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  1. Has anyone else noticed varying standard on different days? For me have always found mon-wed quite easy but always really difficult and loads of clans on thursdays. Anyone else noticed this or am i just going crazy?
  2. Miss it? i didn't ever have it! Would be well funny, would use it on close up maps with no hiding, much more humiliating to be killed by a clown.
  3. I do enjoy the skill but at the same time no one gets to see (killcam) when i make an amazing shot at them. :-( I really want to see what it looks like on old school 14" tv when i snipe pixel on hd 32"
  4. Grrr friends surprise bbq May join you lateish for a bit
  5. Hmmm wonder what i'll be up to this weekend......
  6. I have never seen appeal of private matches until now! still need some points tho. want to get back to 55.
  7. If you are playing pistols only, M9 mp5 (both use same ammo so get double the amount) bandolier (just to make sure) M9 is high capacity so can unload cilp long after deagle has run out, i didn't run out of ammo once and got some kill streaks going. I have not laughed that hard in long time since private matches last night. that was hilarious! Will have to play some michael jackson or gary glitter again sometime
  8. so true, when they keep coming back is great, kinda sad when they give up, kinda spoils my fun :-p I love claymores on hc. Apparently bigger range but think its just the less health, i place them quite far from door facing into room so can't see them till already too late.... Long grass is also good. i love creative claymore placement.
  9. I find if i hold breath for long enough to use iron lungs tend to be shot by sniper i'm sniping But then i'm sad and tend to correct the swaying mostly manually if waiting and just hold breath for the shot. Dead silence is good for people like me who love sneaking....means i can sprint and knife rather than crouch walk. Would love to have an etire team with uav jammers, that would be annoying... I tend to use enemy uav as signal to go :-) my fav slot to perk in hc. Hopefully get on tonight.
  10. Think i played two games doing that, works really well lying in grass in ghille suit, they just ran right past you when they come up, stand up, silenced pistol or knife to the back.... Can't wait till i re-unlock dead silence.
  11. Have a confession to make...... I think i am addictied to call of duty. Its unhealthy but i just do not get tired playing it, think there is something wrong with me....... I love camping, played with some people yesterday and guy with most kills on other team was bragging about how he ran into the thick of things on purpose, he also died more than he killed. I don't kill huge numbers of people most of the time but tend to die a lot less. which i think may annoy people but i give the other team less points and it works for me. had fun game on pipeline sniping up top, one guy just kept coming back but thanks to hc and uav jammer i always had the last laugh. I love it when people get annoyed if you get a strong foothold in a room/building. I my opinion its a tatic, its not 'glitching' or using modded controller, main reason they are annoyed is becouse they are losing. Played with clan who most matches used exclusivley Shotguns rpgx2 juggernaught Matrydom Worked reasonably well as they just rushed everyone at once but was kind of annoying and a bit silly on search and destroy. Was nice to have a plan tho, really think would makeo a huge difference if someone was assigned 'comander' in each clan or at start of match and everyone followed their orders, it is a team based game but not everyone can be leaders. If anyone needs a pawn to (sensibly) order about let me know. Sacrificed myself in one or two s&d matches so they could see where other team was.
  12. yeah annyed someone by sniping thier kill when they got to last stand, whoops! Started getting into sniping, been getting headshots with a lot of guns by mistake, is fun, love the ting. Made best shot I ever made on wet work, sniping up top sniped a guy from controly end he was sprinting through windows section, love it when you make moving targets. Was in a very snipey mood yesterday, annoyed people on vacant by sniping warehouse then we went in and held office for entire game, they were quite annoyed after. random note: Would love a game mode with knifes and mores only.....
  13. Will have to talk my friends into hc tdm, at mo just regular, ground war (to get four of us into games faster) and sabotage as have challenge to complete.
  14. got my extreme cruelty award on sabotage while planting bomb and defending. Felt good. Soooooo happy to have live back haven't been on since start of august.
  15. me and 3 mates should be on a lot now everyone is back in the country and i have live sorted. clan is (jokingly) called tpro (team pro) not brilliant but got quite lucky last night :-)
  16. will be on a lot with mates one i get live sorted
  17. 5.1 very useful, if hear someone walking turn side to side should be able to figure out where it is coming from, try not to spin so back is to door tho, and stay crouched so they can't hear you!
  18. Will look you up when i get live subs renewed
  19. *note I didn't write that pulled it from somewhere! Capture the flag would be cool. I'll probably give most a go see what they are like.
  20. Me depending on when it is and if any team will have me
  21. Just find someone to man the door, or take it in turns....
  22. News from Infinity Ward’s Director of Communications / Community Manager, Robert Bowling. Posted oh his blog was the announcement of new potential game modes for the ever popular Call of Duty 4. Here are the details: Bare-bones Death Match Pure skills mode with no perks or anything to blame your lack of frags, this mode goes completely back to the basics of FPS removing the weapon perks, kill streak bonuses leaving you and your weapons to a pure abilities battle in a standard old school Death Match. Hardcore HQ Like Hardcore mode with no HUD and friendly fire enabled you now have to tactically think through your assault on the HQ and communication between you and your team mates is a must for ultimate domination. No longer is the ever favourite grenade spamming and guns blazing spree killing head assault effective. Multi-Bomb Search and Destroy Every member of the attacking team is given the opportunity to prove their skills by each being given the bomb to plant, no longer do you have to rush to take out the guy carrying the bomb as they all are. Hardcore FFA An even faster paced free for all match were every shot counts and tactical thinking and smart strategies are essential if you want a good Kill / Death ratio. With the standard Free for All rules and hardcore mode enable giving extra damage to the weapons, no health regeneration or HUD to help you out.
  23. really busy at work...so googled it: golden knife i swear im not lying i just wanted to alert everyone about the black man perk. to unlock it you need to do evey challenge for every prestige. that means unocking every single gun camo and sight and all the other challenges 10 times.oncer you complete that easy task you must be playing a SnD match and your team must have 5 players and the other team has to have 7 one guy on the other team has to kill your whole team and spawn a chopper. At this time you need to use the black man perk to jump up into the air and knife the 27 times once that is comlete the chopper should fall to the ground and after the game the challenge screen will come up and say congratulations you have unlocked the golden knife. and the cool thing is it tells you how many other people in the world have it i was the first. anyway back to the knife with it you unlock the ability to throw knives and stab people and other stuff. Pretty much everythin the assassins creed guy can do its freakin amazing. sorry if your already past the first prestige and you cant go back and do it, but this is to all the n00bs who may wanna try it. anywas everyone your welcome for letting out this juicy info. and My neighbor was convinced he saw someone who had a golden knife and the guy told him that he got it by knifing all the watermelons or some **** tee hee
  24. Hahahahahaha just remembered some of the things I've heard said, Apparently on overgrown there is a place on overgrown you can get a 'golden knife' because there is a certain part on the map you can knife the helicopter from.....lol While someone was trying to skip countdown 'this map sucks missiles are randomly fired and kill people randomly' hahahaha
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