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  1. It's probably about 5 minutes of the film too. It'll be fine.
  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss, I hope this can bring you that bit of joy you need right now. I hope you have great time.
  3. He does the idiot well, but there needs to be more about him in the next film. There's way more to him and his backstory that the films have barely scratched the surface of.
  4. See Spider-man No Way Home and Ghostbusters: Afterlife recently. The constant need to tell people for the umpteenth time that they don't like something when the threads are bumped is just weird.
  5. I really enjoyed it, thought it was a lot of fun. But then again I've enjoyed all the stuff involving the Guardians in the MCU. Drax and Mantis are just a great double act though. However I hope we get more of an arc from Drax in Guardians 3 rather than bumbling oaf. The recent GOTG game managed to mix that side with a more serious and somber side really well. I wanna see that with MCU Drax.
  6. She did. It's clear that music stings get her because all the loud music bits made her jump. Ghost stories might be good ones to give her that little rush, so yeah I might try Woman in Black
  7. Showed her this trailer and she's picked it for tonight's film. Thanks for the recommendation. This one scared her 😄
  8. Is Phil Foden dead because wtf does he need to do to get started or even get a game?
  9. Kermode really enjoyed it. Said it not as good, but still very enjoyable.
  10. Halloween is way too much in the realms of reality. She's not really scared of blood and monsters but an intruder in the house she definitely is. No way I'm reinforcing that by showing her a film of stabby stalker man, who breaks into houses and kills people.
  11. Even rotated England will be better than than Wales if they perform like that again. If we win tonight, an Iran vs US match for 2nd place could be very spicy.
  12. You're right, the length of a film isn't really the issue, it's about the content and how it's all put together and paced. Fuck them up and a long film feels its length. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood seemed to fly by for a near 3hr film and I honestly felt like I could have stayed with these characters even longer, whereas recently, Terrifier 2 and Wankanda Forever needed some serious editing trimming. (FWIW I think The Departed is great. That never felt long to me either)
  13. Well this is frustrating. Searching for cinemas playing it and for whatever reason all my closest cinemas aren't. The closest is York, then Gateshead and everything in between nothing. There's literally 4 big multiplex and 3 independent cinemas between those two places and none of them are showing it. Xmas day, Netflix it is then.
  14. We have Super 8 on Blu Ray, that's a good shout actually. I do think super natural stuff might be a bit too much, it feels more "real". I think stuff like Lost Boys or say Fright Night are probably the right side of camp to be horrors but not leave her too scared. Theres some good stuff in the thread though already, I'll run some trailers past her.
  15. She keeps asking to watch Stranger Things but I thought I might give that a little longer and watch in the lead up to the final season cause she'll be between 10 and 11 then. Anything 18 rather I think I'm gonna wait till she's at least 13. It's tricky because I know what I watched at her age and was fine with but will she be the same? I dunno.
  16. Oh just silly that I thought it would be too grown up for a 9 year old. I thought the face peeling scene might be a bit too much is all. But if you think it's fine maybe I'll give it a go. I'll have a rewatch of the scene and see.
  17. Recently my daughter (9) has asked to watch scarier/more grown up films because we've seen loads of the PG kid friendly horror. I need some suggestions please because I feel like I've exhausted suitable ones that are 12/12A. We've even watched a few 15s I knew she'd be OK with and weren't too bad re gore/scares. So if people could help me with some ideas that would be great. She's perfectly happy with 80s and 90s films too (not tried anything further back though) and really enjoyed some of the 80s classics. These are the 12s/15s I've let her see that has some form of horror/peril The Mummy (1999) Monster Squad Ghostbusters Beetlejuice Gremlins 1 & 2 The Lost Boys The Goonies Pirates of the Caribbean There must be more I can show her surely? But every Google search brings up the same lists or suggestions that are just silly like Poltergeist. Also anything that doesn't have sex in it please, she's fine with horror and blood but I'd like to keep some innocence in tacked 😆 Any recommendations?
  18. Lawrenson, a man who could have witnessed the greatest solo goal in the history of football and would still find a way to sound dour about it.
  19. I like both Richards and McCoist. Both just seem to really enjoy covering football. Miles better than bland fuckers like Jenas and Tyler
  20. Black Adam (2022) The stench of the Synderverse is all over this film. From the po-faced script, the colour grading, the lighting, the slow motion, the music etc. If someone told me Zack Snyder directed this, I'd have believed you. Jaume Collet-Serra was clearly only looking one way for inspiration when directing this. It has it moments and for 2/3rds of it, I was kinda enjoying it. I liked Black Adams ruthlessness because it painted him in the perfect light from the get go, although he does end up becoming more of a hero as the film progresses. Hopefully they'll go full villain with him down the road. There's were moments that made me laugh, I thought Brosnan looked ace and I enjoyed Aldis Hodge as Hawkman. The Rock was too serious and seemed afraid to let go and have fun. There's a few funny moments with him that I did laugh at, but I just thought the character was too dry throughout most of the film. They didn't play with the person out of time concept enough. Those are easy wins and laughs and the times they did try, it mostly fell flat. But there are so many problems with this film in how its presented and the script is genuinely awful in places. The other two heroes, Atom Smashes and Cyclone may as well not even bother showing up for all they were used and the villain was a bland as they come. The film lost its way MASSIVELY in the final 3rd where its a big rush to the get to the finish line and its just pure crap. I appreciate them going comic accurate with the bad guy but I found it so goofy, it just didn't seem to fit the tone of these film at all. In Shazam it would work but her it just didn't click for me. Re the mid credits 2/5
  21. That trailer gives nothing away other than how it'll look. So, as per before jumping to conclusions, let's wait and see.
  22. This is Jim Carreys career now. Just playing parts in SEGA movies.
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