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  1. For me it's just a wonderful narrative.
  2. Oooooooof that Argentinian commentary. Goosebumps.
  3. WC final and Messi is taking a pen like that. Fucking hell 😆
  4. How stressed did you feel watching it? I've never felt so stressed watching a film before. My wife couldn't finish it cause of the anxiety.
  5. I think it's more that he's been let off his leash without the restrictions of the BBC rules. If you've ever seen him on Twitter and other stuff, he's been like this for a long time. He doesn't rant that much anyway, I think maybe 3 this year on the new show, plus I still enjoy listening because he offers a different perspective to Empire.
  6. I've made the decision to not bother going to see this after convincing myself I would. Too many reports of it being boring plot wise and I'm unwilling to make a 5 hour round trip (which includes travel, adverts and the film) to see a film where its main feature is CGI only. Honestly, it's not enough for me to go watch a near 3.5hr film if the main plot isn't even interesting. I didn't like the first all that much and if people are saying this is worse, I'll save my money and time.
  7. Same, Lady Bird and Little Women were great. Plus this has a great cast too. I have no idea what it'll be about though, maybe something simular to the tone of the Lego Movie?
  8. This is me too. I think there's gonna be a lot of people going to see it because of those factors.
  9. Entergalactic (2022) An adult animated feature, which was set to be a series originally but released as a feature length film on Netflix. It's a promotional project for Kid Cudis latest album and tells the story of artists Jabari and Meadow who are neighbours and fall for each other. It's basically a rom com but cuts out many of the clichés to tell a simple down to earth story. I really enjoyed this, its super low key with cool and interesting leads that I could easily spend more time with. It's well acted, the conversations feel real (if you get what I mean) and I really loved the animation style. In a world full of Disney and Dreamworks, doing something new and interesting really stands out to me. It's bright pastel colours with thick lines and animated in a low frame rate that gives it this stilted movement which I really liked. It reminds me of some of the stylistic choices used in Into the Spider-verse. The soundtrack is great too and works in perfect tandem with what's on screen. Side note: This is NOT for kids, there's drugs, sex and language throughout. 4/5
  10. What an amazing result. God damn I love this sport. Also lol Ronaldo, Pepe, Bruno and Silva. Cya
  11. Argentina are and have always been shithouses. All those cyclical fouls and dives added all that time on and they paid the price. Good.
  12. I don't think I've listened to much from 2022, but from what I have 1. Coheed & Cambria: Vaxis – Act II: A Window of the Waking Mind 2. Alexisonfire - Otherness 3. Charlie Simpson - Hope Is a Drug 4. Sea Power - Everything Was Forever 5. Rammstein - Ziet 6. Bastille - Give Me The Future
  13. I think the actors they have in place are good and they could easily head into a new phase with them all, but jist make better decisions with writers and directors.
  14. I find myself disagreeing with Ehrlich on most things and Mike Ryan saying he couldn't concentrate on the plot doesn't bode well after the first films plot is its worst aspect.
  15. If you can get 3 a day in for the next 3 weeks you're golden.
  16. Fleabag is excellent and all you have to do is look on PWB IMDB page to see she isn't "everywhere" right now at all. She's just the latest in a long line of woman who did something popular so now people hate on her for no real reason.
  17. This is what I was struggling with. There's films I would rate 5/5 that are my favourites but also 5/5s I really like and know are objectively better films but I don't love as much.
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