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  1. I love people who are blatentley in it for the kills, they get so wound up if you manage to win or plant a bomb. It my not help that i am a bit like hammond when i win..... The 'yaaayy we won' after the match probably doesn't help followed by them saying 'but we got more kills' and then they get upset when you point out it isn't team deathmatch and that isn't the point. Annoying americans online is fun, if feeling really irritating make my class with noob tube, juggernaught and matrydom. is funny when get back to lobby. If you like noob tube a lot use over kill then can have 4 shots instead of two.
  2. Nade spamming has become a recent tatic of mine because people do it to me and it works. Usually on maps where 'mores don't work or stuff like hq if enemy is in there just lob a load in the window to stop them catching it or if you are in there throw them out the window/door so people can't run it. Is annoying for others but it works. I spent ages running round with live grenades on shipment going for misery loves company award. may but nades on stealth character this time.
  3. Only one of the best weapons ever! (overstatment) Noobtube=Rifle mounted greanade launchers that you get options for on most of assault rifles. Great for objective based games where you are too far away or don't have the time for grenade to explode, or want to see a funny symbol by hitting someone at close range..... Is great to get it in the window or a campers building from accross the map but I think most people use them because generally one shot kill, quicker than rpg (smaller blast radius), haven't unlocked 3xfrags (or map too big) or don't like/can't use clay mores. *my view not neccesarily the truth*
  4. saw someone actually place one in the doorway, i wanted to shoot it but thought better not, at least will slow them down. Was in a game where someone got REALLY annoyed with people with rpg's and sonic boom on. May try it next time play shipment. Got first heli on shipment yesterday, usually die too much. Also got over 1500xp for completing p90 and smg challenges. progress is going well.
  5. Public apology to stategos for repeatedly standing in front of your gun :-p Had some good matches still trying to find my groove/ideal setup. Best ever match was couple of months ago on crsah against some noob's just lining up to be killed till they were just spawning in the two storey house at top of map, got over 5to1 k/d and beat the next lowest person by quite a bit, think i have photo somewhere... (sad i know) Completed so many awards, was very flukey :-) dug out pic, 34 kills 7 assist 5 deaths, score 344, other team highest 122, combined 316 Good times!
  6. had some good game if a bit early. Loving the m14 i just reunlocked. brutal gun. Sohuld be on tonight but not definate...... Hardcore find it difficult to tell friend from fo, if i shoul are we yanks or arabs respond quickly with right anser if am on your team!
  7. Good games with you guys! Took me a while to get into the whole hardcore malarkey, after picking up someones rd dotted g3 remembered how much used to love it. Why are all the guns so good in different ways? lol. Was quite funny final round on countdown, spent last bit sat somewhere really obvous, didn't think i'd last a couple of seconds but no one saw me, guess they were too busy skulking...
  8. I love to 'lay in wait' (camping sounds dirty....) i always guard the teams back because no one else bothers and tend to head where everyone else isn't, get my kill (Or few) then move on covering same area from different place. Works in some situations but not particualary useful if playing sabotage and half your team is camping/sniping or running round edge getting kills. The point of sabotage is to PLANT THE BOMB. Have been in one or two games where have just planted it myself while everyone else kills each other (so can work but this wasn't intended tactic) then they usually moan about planting so early. 'why did you plant the bomb?' 'that's the point' 'but we don't get as many points' 'if you on the winning side get winning points faster and can start a new ga...' 'random "mature" abuse as they start discussing things like an adult' (not) rant over. sorry!
  9. i will hopefully get on (housemate permitting) but will probably be off at 10.30 ish for summer heights high and family guy Will add you as friend Baring, am not brill, good sometimes but skill varies can always tell me to go off and do my own thing! I won't be offended.
  10. HC S&D? that must be tense, i find normal s&d tense! So much more sneaky (more up my street!) Just reunlocked p90, still not a huge fan. Still not settled on prefered playing style, seem to do most things reasonbly but nothing amazing. GOing to sound like I am just saying it but most of the games i have played with you guy have played appaulingly! up to wednesday it seemed a lot easier, thurs, fri and sat the standard was either higher or i was slower, think my internet may be lagging....
  11. I want golden gun but not ak :-( would be happy with m4, m16, g36c or g3 why does it have to be ak?! Anyone on tonight?
  12. Weekly big + its thursday = Big game? May join if there is! Played rather badly other night, had already played for 3 hours and was bit late for me! anyway enough workman blaming tools, maybe see a few of yous laterz
  13. Can she tell the difference? You could just change brightness/contrast? :-p
  14. *warning bad taste joke* Well is from group with joxes in bad taste, if we were playing hardcore i would be Jamal http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=2980...mp;id=901810462
  15. Rpgs on shipment and vacant. nothing funnier than coming round corner to rpg in the face.
  16. Random war stary from one of my better games. Playing sabo a while ago with 'point grabbers' i.e. me doing all the work they just running round getting kills. Thought 'sod it will do it all my self.' Think it was strike, anyway ran into marketplace, killed two guys got airstrike planted bomb called in air strike shot a few people coming to defuse pretty much winning the game single handedly. Got lucky I guess but was nice ego boost. Must have been with g36c as usually use rpd but remember reloading. I like being sneaky and 'laying in wait' so quite often am last person alive in s&d had one on District where last on left, bomb had been planted at trafalgar square, just my luck had been guarding oxford street, Heard bomb planted then enemy uav which gave me big smile, ran through buildng by waterloo met first guy Shooting nothing in bit under cover by cars in westminister don't think he was expecting me with silenced m4 and uav jammer so lobbed in grenade damaged him he ran out klled him, next one ran up for traf square through 'doorway' saw him reload shot him twice (which isn't enough with silenced m4 from other side of wall and ran out of ammo (rookie error) he shot back hit me once before i dived behind wall reloaded got back up killed him before making may way merrily down to bomb noticed there was 30 seconds left so did some spinning and jumping around (is that cocky?) as (for me) had done very well then paniced as didn't want to run out of time so defused it while crouching and standing. Made me laff as knew everyone was watching. One of my 'proud' moments, thought i would share as don't have many. Tip for s&d for newbies, most of you probably do this already, keep checking back/select menu for dog tags on other team and yours to see how many people are left (i only started doing this recently but helped a lot) so you know how many team mates you have left and how many people to look for on other team. nothing worse than someone on your team getting uav, running for red dot to be shot in the back by someone like me with uav jammer. Side note, i actually used bomb squad, saved me from a few claymores, also good if you trying to get awards for blowing up enemy explosives as it displays them from other side of wall.
  17. Ooooo hardcore! a step up haven't played much but think that would suit me well. I like being stealthy and search and destroy. tend to not get huge amount of kills but die less than most, when am 'on form'. would love to play with team that talks/doesn't whine/rap down mics/speak english. May get on for small time tonight but unlikley, try to get on as much as possible. found you in previous game, you're good! Am not always brill (skill varies) but willing to give it a crack and take orders if someone knows what they are talking about.
  18. Cool, was reading lo-fi version because pc playing up so couldn't see your sig, am not completely blind...... Sad i know i have read this entire thread. getting cod withdrawal at work.
  19. I just started playing properly again, was adicted, playing with mates, but they both left the country and dislike playing with a load of randoms will add you next time i go on, assume your gamertag is DangerM? Sam aka metalligator
  20. I love sooo many guns, G3 was fav for bit then G36c ocasionally come back to them but always end up back on the rpd with a grip. Barret sounds cool but prefer r700, don't tend to use sniper rifles that often, just play on big tv in hd and can see people on other side of map used the g3 for sniping doing this a lot because of accuracy and lack of recoil, tend to stay alive long enough to run out of ammo tho. i,ve out sniped a few snipers with rpd with grip. Burst fire is spot on accurate. (they may have just been poor snipers) and can hammer thru walls when they duck behind window, also may take a few shots but once you've hit them once it is very difficult for them to line up a shot. I good for leading assult cause when you run out of ammo can duck behind something while people behind cover you for a bit (if you communicate). also can down a heli within one clip if you get it right. Also like a 'stealth' character which works really well unless a non stealthy character follows you or spawns by you. silencer is a must. Also playing in proper surround makes such a difference, can spin a listen to which direction sounds or footsteps are coming from. Look forward to findng some of you guys online :-)
  21. I may look some of you up and appear later on :-)
  22. Metalligator


    whoops, just realised most are on 360! Read map topic first and everyone was talking about screenshots on pcs..... Expect to be added!
  23. Metalligator


    I am also wanting to play with a team that actually talks. Am reasonbly good when on form have +ve k/d ratio at least Just prestiged after sitting at 55 for ages and am wondering why? Play on the 360, is there special section for this? most peeople seem to be on pc. Sam aka Metalligator
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