


    look at our run of games. Tuesday Saturday Tuesday Saturday pretty much all month. We still need promotion to the championship but playing a similar side for these games has been a key to success and we haven't had to put insane pressure on ourselves by being embarrassed on a national level. (Yet. Watch us get beaten by Lincoln in the next round).


    Anyway this is all bollocks. You can play whatever team you want. My point is more directed at the media. Premier League teams field a weak team and get beaten by a lower league team and suddenly the cup has lost its magic just because the premier league teams aren't interested in it.


    theyre not the be all and end all of football (and I know you don't think that they are Shimmy, that's not directed at anyone on here).

  2. It effects us too. We have a pile up of games to deal with now as more get shifted for the FA cup.


    Is that really the reason premier league sides field weaker teams? I doubt it. And if it is, how do lower league teams manage to keep their players fit for all competitions? Especially when they play so much more football than the premier league teams?


    if premier league managers put out a team that they think will win the game and it's their B side who haven't played a competitive match together, how is that not arrogance? Of course it is. Only now more than ever the togetherness and desire to take a scalp is even higher.


    not only that you have to feel for the fans that pay good money to see these games. If you're not going to show respect for the other teams, at least show respect for them.

  3. 1 minute ago, davidcotton said:

    Yet again Man U on the tv (well bt sport anyway). 


    Someone once suggested making the premier league clubs start the first round and introduce the minnows at the point the bigger clubs normally start at.


    Move not got a problem with the way it's currently set up to be honest. Makes sense to bring the bigger teams in later as it lets the lower league teams aim for something.

  4. You know what's funny? This whole "The cup has lost its magic" bullshit.


    The media keep peddling this shit out year after year and that's mostly due to the squads the Premier League teams put out. Where the cup hasn't lost its magic is with the fans. No premier league team's fans want to lose to a lower league team no matter how much of a B team they put out. This year's run has really highlighted that for me. I went on the Bournemouth/Watford/Leicester fans forums after the games and they simply can't believe they've been turned over by a League One side.


    Even worse when teams like Lincoln and Sutton are knocking out big sides. The history books wont say "Sutton 1-0 Leeds (but Leeds made 11 changes)." For years to come the story will be how non-league Sutton United knocked Leeds out of the cup, or how Lincoln made it to the quarter finals. It's fucking embarrassing for the fans. Trust me, I've been there even as a Millwall fan (fucking Woking!).


    The narrative will change soon. Managers wont want to risk the backlash that these ones have and will have to make sure they come away with the win. It makes you laugh when you hear them say that there are too many games too, there are far more in the lower leagues. Millwall have 8 games in February. All have been played with pretty much the same starting line up.


    This years FA cup has been special and feels like a game changer. It might not be totally different next year but soon enough the Premier League club fans are going to demand that their managers take it more seriously because no one wants to wake up the next morning having been knocked out by Sutton or Lincoln.


    Until then the smaller clubs can enjoy the ride and have some of the best times in their football supporter lives and creating moments that will be spoken about for generations.


    I love the FA Cup and the arrogance of these premier league sides makes it even better. People have been rolling out that "They should give a champions league spot to the winner to get the big clubs more interested" nonsense again. It doesn't need it. Fuck the premier league clubs, if they don't want to compete then that's up to them. Meanwhile us smaller clubs can have the time of our lives and laugh at the big boys along the way.

  5. I see what Gorf is saying. To be fair on Xbox it's easily avoidable all together. You have to actively go to your feed if you want to see this stuff. It doesn't flash up on the home screen.


    my point is that normal gamers don't want to edit their videos. They want to press a button or two and just sling stuff up there. Like your twitter feed you'll enjoy your Xbox activity feed more if you know the people on it. So I wake up, scan through it and there's a bunch of cool shit my mates have done in rainbow six right there. They wouldn't bother editing and uploading to YouTube then sending the link. Most wouldn't sling it on Facebook either as that's a different audience entirely.


    the fact is, this feature on PS4 will bring it in line with the way it's done on Xbox and for me that's great but coupled with the excellent options you have for video recording on PS4 makes it better than the competition. I assume you'll have the choice whether to instantly upload or not so you can share as you see fit.

  6. 3 hours ago, Captain LeChuck said:

    I have to ask, as perhaps I'm in the minority on this, but does anyone really care about activity feeds?


    Shimmy expressed what I was saying well.


    i boot the Xbox App on my phone most mornings to look at the videos my mates have uploaded the night before. There's just so much good content there because it's insanely easy to get online.


    You don't get that with the PS4 (yet)

  7. 20 hours ago, Moz said:

    I love you Elmo but you're beginning to sound like the sales guys in my office who wear gold watches. Chill out mate


    I'll chill out when you buy the gold watch I'm modelling for you know what I mean

  8. 41 minutes ago, King A said:


    This annoys me though. You shouldn't need a massive progression system to play games. The game should be good enough to have that just one more go feeling without having to dangle an unlock in front of you.


    In BF 3 & 4 we used to have a good group of 6 that would play it religiously, hundreds of hours into both titles. Now BF1 has come out half of the guys have dropped out. They say they love the game and maps, but they're bored because they are not constantly unlocking stuff every game. We've lost half of our team because they're addicted to the feeling of unlocking guff, instead of enjoying the actual gameplay.


    Trust me. I was totally with you on this. But seriously the builds are incredibly varied this time round and what worked for you on the last game probably won't on this one. Play some more. Mix things up because when this clicks it feels better in every way.


    IMO OF COURSE. If you don't like it, you don't like it. Innit.

  9. 2 hours ago, Phil said:

    I love it when you're in a titan and a pilot thinks you can't shoot him due to how close they are or because they're jumping right up in your face. Titan (Falcon) punch! Never gets old.


    So glad more people are starting to play this. Be warned, you don't need any other games now, so cross them off your Christmas list and ask for more copies of this, just in case.


    its even better when they try and grapple onto you and as they get in range you punch their limbs apart.

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