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  1. THIS GAME IS AAAWWWWWWWEEEEESSOOOMMMEEE! Have so many songs now tho, got rb1 songs, brought 2100 points to export songs and spent rest on other tracks. Queuing stuff up online and getting housemate to turn on xbox works a treat so all downloaded when you get home :-) Anyone else having problems calibrating lag? i had to do mine manually, running optical audio through amp and on the audio calibration amp goes funny (cuts out inbetween each click as if you are changing source so you don't actually hear the clicks making it awkward to callibrate.) Got my housemates into this. Quickest unlock is do the decade challenges, for each one unlock all the songs from tha era. I unlocked them all in couple of hours. If you want to add me this and cod5 is pretty much all i play can do fair amount of songs expert guitar when hands work, most songs hard drums some on expert. Few songs can do expert voice. Gamer tag: Metalligator
  2. Played this online for first time other day, Boot camp rocks! got two lots of dogs in first game :-p Shame capped at 8 Seems some people are following mates or people they just played with in. being above level 8 stops you selecting it but not getting in.
  3. mine haven't appeared but assume it's because they haven't confirmed payment because on pre-order.
  4. Am i right in saying if current status is: 18/11/2008 Your order is currently held as a Preorder then I am unlikley to get RB2 tomorrow from game?
  5. Can't wait for this to arrive! When do the instruments come out? (UK)
  6. Anyone know about love film delivery times for new releases? Used 10% deal so cod was ~£35
  7. Original Unreal, you see ship in distance and think 'huh will just run over' Fire a shot at it to see how far it is and it just keeps on going..... Then you realise how HUUUUGE it is. you are running for ages and it keeps getting bigger. At least thats how i remember it. Star wars xwing alliance. Hitting the spacebar for the first time and going into hyperspace :-D COD4 when it all falls into place. ('clutch'ing on S&D, getting 5:1 K/d on TDM, running legnth of map with bomb planting and defending single handed on sabo, etc.) Seeing mario kart 64, remember graphics being AMAZING at the time.....lol Goldeneye multiplayer. 'nuff said.
  8. I have PC code to anyone know what minimum spec is? Played single player on laptop at eurogamer. Had 3-4 goes on 360 multiplayer. I am liking this more and more, november will be an expensive month..... Anyone know if you can do split screen system link?
  9. Is there anywhere to get rb2 instruments from (i.e. america, asia, etc) in november in uk for 360? Should I try and talk my mates dad into bringing some back from states?
  10. I've read a bit online and believe GH drums work on rock band 1 and 2, when they work. Read A LOT of people complaining about cymbals and red pad not working. Also issues with yellow on guitar touch pad and guitars strumming when the guitar isn't actualy being touched. Anyone here experienced this?
  11. Not sure. PS3 is one of the best blu-ray players and will continue to receive updates. It is a console so hideously overpowered for a blu-ray player and was partially designed around the blu-ray drive. Did not say cheapest was best :-)
  12. perhaps is just camden gayme and gaymestation then. Think watford is the same but tend not to bother talking to employees....
  13. Expert advice?! AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Made my day. Had one yesterday who claimed PS3 was cheapest blu-ray player on market when I laughed and said you could get them for £170ish he was surprised and genuinely asked me where you can buy blu-ray players from (shop is few doors down from a currys digital) I know (at least I think) they are owned by same people but always seems to me game just want to sell you stuff, gamestation people tend to actually play games and know what they are talking about. maybe its just me.
  14. hahahahahahahahaha Please say someone reading this was in those COD4 games where we played Gary Glitter game mode?
  15. The problem with PS3 is the hardware. The blu-ray and multicore processors are expensive to make, on paper you are getting a lot for your money but if you compare it as 'just another games console' there will always appear to be a gap. They got a lot of sales early on from being THE cheapest blu-ray player but now you can pick up blu-ray players for under £200 is losing sales to that as well as xbox. IMO their price is good for someone who wants everything the ps3 can do but most people don't and don't want to pay the extra. Personally have 360 and wii, looking to get ps3 soon but thats another story.
  16. To anyone who saw me last night: llllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggggggggggggggggg Housemate was downloading something, apparently was quite funny to watch.
  17. Got my xbox back wooo! Also played beta, bit different but being fan of g3/single shot semi's having a whole group of them is nice. And unlocking more 'custom slots' is definatley an actual reason to prestige. Has a lot of cool features still getting to grips with gameplay/modes tho. Me and mates will probably buy for co-op.
  18. Should be delivered today woo woo. Just need to find out whether its coming to my house or parents.... *woo got it back! not got on cod yet and have mate staying for a week so not sure if will get on.....
  19. just signed up as member on cod site while back, about the same time i signed up here. According to instructions they sent with email: How do I get into the beta if I live in the U.S.? People interested in joining the beta in U.S. can join one of two ways: guaranteeing a spot by pre-ordering the game through GameStop (http://www.gamestop.com/Catalog/ProductDetails.aspx?product_id=71812), or getting first-crack at a token by heading to www.callofduty.com and signing on as a new community member. Remember, space is limited so the earlier you register, the more likely you’ll get a token. I'm not us but got the token, will see if it works when get xbox back.
  20. Ooooooooo just got sent beta code.... Know what i'll be doing when get xbox back....
  21. OH yeah, just this is only section of forum i read/post in :-s not sure anyone outside would know/sympathise with me!
  22. If it was just me would think that but have noticed other play worse to, unless i am carrying the team on days i play well..........(unlikely)
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