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  1. Yep. Played it at Rezzed. I don’t think I’ve been this excited for a game I’ve played at an expo since Titanfall.


    It click immediately. A hell of a lot of fun throughout and the last round we played was incredible. 1-1 playing for the match we were down 20s-5s but managed to pull together. I got a couple of Onrush boosts and took about 5 people out. In the end we won with only 2 seconds on the clock.


    it feels like a combination of Motorstorm, Burnout and most importantly SSX.


    it has that slightly out of control (due to the speed you’re travelling at) micro adjustments at the last moment feeling of SSX not to mention the music and aesthetic.


    I’m so pumped for this. It was funny because I was chatting to some of the team after our first session and we all seemed to enter fan boy mode just chatting about the game for a while.


    Day One.

  2. 10 hours ago, Naysonymous said:

    Millwall's run in is seriously rough looking. 


    yeah only Villa looks winnable out of those games.




    In all seriousness I think we’ve gone about as far as we can go which is much further than anyone thought we would. At this point I’d be gutted if we dropped out of the top 6. I tried to not get carried away with things but with only 4 games to go it’s hard to turn the “what if” off.


    its like playing the lottery. Realistically you know there’s no chance of getting into the premier league... but until that’s happened, I’m going to let myself dream!

  3. 3 minutes ago, kerraig UK said:

    I don't mind it as much in this context, because RPO is kinda ok I guess. But when you see it used about shit like 2012, Transformers, San Andreas etc it grinds my gears because it is eating away at the quality of our summer cinema. I want more Predators and Terminator 2's and we're not getting em because people are defending shit films instead of asking for better.

    It's also a sentence that allows no counter. The other one is "It's not meant to be Shakespeare..."

    Put those two sentences together and any bad summer movie is bulletproof from criticism. The A Team, Baywatch, Fantastic 4... "It's not meant to be Shakespeare, it's just a good fun popcorn movie".

    It's such a good defence I reckon Fox news came up with it.



    Anyway I liked the bit when Tracer was in it.

  4. 4 minutes ago, kerraig UK said:

    Because it is code for settling for less. Sitting back and just being mildly entertained is enough these days, and because it's enough the studios are no longer trying to elevate their material.

    I don't want "I can’t see me watching this on repeat over and over but for a couple of hours I just sat back and enjoyed it." from Spielberg. I want another Private Ryan, E.T, Raiders, Jaws or Schindler's. From the great master I very much want a film I can see me watching on repeat over and over. You don't see Scorcese getting lazy. That's because his audience are more discerning, and because he still cares. 

    Look at Spielberg's early career, when cinema was less disposable and audiences demanded quality (citation needed I guess, but certainly the studios tried harder pre '85). Now look at his last bunch of films in the disposable world of "Good fun popcorn movies". We're cheating ourselves.

    I won't go on about this AGAIN, I just wanted to answer your question.



    Read your post, then read that popcorn line in context. Does it fit in with what he was saying? Was he using this code that’s in your head or was he saying it was a fun movie that he enjoyed?


    Take a chill pill man. Don’t have a cow.

  5. 5 minutes ago, kerraig UK said:

    I know i'm a curmudgeonly idiot but this sentence instils fucking rage inside me.


    Jesus. Really? Why?


    just out from seeing this. Really enjoyed it. It made me feel like a kid again. Not for the nostalgic references but it just felt like a nice adventure movie and reminded me of those films I used to obsess over as a kid.


    Dont get me wrong, I can’t see me watching this on repeat over and over but for a couple of hours I just sat back and enjoyed it. Great stuff.

  6. On 31/03/2018 at 11:01, Naysonymous said:

    Not sure how much pressure is on Villa to be honest, we blew automatic by losing to QPR and Bolton, ten points is too much to claw back. I expect a coast to the playoffs where we will get turned over by Millwall. 


    I’d be happy with that.


    Seriously though we won’t make the playoffs. The feeling around the club is hilarious at the moment. Neither the players or the fans can quite believe where we are in the league. Every time the playoffs are mentioned it’s done with a background of laughter. It’s been a fun 2018 but really, we haven’t got enough to actually get into the top 6.

  7. 3 hours ago, Simmy said:


    Well, does it get better? We're three episodes in and it's been hilariously bad so far. Granted, Limmys commentary hasn't helped but there's been proper belly laughs with how awkward it's been so far.


    Yeah it’s not a game you can really experience by watching a comedian play it.

  8. What a season we (Millwall) are having.


    i can’t quite get me head around it. The point target has always been 50 to stay up. Still is. But to sit here with 48 points and 12 games left, it’s utterly incredible.


    the mentality of the club is spot on too. Last time we were in the championship it felt like a panic button was being pushed over and over again. Getting in aging players on loan that couldn’t give a fuck that would give even less of a fuck when the crowd got on their back. These days it’s youth system players and decent signings that’s doing it for us.


    If we can get a mid table finish this season then build on that in the summer we might just establish ourselves in this league for longer than the usual 5 years before getting relegated.


    4 away wins on the trot for the first time since the 70s too. It’s mad. Good time to be a lion.

  9. Yeah for the record I didn’t see it as a dig and even if someone did chuck a dig our way it would be deserved. The show isn’t for everyone and we dish out enough to expect some back so it’s all good.

  10. 4 minutes ago, Naysonymous said:

    It's a decent listen.  Interesting to see how much Shawn has moved on with his life, he's well and truly over the little golden period that CGW/GFW seemed to be at the time. Jeff Green is still very much Jeff Green, which is no bad thing at all. 


    I really enjoyed the chat. Jeff is always great, as is Shawn. Shawn has definitely calmed down but still has a lot to say about the industry.


    thanks for flagging this one up!

  11. 23 hours ago, DC said:

    I've been meaning to ask - I subbed to you with Prime and assumed it would roll over, but do I have to redo it each month? For shame I don't watch anything (I love the podcast though) but thought you guys would benefit from an otherwise unused sub.


    Ello Led!


    nah prime subs are for one month only. After that you need to resub.


    thabks for the support, man. It’s appreciated.

  12. 1 minute ago, Comrade said:

    I think it’s a fantastic concept, but I’d be concerned that kids are going to completely destroy these gizmos in record time, which is especially a concern when the kits are $70 and $80 (practically guaranteed to be almost exactly the same in pounds). Those prices seem insane when the raw materials are literally corrugated cardboard and string.


    On top of a game though. I must admit I thought it would be around the same price as a standard game but I can still see this as being a fantastic parent/child activity set.


    The most important thing though is that it symobolises where Nintendo are at at the moment. They’re willing to go for niche markets but with as much force as they do with the likes of Mario. It’s exciting.


    I also can’t wait to see what indies do with this sort of idea. I’m sure there will be cheaper alternatives to the packs that Nintendo will offer.

  13. On 22/12/2017 at 10:38, SozzlyJoe said:

    Anyone played episode 3 yet? Just finished it, a good solid ending, though it took me a while to warm to it, and in the end I did miss the time travel / supernatural elements. Without it, it all felt a bit Hollyoaks. But this Deck Nine crowd did a great job overall I think, some really lovely writing in it, without the cringe factor of the first.


    One of the issues I think I have is when you have to wait a month or two between episodes, you tend to lose some of your investment in the story and it takes it a while to get it back.


    As for the ending

      Reveal hidden contents

    sadly it again just boiled down to "now choose ending A or ending B". I chose to tell her, as fuck all these adults telling me what to do (the fact I cared about this is a sign it drew me in!) I was interested to see just how close the global stats for choices were, nearly 50/50 when I played it. Very intrigued by the other stats that say there is a possibility to have Rachel meet her mother - no idea how I could have engineered that


    Have to say, I really didn't like episode 3 of Before The Storm



    The first two episodes really shone when Chloe and Rachel were on screen together. It felt that it didn't need the dramatic plot that ran alongside the real drama of two people discovering each other. That's what worked the most and that felt completely dropped for this one. Then the whole final decision bit happened and it was just fucking stupid. Rachel's Mum changed her life in order to get back into her daughters then suddenly she decides she doesn't want that and not only that she wants to protect the man that's been keeping her from her for so many years? Just seemed like a shit way to force the final choice.


    Then when that dude got all physical with Chloe in the office? Where the fuck did all that come from. Maybe these plot points would have worked better across 5 episodes to flesh them out a bit. Instead the first two episodes seemed perfectly paced and the third seemed stupidly rushed.


    Such a shame as this really was heading to be one of the best episodic narrative based games I'd ever played but I felt that it shit the bed a bit with this. The first two episodes still stand out as incredibly well done, this failed, in my opinion.


    Having said that, the very last shot was probably the most disturbing thing I've ever seen in a game.



  14. 43 minutes ago, grindmouse said:

    Are you ready for the negativity contrarian train to come rolling into town? I'll spoiler it out of respect to those enjoying their GOTY.


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    I'm 7 Kingdom's in and just finished Donk City storyline. Hmmmm. I enjoyed the festival section, but the tank characters feel wrong in a Mario game, and handle like arse without motion aiming. Similarly using cappy as a projectile weapon feels "un-Mario". I cannot believe they didn't give us an actual recreation of Donkey Kong as a boss cameo. And instead gave us a generic metal centipede you have to fight as a tank. I also don't like the 'Sonic Adventure' look of the level, which bothered me since the first trailer.

    There are more densely-packed levels and collectables but sometimes the game chucks Moons at you just for turning left - it's overkill. These aren't really big levels, but the game presents broken down fragments of a standard Mario level and rewards you with a Moon for completing each tiny component. I'm only 10% of them down, so hopefully there's a lot more to see and do to obtain the more demanding ones. But I do get a sense that it's a psychological trick to keep rewarding the player by spamming collectables to dilute the standard amount of actual meaty platforming content there is.

    The platforming sections themselves remind me of 3DWorld more than Galaxy. Which is to say they're inferior to Galaxy.


    And it's annoying some sections were designed for dual joycon if you're playing in handheld or pro.

    On the positive side some Kingdoms look incredible, and characters like the caterpillars are a joy to play as. 

    But at this stage I'd still rate this game below Galaxy. (And Sunshine at the time it was released).  



    It's only my third favourite Switch game at this poimt.


    People will kick off with you but I totally see where you’re coming from.


    I wasn’t feeling the 10s as I was running through the game. Most of what you’re saying here, I felt. I still thought it was great but really didn’t see how this was bettering the likes of 3D world.


    what I will say though is stick with it. The last hour or so of the ‘story’ is fantastic if a little lacking in challenge. When the credits were done though the game takes off. I was thinking “this is more of an 9 or even an 8” which is still great but it sort of lacked something.


    From then on though it’s been pure 10. It really does get insanely better once you’ve done the main bit so give it time before you settle on where you place it in the collection, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

  15. 49 minutes ago, Eighthours said:

    Just found out what those metal boxes do.


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    HA HA HA HA HA. Oh God. Completion is even further away now! But that's brilliant!


    Also, the place you go after finishing the story is just so, so joyous and exactly what I was hoping it would be.


      Hide contents

    Such amazing nostalgia to run around outside Peach's castle again. Brought back those Mario 64 memories, but it's all so much bigger and so utterly lovely. This game, man. Wowsers. I don't know if it'll end up as my favourite game of all time quite yet, but it sure has a shot. Depends on how fiddly it is to find some of the moons, I guess.


    Hold on, What am I missing? I thought those boxes just showed you were the unclaimed moons were?



  16. Entered my code at midnight and intended on going straight to bed but it downloaded in 15 minutes so I played the opening hour or so.


    the hardest part of the day right now is my 3 year old asking to play Mario Kart and having to say no because the moment I turn the switch on he’ll see Odyssey on there and the wife won’t get him off it all day. Tomorrow is the one. I’m more excited for him to play it than I am myself. Won’t stop me taking the switch to work though.

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