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  1. To offer an alternative point of view, I thought it was a wonderful story, brilliantly written with Very high level voice acting.
  2. I really am full laughs aren’t I. sorry, I hope it’s clear that I’m always mucking about with that stuff.
  3. cheers mate. Fierce Poodle is also a bellend. edit: of course if it wasn’t clear neither are bellends x
  4. I’m going to win. Welrain is a bellend.
  5. Yeah he tapped out. Shame. His stuff was fantastic.
  6. just playing Dead by Daylight I think.
  7. without wanting to sound like I take these sort of comments personally (I genuinely don’t) but aren’t you doing the EXACT same thing here? it’s the one comment I’ve never really understood. “They talk about non gaming stuff”. We do. Some people like that some people don’t. That’s the cool thing about podcasting, if you don’t there’s tons of alternatives out there.
  8. It looks like there’s a patch coming. Playing around with this last night and it’s really weird. I found the game drops on PS5 pretty awful until I turned Ray Tracing on (believe it or not). Then it seemed much better. However in terms of ray tracing itself turning it on didn’t make any difference to the lighting at all so there’s clearly something that needs patching there.
  9. Mate that’s some next level confidence right there. “I rarely play games but when I do I SMASH EVERYONE TO BITS” I’m the most generic white guy of all time so even if I just stick with the default I look like me.
  10. Yeah it really is brilliant. Back Page and Filthy Casuals are my go to gaming podcast every week now.
  11. We mentioned it yeah but it turns out that we just make a big joke of it on every show at this point.
  12. Yeah I’ve known Blake since I was 14. We met at the BRIT school and have been mates since. He’s a Millwall fan and lived close to the ground so I’d often go back to his on Friday after school and stay until Sunday going to the game on the Saturday. Jon Denton started a Podcast with Chet Roivas back when we were doing Joypod. He posted a link (I think in this very thread) around episode 5, I listened and loved it instantly. I then recommended it on Joypod a lot so we got chatting because of that. Met up a few times and become really good mates.
  13. elmo

    12 Minutes

    I think the issue with the sofa example is that the very concept of a time loop opens up your imagination with “oh what happens if I do this?” And when the game simply doesn’t allow you that option then the idea of a time loop is somewhat tainted. It’s a little bit disappointing that a game based on time manipulation is incredibly linear when it comes to progression.
  14. elmo

    12 Minutes

    Double post. It's too early.
  15. elmo

    12 Minutes

    But brute forcing isn’t fun at all when you have to wait to see if it worked then repeat a bunch of actions over to get back to the bit where you want to try something else. in older point and click games brute forcing meant your character said “hmmmm that’s not going to work” then you tried something else. You're fucking with time anyway. Just let me rewind time or something. Oh and not to mention the times that you had the right idea but simply missed the moment you were supposed to do it. I pushed through to the end though as I wanted to see how everything panned out. I shouldn’t have. Even the story is awful not to mention the shockingly bad way the characters lines are stitched together if you’re not following the correct path. This really has been the biggest disappointment of the year for me.
  16. Yep that’ll be me waiting for an Xbox/PlayStation version. Gutted really as this looks great
  17. I tweeted about it in the end. Yes I did that and it appears to be a bug. Hopefully sorted with a patch this week.
  18. yeah I like it a lot. we had gold a couple of time before. 2010 and our promotion shirt in 2016
  19. Here’s the full video for anyone who missed it
  20. Thanks for watching! I’m still buzzing. That’s the best thing I’ve been a part of.
  21. This is starting now: https://www.twitch.tv/tcgsco
  22. Hello! Sorry for the post on this but I think a lot of people outside of our usual listeners might be interested. Thumb Candy is an excellent documentary from 2000 about video games featuring a ton of great interviews with legends from the industry. Tonight July 14th at 9pm myself, @jcafarley, @murray and Sean Bell will be streaming the documentary on twitch and talking over it, and we’re joined by Thumb Candy host Iain Lee. Iain will be pausing throughout to tell us little stories here and there and I’m incredibly excited about it! So if you’re free tonight please pop over and say hello. It’s going to be a lot of fun! http://www.twitch.tv/TCGSco
  23. Always hear this but never understand it. “We hate England and want them to lose because of your media.” Yeah. Trust us. We hate the media over here too. I don’t think the players are big fans either!
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