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  1. That trailer gives nothing away other than how it'll look. So, as per before jumping to conclusions, let's wait and see.
  2. This is Jim Carreys career now. Just playing parts in SEGA movies.
  3. That was a different universe....and the Etnernals all died in their way back to their home planet.
  4. Hey now, I'm not typically cynical. This show is just fun as hell though, I don't know how anyone couldn't enjoy it.
  5. Season 4 is finally out. Thank god for the recap and Wikipedia because it's been nearly 3 years since I watched it.
  6. I've binged Season 5 over the last 2 days. The ridiculousness seems to have ramped up even more, but I bloody love it. I love how it's all treated deadly serious like some kind of gang warfare, battling it out for turf like it's the Crips vs the Bloods but it's actually about Karate dojo expansions 😂 Silva is so bloody great too, an absolute slimy fuck. They honestly lucked out massively that these young 80s actors still have something about them. Also Chosen is the best.
  7. Yeah financially they're still massive, narratively they've been quite poor.
  8. Is Studio Ghibli no more right now? I know that When Marnie Way There was meant to be the last, and that was back in 2014. But then we got The Red Turtle, which was more a collaboration and since that the atrocity that was Earwig and the Witch. The fact that it's part of Studio Ghibli annoys me, everything about it stinks, especially as I have every other film on DVD and buying that one would only be to complete the collection as I'll never ever watch it again. Anyway, Miyazaki is meant to be doing a new film at some point but there's very little detail on it and outside that there isn't any talk of future projects either which is really sad. I know the heart and soul of the company was/is Miyazaki, Takahata and Suzuki, but surely there are other story tellers out there can carry on the wonderful tales/style that only Studio Ghibli deliver.
  9. I think it was Whedons idea to throw Thanos in at the end of Avengers. Back then they just wanted to get to Avengers and go from there if it did well and Whedon threw Thanos in as the post credit because there wasn't really a set plan.
  10. Yeah it's Kang for Phase 5, the seeds were planted in Loki and he's the villain in Antman 3. The next Avengers film is called "The Kang Dynasty" and then the finale of Phase 6 is going to be Secret Wars which would indicate Dr Doom.
  11. Yes, but also they need to build to another IW/Endgame level event. But I get it. Once you've had this huge newr universe ending event (that people seemed to have moved on from very quickly), it's hard to care much about the small scale squabbles. The TV has been the winner of Phase 4 for me.
  12. It was a promo video for when you could download him for the game. You could chose the have the Batista skin when for Marcus.
  13. he does go down, he got pulled back and down.
  14. The fuck does Mo Salah have to do to get a penalty? Pulled back, contact with his leg and dragged to the ground. Nothing given.
  15. Initial thoughts. It's not as good as the first, the villain is again a little undercooked and it does end in a CGI fight BUT the cast are incredible, they all put in brilliant performances, especially Letitia Wright and Angela Basset. There's a few moments that's are all about T'Chala and Chadwick that are so well handled, you could have heard a pin drop in the cinema. Feels like this script was probably about 70% as it would be if Chadwick had not sadly passed, it's quote easy to see where they've moved things around to deal with his death. It's the easily the 2nd best film of Phase 4, or might possibly be some peoples favourite, especially those that didn't get on with Spider-man.
  16. Or they could have just keep him alive using their healing tech which they've shown they have.
  17. Its mad to think that a simple small revenge action thriller has turned into an globe trotting action franchise about an underground assassin organisation.
  18. YouTube. There's loads of silent and old films on there in full.
  19. Downhill (1927) Hitchcock Filmography Challenge - 4/53 (this is the slowest challenge ever 😆) When I saw the next film on my Hitchcock challenge was another team up with Ivan Novello, I was very excited as I really enjoyed The Lodger. Surely, these two together would strike gold again...? Unfortunately not and instead what I got was a rather dull, turgid and overly long film about a character I struggled to get behind. How much do I care about this rich public-school boy and the stupid choices he makes? Not a lot. There are some clear directing skills on show as you see some of Hitchcock’s style come through in places. I particularly liked the delirium scene towards the end and the use of space throughout. Novello also shines in the lead role and proves again why he's a fantastic leading man of silent film with wonderful facial expressions and eyes that tell so much. But unfortunately, that's about it on the enjoyment side because with a story being this poor and boring, no amount of good directing, cinematography, clean restoration and acting can save it. I also think I would have liked some more title cards throughout too as it often felt like one to one dialogue scenes would drag on for ages before anything was put up on screen. Next up, The Farmer's Wife (1928)
  20. My favourite deviation story is Rob at the drive through. What a saga.
  21. That just says they're open to selling shares not the club.
  22. I've never been as scared by a game as I was playing Redi Evil 7 in VR. Sometimes a game just goes up another level with its use.
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