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  1. What they are doing is a better alternative than letting the owners crack on like nothing happened. How could that possibly be better than this?
  2. It won’t, no. Not this one time. It needs to be more often. It needs to lead to bigger disruptions. sorry but what these owners did was outrageous. They don’t get to just let things blow over.
  3. I can’t relate to any of the negativity towards the fans on this occasion. This should be happening at every top 6 club until the current owners fuck off. “They shouldn’t have broken in”? Yeah these clubs shouldn’t have tried to fuck over the football league. these protesters aren’t just doing this for their own clubs. They’re doing it for everyone. Whether they know it or not.
  4. Hey! We're celebrating our 5th Birthday tonight and are just about to start our live podcasting recording over on twitch! Join us! http://twitch.tv/TCGSco
  5. elmo

    Knockout City

    Yeah it looks oddly generic for something that is supposed to be so stylised, right? The Pirate Radio dressing doesn't really hit the mark either. Thankfully the movement and gameplay is pretty much spot on.
  6. elmo

    Knockout City

    it is yeah. Its on Everything I think. Not sure how many of those you can play the beta on though.
  7. elmo

    Knockout City

    Am I the only one who's played the Beta of this? I think it might be brilliant. I've had about 10 games and each one has been incredibly enjoyable filled with moments where you're constantly battling and trying to outwit each other. Honestly, it's worth giving a go while the Beta is still up. Trailer: Here's a clip from a game I played last night: Honestly, the biggest shame is that I can't see this being anything but a massive flop after launch. Not because of the quality of the game, I just don't know
  8. elmo

    It Takes Two

    Working on it!
  9. totally agree. I’d also recommend Superliminal which Maquette can be more easily compared to. superliminal isn’t without its faults and the odd technical hitch but the puzzles are way more interesting and the wrapping around them is far better than in Maquette.
  10. JD Williams just sent out more exclusive emails to order again if you know someone with an account
  11. My mother in law is over today (shut up we’ve been her support bubble since they were first allowed) saw the PS5 and said “oh I’ve just been offered one of those” She’s been sent an email from JD Williams as a ‘valued customer’ to buy a bundle. Bundle’s not great and is £630 but if you know anyone who shops there I’d imagine there’s a decent chance of getting one as it’s not on their website
  12. no but jcafarley let me borrow his copies of Miles and Sackboy so I’ve got something to play when I get some time with the thing!
  13. yeah that it I think that’s the reason. But what’s stopping retailer telling people what time they’re going live? bots are good to go at any time so letting customers when consoles will drop will stop they refreshing throughout the day and those people who stay yo through the night every night.
  14. Blimey. They actually did it. Around 9pm Argos showed up and swapped it for the right one!
  15. Oh wow, Argos just called to say they'll bring round a PS5 tonight to replace the digital one. Didn't expect that... and still am not expecting that TBH
  16. hahaha Yep! £900 down for a week and back to square 1
  17. Oh wicked, Argos sent me the wrong console that they charged me twice for and can't replace for the correct one.
  18. Yeah it’s by region. Last time it slowly went in stock over different regions over a few hours. thankfully my weak bladder woke me up. Had a quick check of the twitch stream and it was going nuts. Popped onto the app and ordered. Very lucky. although they have charged me twice so I’ve got some explaining to do in the morning.
  19. Argos are in stock. Just ordered one!
  20. nothing here... just kept failing to add to basket.
  21. It'd be brilliant if you have to submit your PSN ID to order one. Didn't they do that when they first launched?
  22. No drops from Argos today. Expected in the middle of the night one night this week.
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