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  1. It was one of the best episodes of season 1 too. This film was his only poor film imo and I don't think his heart was in it at all. I'd prefer him to see him go back to do some smaller more personal films again.
  2. Strange World (2022) It was a really odd decision of Disney to not advertise this during its cinema run as they've always championed their mainstream animated films but after watching it, I can kind of see why. I don't think they would have recuperate the advertising money at all, let alone the production budget. It looks amazing, and there's some wonderfully creative animals/plants but the story is really dull and just another parent and child dont get on story. It's boring and played out. This film wouldn't be out of place with those terrible mid-00s Disney films. I can't understand them putting the likes of Luca or Turning Red straight onto Disney+ but releasing this in the cinemas. Should have been the other way round. Ultimately it's just very mediocre with some really forgettable characters. 2/5
  3. Nice one on reaching 1000 films, you picked a great one to watch for your it too. It's my favourite film of the year. What's your letterboxd btw?
  4. Dude you've met the people of rllmuk. Continue to watch films and play games they hate.
  5. Stig

    High on Life

    I find it really funny that I could sit and watch a whole movie on the TV in the house too.
  6. Stig

    High on Life

    I'm a big Rick and Morty fan so I'm enjoying this a lot. I've stuck it on story mode because I'm not playing it for the combat, which let's be honest is secondary in this. I've played 3 hours now and laughed a lot so I can see me blasting through it over the next few days.
  7. No it's just some real life thing. Some people reckon its down to blading in wrestling but it isn't, he never had them when he was wrestling full time and in the last several years he's only done about 4 or 5 matches so he wouldn't get the scarring from that.
  8. Just finished it and I loved it. The combat is great and I love narrative driven games so I didn't find it intrusive at all like some. There were sections that ground it to a halt which weren't great but overall it was epic and I enjoyed it alot.
  9. It's rated 15 so deemed perfectly fine for that age range but there are lots of gory deaths.
  10. I thought this was really great, just some much fun. Fully exceeded my expectations. The only problem I did have was
  11. I'm the one that pays for Netflix anyway in my family, so nothing with change for me. I use it all the time so it's not like I was paying for it for the benefit of my family anyway.
  12. We were going to watch this tonight cause the kids wanted to see it but I'd heard nothing but poor things about it. Thankfully it seems like my Dad cancelled his Sky Movies sub so we couldn't watch it....What a shame.
  13. This makes little sense when the last 3 Marvel movies took place in Space, a Multiverse and on 2 fictional nations, one of which was under the Ocean. All had weird and wonderful creatures/places in them. The next 2 films are then set in Space and the Quataum realm. Everything you enjoyed was and in these films (admittedly they just weren't very good) Now I get this is different kind of blockbuster in a sea of what have recently been sub-par superhero films but that 2nd paragraph feels a little disingenuous. Just say you prefer this type of Blockbuster over Superhero films, there's no need to try and justify it. Enjoy what you enjoy.
  14. Isn't this a massive problem though. There's nothing close to me that does that, the closest IMAX is 1hr:10mins away. So if I did chose to see this, I'm automatically getting a lesser version.
  15. Jaws (1975) Watched it last night because my eldest (9) wanted to see it. Happy to report she has taste and thought the movie was (in her words) "awesome". It really is a flawless film, there's not a moment wasted. 5/5
  16. She's been bugging me for a while now to watch Jaws so last night I let her stay up and watch it. I'm proud to say she loved it and described it as awesome and again this morning she said "that film last night was so good". Sometimes its hard to know how a young person will react to an old film and there's parts of Jaws where the shark isn't seen for ages, but that didn't bother her. I think she quite enjoyed that ascpet because it made the moments with the shark more special. The jump scares of it appearing out of no where during the hunt got her good, as did the underwater body moment.
  17. Prey was great, a real surprise considering the mess the last few Predator films were.
  18. Yeah it was great to finally get him on. I finished my rewatch of every episode that's on Netflix today too. That moment on the hill with Charlie got me again. Such a great moment.
  19. So far I've seen 75 films released in the UK in 2022. These are these top 20. It may get updated later.
  20. For me it's just a wonderful narrative.
  21. Oooooooof that Argentinian commentary. Goosebumps.
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