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  1. 6 hours ago, ann coulter said:


    Oh! I've been there but I gave up on the disc golf competition. Is that how I proceed then?


    Edit: I won the disc golf but I'm still stuck. Help?


    Edit 2!: Never mind, got it. That wasn't very clear.


    Did the same but last night. It’s biggest problem is with how it communicates what you’re supposed to do. I’ve got stuck a few tomes but it’s always been down to the game not explaining things well enough.


    not that I’m not enjoying this though. I mean damn, that whole scene after that was so good.

  2. 10 minutes ago, cassidy said:

    Can't find shop to buy spade. Help please. 


    You don’t buy them. You’re not after a spade either.


    EDIT. Actually. I think you do buy them. But they’re not spades.

  3. 3 hours ago, the_debaser said:


    I’ve never really found any story or NPC to be interesting in any game. The RPG element, progressing through a world, finishing tasks etc. is fine, but I don’t need some NPC boring the shit out of me on the way. 


    As far as I’m concerned, the best stories ever to exist in gaming might just have been ‘avoid missing ball for high score’ and ‘go save the princess’. 


    But there are a ton of golf games that offer that. This is all about the character around what would otherwise be an ok golf game (IMO)

  4. 21 minutes ago, the_debaser said:


    I haven’t found a way to skip it properly yet. But then it took me about a month to figure out how to skip cut scenes and the like on BOTW. 


    I really don’t understand why people would be interested in this game but also want to skip the characters talking.

  5. 14 minutes ago, Doctor Shark said:

    Hmm. I kinda hoped for more RPG and less golf, tbh. I'm currently playing everybody's golf for my golfing kicks, I wanted this to essentially be Earthbound on a golf course, or something. 


    I mean it might change. I’m very early on. There levelling up and stuff but yeah, lots of golf so far.

  6. 27 minutes ago, dug said:


    Yeah, I don't like the guy, so that may have coloured my perception.


    I think you may have misunderstood my phone point, unless I've misunderstood yours. The version I heard was on YouTube, so it was probably mixed for phone speakers, i.e. higher frequencies emphasized over low ones, so that it sounds better on a small speaker. The consequence of that, if course, is if you listen to that mix through home stereo speakers, capable of playing lower frequencies at a higher volume, it sounds really toppy and tinny, with very little bass coming through at all.


    I hope that's what it is anyway, if the cd sounds like that as well I'll be disappointed. When I first listened to it, I thought they were repeating the trick from You Say I Ain't Worth A Dollar But I Feel Like A Millionaire, where the first few bars are really tinny, but then it kicks in with the full dynamic range. But it didn't kick in, it just stayed tinny through the whole song.


    Yep that would be me misunderstanding!


    ill be honest the CD version sounds like the YouTube version to my ears in terms of mix. Quality is better though as you'd expect.

  7. Man. The hate for Mark Ronson is an interesting one.


    i mean you may not like him but one of the biggest producers in the world mixing on a phone? Come on mate.


    he has my respect for his cover of I Sat By The Ocean alone.




    TWYUTD Is definitely a grower. I can't stop singing it now.

  8. 8 hours ago, Graham said:

    Everything is electronic for me now. Has been that way for a few years. With only a few exceptions (for the car) albums are by online service subscription. A lifetime of Cd and vinyl in the loft...just in case. Not sure what apocalyptic just in case scenario I'm really waiting for though. I can't let go but I don't want them cluttering the house anymore.


    Same but QOTSA innit.

  9. So the new Queens of the Stone Age album is out on the 25th although there's the inevitable leak doing the rounds. As I'm sure a few of you are aware I'm a huge fan and I don't really know anyone else who is. Wanted to put some thoughts down somewhere and this is the only place I really feel I can so here goes.


    1st Single

    The Way You Used To Do




    When I first heard this I wasn't sure. It seemed too simple. That riff just repeating. I didn't really get it but didn't dislike it. Since then it's become something of a massive tune for me. Every time I hear it my feet starts tapping and I'm singling the whole thing from start to finish. I'll get to the rest of the album in a bit but it kind of represents everything that Villains is about. At first you're kind of taken back by how different it sounds. QOTSA are known for changing their sound for every album, which is true but recently it's like they're a new band with every release. Era Vulgaris was insane when you think that it came after Lullabies to Paralyze. Like it was a prototype for something. Then came Like Clockwork that seemed more like a work of art than a rock album. This though, was weird. The new sound made it seem like rock music being played through a pop speaker.


    Once you get on board with what they're clearly trying to do, this becomes an absolute classic. Proper sing along and a real grower.


    2nd Single

    The Evil Has Landed




    Then came The Evil Has Landed. A more traditional QOTSA song but with a thinner film of what this new album is about wrapped around it. It reminds me a lot of The Fun Machine Took A Shit and Died in that it feels like it constantly evolves. Like they've stuck three songs together but the stitching is perfect. Then that end. It's a power house and unlike TWYUTD was an instant success for me.


    That's a rare thing on Villains. After my first listen there were only three of the nine songs that stuck out as instant clicks. The most obvious one being the opening track Feet Don't Fail Me which is genuinely brilliant. Once again it a shabby repetitive riff that has been over produced to make it sound almost electronic. But the layers of guitars, thumping drums and snarling vocals blew my socks off from the first moment I heard it. Honestly, it makes me want to stick some headphones down, play it loud and stomp up and down the high street kicking a football into a different shop with every step.


    That and Head Like A Haunted House were ones I was on board with from the get go. The others though, I wasn't too sure about. I'm not sure why. They seemed maybe a little too simple, not enough bite. But the more I listened the more the hooks sunk into the brain. I'd be going about my business but had one of these other songs in my head and would have to give it a listen so that I could get back to what I was doing.


    There's some really sweet stuff in there, some incredibly well developed songs and overall although it's probably the most confusing QOTSA album to date (apart from Era, of course) it's really starting to come together to feel like a bit of a triumph. Like they've shed their skin again and this time become something more interesting than ever. It's as though they've dropped their past and done something they wanted to do for a long time.


    Those of you that want to hear the QOTSA of old will no doubt be disappointed, but for the ones that have taken the journey through Era and Clockwork, I think you'll really like this.

  10. Hahaha. Ok.


    so for the Rabbids thing I think Mat just lost his mind for a second. But you could be right. He didn't mention it after the show so I'd ask him but he'd probably say he meant it as a lie to excuse his brain fart.


    So the bit where James goes "Hello, Hello" was when he disconnected from Discord. We had to stop recording. I edited it back together but managed to miss the Hellos as he must of got cut off a lot earlier than I thought.


    oh and the Beyond Good and Evil bit where I say things like "Sean fucked it" was tot totally mess with James' head to make him think it was all a lie.


    i love doing these E3 shows.

  11. 7 hours ago, Stejay said:


    @elmo, you've been wronged, but now of course you have absolutely no way at all of contacting the CGS team to clear this up.



    Dont worry I'm being interviewed on Cane and Rinse this week.

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