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  1. Nah, the 3 big ones (Castlevania, Arcane & Cyberpunk) on Netflix have all been fantastic and are much better than "weren't aggressively bad", especially Arcane which is one of the best animated shows I've ever seen. But animation is always easier to adapt than live action I guess and a much harder to sell to the general public.
  2. Hang on. So because Gakpo takes a shot it's not a foul still? Eh.
  3. I watched it this week too and I'm sitting on the slightly dissappinted side of things. Not that I didn't enjoy it, but I was expecting to love it more than I did. The performances are fantastic and Fraser really drew me in with his acting. He was so believable as a man struggling with these issues. However, I did have a few problems with it, mainly at how "stagey" it all felt. I know it's taken from a stag play, but the camera and characters at times were set up like we were watching this on stage and it was a little jaring at times. I also had issues with So yeah, amazing performances wrapped around a rather poorly structure film. 3/5
  4. Our latest episode that covers 4, 5 & 6 is now out. As with the first episode it doesn't spoil any of the game past the point the show's at.
  5. Picard absolutely fuming at the "I'm more a Malbec man myself"
  6. He's probably the voice many of us here grew up with. Terrible news 😔 RIP Motty.
  7. Annoyingly my wife made me tell her.
  8. The only places to comment on them being upset are the likes of Fox News and Daily Mail so I'm unsure if it's even true.
  9. Reminds me of a clip I saw of Marc Maron saying how the so called "anti-woke" commedians complain about being cancelled and they can't tell their 3 jokes anymore. Can find it on YT though, saw it on TikTok. It's funny though.
  10. See I don't have the hate for Eternals that loads do. I have my issues with it but I appreciate it trying to do something a little different. Would have worked better as a TV show to start with where they could have focused on each character separately before throwing them all together as one. Or maybe they could have been placed around Phase 4 in various projects and theirs been the team up at the end (just in a better film). It's still rather dull and lower tier MCU mind and a post credit scene to introduce Harry Styles isn't something to get excited about. Thor:L&T I've grown less and less fond of the more I talk about it. I didn't enjoy it much when I saw it but I dislike it even more now. I think after how good Ragnarok was, I was expecting this to be more of the same and be as enjoyable. But it was an absolute mess and wasted both Christian Bale and the character of Gorr. The other films bar Spidey I found a mix bag of average with some good things amongst some rubbish.
  11. I'd say so, I enjoyed most of the TV output and Spider-man.
  12. We did some spoiler specials for Loki, Hawkeye, Moon Knight and Spider-man:NWH for our podcast during Phase 4, but due to time and other things we weren't able to cover anything else upon release. So 2 of us from the podcast did a full Phase 4 wrap up bonus show discussing the highs and many lows of Phase 4, as well as a look ahead to Phase 5. It's available on all podcast apps and YT if anyone would be interested in listening. Thank you.
  13. We're watching one right now
  14. Mmmmmm now I'm second guessing myself. I was under the impression if a keeper deliberately handled outside the box it's a red.
  15. Absolutely baffling take from Redknapp. Take the whole last man/denying a goal thing out of the equation, it was still a keeper who purposly used his hands to control the ball outside his area. That's an instant red. Pope literally just grabs the ball.
  16. How was Alisson not MOTM, he basically saved us.
  17. That director choice already tells me this will be terrible.
  18. Well it changed over to being lead by a Kang varient, or st least thats the impression it left. But this is where it gets messy again because they don't actually exist on a linear timeline. They're sort of out of time so events happening in the Avengers 2025 timeline happen the same time as events at the end of time. Its all a bit
  19. Yup. I was wondering why is it the TVA are happy to deal with a displaced Loki but do fuck all about Spider-man, Wanda or Strange? I'm guessing the only thing I can thing of was thise events were "meant" to happen. Don't they mention how Loki escaping after New York wasn't meant to happy but the Avengers using time travel was? It's all very messy.
  20. I wonder if the recent bad reviews aren't just because the films are bad (which they have been) but also because people are just so fatigued with it all that they just don't care anymore. They aren't offering anything new and exciting and people are being less forgiving because of it.
  21. Sorry, yes that's what I meant. Looks like we're getting a lot more regarding Rocket and his backstory. I also hope they do right by Drax as there's so much more to the character (from extended Marvel stuff) than the big dumb comedy fodder he's become in the MCU.
  22. The humour, action and soundtrack will more than likely be the same style but I think the stakes will be much higher. I'm expecting not all the Gurdians to get out alive.
  23. Hasn't there been some reshoots since then too? I wonder if they've rejigged the ending to get rid of Miller.
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