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  1. elmo

    Declining Sales. WTF Is Going On?

    Jesus. I’ve been doing that a hell of a lot recently. A mate asked me a question the other day and I replied “Fuck know”
  2. elmo

    Declining Sales. WTF Is Going On?

    We can’t. From reports over the past few years it looks like digital sails have been a massive impact.
  3. elmo

    Gaming Podcasts

    I’m hoping that Leon Cox listened and that I’ll hear from him soon.
  4. elmo

    Gaming Podcasts

    Our live show from Rezzed is up for anyone who’s interested! https://youtu.be/NB2uITLc4lg
  5. elmo

    Nintendo Switch

    With Nintendo now adding VR to games outside of the Labo card then I’m expecting to see cheap third party headsets with straps and ting.
  6. Yeah I see what you’re saying, but it brings the point back to expectation I guess. And it’s probably down to personal expectation more than some sort of weird unwritten ‘industry standard’. I guess the issue is that unless you have Spotify Premium then you have no choice but to race without music. Driveclub, I feel, chose that to fit in with its style. This doesn’t seem to be the case here.
  7. I’m not going to argue that and totally see your point. But as I say you can’t really get upset with the press/consumers complaining about it as this stuff is important to a lot of people and ultimately they’re not going to care about budget and team size. Adding Spotify is certainly not inivative or groundbreaking IMO. To me it’s a step in the wrong direction (as a replacement rather than an option). I’m of the mind that graphics don’t have a priority over having a soundtrack to be honest. But that’s my personal opinion. i think the issue here is with the industry as a whole. Too many developers are willing to blow their budget to try and create games that was out of their reach. This results in the sink or swim risk that so many studios face these days. As a result, expectation from consumers are through the roof. I like that we have a game here that has tried to keep in budget but maybe the game they were trying to make wasn’t possible on the initial budget if it means we’re left having to pay for the music.
  8. With that then I suppose the situation for you would be a game coming out that asked you to subscribe to something to allow you to turn that music off. Obviously that’s not the same thing, but you see my point?
  9. I’ll start by saying I love your passion and am excited to see a new Burnout style game coming out. I was (and still am) a Burnout super-fan! I’ve also only played a little bit of DD. Can’t form an opinion yet, so I’m not reflecting on the game itself. but the quote above has kind of angered me a bit for two reasons. What you’re saying there is that you want music in the game but you want to pass the cost of having music in the game onto your customers. This is a Spotify Premium service, we pay to use it. Thats not to mention that people might have chosen a different service to subscribe to or don’t want to sub to a music stream service at all. The other thing is that you’re making an arcade racer. A huge part of arcade racers is that ‘feeling’. Setting the tone. A lot of that is lost when any old music is just whacked on top. This stuff is never really implemented well either. It’s not like the tracks start as the race does. Or the music levels change depending on what’s happening. It’s like having the radio on while playing a game. I get what you’re saying about budget and team size. It’s got to be frustrating as hell but for the most part consumers don’t look into that stuff. To them it’s a game that they’ve bought for £30 and there will be some expectation that comes along with that.
  10. elmo

    Gaming Podcasts

    Great episode too... it's good to have them back even if it is for just this one episode.
  11. elmo

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Just remembered we used to have Adrian Chiles so I stand corrected.
  12. elmo

    Football Thread 2018/19

    I swear to god pundits and commentators are getting even worse. How anyone could argue that that wasn’t a penalty is completely beyond me.
  13. yeeeep. Picking it off the floor to put it in a drawer. Moving it out of the way to get to the switch/xbox controller. Digging it out from under the sofa cushion because the boy has been playing Lego The Incredibles for the 400th hour. That sort of thing.
  14. Bah! You caught me out. I was lying about the whole thing. Sorry. It’s never happened to me let alone all the time. I nearly got away with that one. I don’t even own a PlayStation 4.

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