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  1. I am on most nights, have a few mates who play, if you want giant private match at some point let me know. We all comunicate lots and have a laugh all the time. Gamertag: Metalligator
  2. Me+mates will be on XBL a lot: Metalligator
  3. *There may be one or two spoilers in here please stop reading if you want to find everything for yourself* Best room we found to hold was teleporter room behind power switch This is my idea for tactics, general at top, place specific middle, weapons bottom open to discussion/negotiation: General (these apply to everyone regardless of position) If you are in trouble/need to reload and cannot cope/no-one to cover you try to give notice and call for monkey bomb/wuderwaffe. On bomb/kaboom (or intsa kills if feeling adventurous) main room or balcony (ideally main room so balcony guy can keep on top of things) go turn on the power to save ammo. Aim to get perks as soon as you have reasonable weapons, if you tend to die while reloading get speed cola first, then juggernog if you just die get juggernog then speed cola. Once perked up try to get both guns upgraded, you get more ammo and its more powerful so use less. If you get a break in zombies, even if small or have only used a few bullets out of your clip RELOAD, you'll thank yourself later. Tunnel: One person on downstairs window, easy job best weapons: Weapons: Close range window weapon, monkey bomb, automatic or wudner waffe/ray and bowie knife Tacticts: Person covers window occasional monkey bomb/grenade/wunderwaffe out window, cover for main room guys if they fall back. Escape route: None - they are the escape route Balcony: One person on window upstairs, crabbing helps: Weapons: Close range window weapon, monkey bomb, wuderwaffe ideal and bovie knife Tactics: Back to window looking into courtyard, is spotter for zombie flow if zombie comes to window get the 'hold x to repair' so safe, this person stems flow of zombies from right, bowieing who they can to save ammo. Monkeybomb/wunderwaffe. They also best person to grab pick-ups, just jump of balcony into pickup then back upstairs. Escape route: jump of balcony run into quick revive room drop through hole. Main room: Main teleporter room on left with view out of door Weapons: Automatics, ideally upgraded lmgs/rayguns. Tactics: Shoot the zombies shoot the zombies coming in the front door, warn balcony guy if someone comes up stairs to get him and advises of pickpups. [with balcony guy two people should easily be able to cover the front door. Escape route: head left and down tunnel This is my experience feel free to add: Weapons: Get upgraded asap aside from need to use less bullets as they are more powerful you get more ammo and its more powerful so use less. Try to get monkey bombs, these are life savers. Close Range: Personal favourites are: upgraded trench gun aka gut-shot, The trench gun has ammo for sale in corridor room, if completely out one reloaded after buying ammo you can buy another 10 rounds. Upgraded ppsh aka The Reaper, good balcony gun, increased clip and ammo size makes it similar to a close range lmg. bowie knife Long range: Upgraded browning: Afaik best lmg AVOID MG42 if possible, VERY inaccurate when upgraded Upgraded pistol this turns into rocket launcher, only get 64 ammo but god for long range last stand. If you get downed and respawn at middle with lots of money upgrade your pistol Ray-gun: Upgrade this for 40 shots per clip instead of 20. Note: When firing ray gun, once you have killed zombie it will block your next shot while it is falling over, if you shoot the corpse you are wasting ammo. Also with groups of zombies it is sometimes better to repeatedly shoot the floor around them Wunderwaffe: get this upgraded as the extra ammo/clips is very helpful, I think we currently under utilise this gun. Dogs: I never get through all my ammo, think we can go a bit more nuts as you get max ammo, with 4 people probably worth person with most points or wunderwaffe shooting out the window from the fallback position. Anyone put any random guns like panzershrek in and got anything thats surprised them?
  4. They are, best place to hide is room/corridoor behind where mystery box is, there is only one entrance )
  5. Want to know: Which Huts have full walkways (i.e. you can sprint all the way without going in swamp) Zipline make docs one but only one way. Routes through the house in middle and entry points for zombies into middle. What the flogger covers, does it kill dogs?
  6. Anyone know where i can get a detailed map for new map?
  7. may need 4th player tonight at 9, add me
  8. a1ixIII Jacopo84 myoozikk Metalligator stevieboy84 My mate fenix6delta will prob be on more, will ask if its ok to ask randoms to add him :-p We all play tactically and communicate but don't take it too seriously (i.e. a lot of banter, but all in jest)
  9. Not my cup of tea but are there any relaxing fishing games? Some people go fishing to relax....
  10. I just want them to reconise hand signals for mw2 ) a man can dream....
  11. I am on every so often with 3-5 mates, been on cod5 zombies a lot recently but want to remain brushed up for mw2 )
  12. added. Few of us playing private matches quite often, nothing serious usually right laugh, feel free to jump in.
  13. Cod 5 tonight, if interested look out for me and jump in my party
  14. Added, should be on tonight with ~4mates Just to warn you we don't take it super serious
  15. Me and my mates play this, Add me next time we are player down will send you invite, think we are going on tonight but think there are going to be 5 of us so probably not going to be zombies
  16. Zombies is great! My battle plan: Is very difficult with less than 4 people to cover everything. go and by a weapon from the arms shed next to the bar first
  17. Haven't played zombie mode yet. Only just realised get xp and acheivments for co-op online :-) Do you get anything in zombie mode?
  18. Steal someones gh4 drums and plug rock band bass drum pedal in for two so don't have to pedal as fast. Cool pic btw almost lolled at work
  19. Yeah sorry brain not working right now. you can't go online unless you have unique band name, remember was warned this when created new band recently and just clicked yeah whateva as couldn't be bothered.
  20. To go online need band name no-one else has. I set one up and said ignore this was already taken accepting i would have to change it before doing anything online. Possibly need to change band name?
  21. I feel for him :-p I am reasonably comfortable on expert guitar (just got flawless fretwork acheivment woo woo!) due to my guitar hero heritage but am the only one who doesn't struggle with medium drums (play hard/expert most of time) because i used to play drums so get put on drums most of the time but do enjoy guitar and a bit of vocals. The people i tend to play with the vocalist will be just that, a vocalist who doesn't 'do' instruments so can't really swap. Plus playing at parties can't really swap most times anyway due to level i play :-( Just realised sound big headed :-s is mainly because i've been playing it more and mates don't own the game. Spent most my bands earnings the other day on a coat.....whoops.
  22. Metalligator Third edit lucky....
  23. Rang gamestation yesterday and said that all of them are doing live starter pack for £49.99 - went in brought one :-) Headsets ebay for about tenner 3 month live could probably squeeze £15 You could try and sell network cable but probably wouldn't get much. Means you pay ~£25 for hd provided you don't trade yours in at the time :-) Could also try and trade in old one. Quick call to support and they will send you cable to transfer which you should then be able to sell afterwards. :-) Will let you know how long it takes to arrive.
  24. Tell me about it! Got all my rb1 songs and downloaded some extra, don't tend to get past first two sections! Got 170 tracks now :-)
  25. hahahahahaha let me know how that goes! Anyone know where the rumours about getting mics working for rock band came from?
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