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  1. For anyone that likes podcasts and wants to listen to three fans of the game and the show talk about it, we did a spoilercast covering the first 3 episodes. We're going to do 3 podcasts covering 3 episodes at a time. There's no game spoilers beyond what we've seen in the show either for those people who haven't played the game. It's available everywhere.
  2. I don't think they specifically say they are, but there's hints and Joels reaction when people talk about her.
  3. I can see that, but I also thought the music and final shot closed it out beautifully too.
  4. There's only 1 massive dissapointed within that announcement and it was something that didn't get announced. Why no Peacemaker Season 2? 😭
  5. Babylon (2023) Being a big fan of Chazelles other films, I was really looking forward to this, despite the negative press it's received. However, I've come away from it feeling rather underwhelmed. There's a lot to love about this film but also way too much bloat in there that ultimately drags it down. It looks incredible, the music is amazing and Robbie is outstanding, but there's also huge sections of this film that could have been cut without it changing a thing and I found one particular section near the end to be downright stupid. I'm sure Chazelle was trying to paint a horrible picture of Hollywood's seedy underbelly but I thought it was ridiculous and completely out of step with the rest of the film, even with the raunchy parties seen earlier in the film. For 2 hours this is a solid 4/5 film and then the last hour absolutely shits the bed and it crawls to a very unsatisfactory ending. Also whilst I'm sure he was just trying to pay homage to Singin' In The Rain with certain aspects of the film it came across as downright ripping it off instead. If you want to see a film about classic Hollywood with great music and the beginning of the talkies, just watch that instead. 3/5
  6. I'd like them to take the same format the games did rather than intertwine both stories.
  7. I really don't think that's what Gabzy was getting at. Of course Ellie isn't going to care about taking toiletries but as a teenager girl she might be embarrassed about being on her period in front of a guy she barley knows and him knowing about it. But instead she just owned it.
  8. Not much more I can add that others already haven't said. What a brilliant episode.
  9. When people who go through water and are bone dry moments after.
  10. Nah, Ezra will get the heave ho too after the Flash is out
  11. I just checked out the page of the guy he retweeted, who is 100% an anti vaxxer and right wing grifter. So yeah, well done Levy 🤦‍♂️
  12. Ffs I always liked him. Even if he didn't mean it about vaccines and more about how they inflate medicine prices etc, the damage is done. Can't just go throwing tweets out like this without context and expecting it not to blow up. DC PR team scrambling like fuck now https://twitter.com/ZacharyLevi/status/1619599266607169539?t=59XUqNJoPtSb9woYchDU5A&s=19
  13. Would they? Just using Pro Wrestling as an example, the big 7ft guys have always moved a lot slower than the smaller 5ft 6 guys. Larger animals move slower than smaller animals etc. A quick Google search said the bigger you are the smaller you'll move.
  14. Walking away without locking car doors and leaving the windows down.
  15. No one ever says goodbye on phones, even with normal conversations, they just hang up. If that happened to me on a call, I'd presume their phone cut off and call back. But no, everyone's just rude in films/tv and hangs up.
  16. See another one I have on this (not so much something that pisses me off, just a observation). Where are all the dead bodies and human remains? Cities full of millions of people and not one single person stayed behind and died there? Seems doubtful. There isn't even any Zombie remains unless killed by a character. In TLOU they almost get away with this because it takes place 20 years after the prologue and it also takes around 20 years for an exposed human body to full decompose, skeleton included. But other shows/films seem to have nothing left behind.
  17. Wasn't really "Kang" they introduced in Loki, but that's by the by. I mean it's easy to be cynical and says that's the reason thr new big bad is in this film....or a varient of them anyway. They've said they wanted Ant-man to have a big film and not just be a filler film like time which is why he's kicking off Phase 5 and setting off the event. It does makes sense considering his links to the Quantum Realm.
  18. We watched M3GAN tonight too. There's some rally good stuff in there but I wish they hadn't gone for the PG-13 rating in the US because it made all the deaths really tame with most off screen. Would have liked more over the top stupid kills.
  19. We just watched it and most of the violence is pretty tame or done off screen. I don't think I'd have a problem with her watching this. She's seen scarier stuff.
  20. A few notable misses for me. The Batman & Top Gun missing for Cinematography. The Batman for best Score Viola Davis Lead Actress for The Woman King RRR missing from best forgein film and by all accounts Decision to Leave should be there too (I've yet to see it). Also Avatar shouldn't be nominated for best picture, but whatever, it won't win anyway.
  21. The show runners have already said they're playing around with timelines because events and characters are spread over thousands of years and they've had to condense these down to a more manageable time frame. Otherwise they'd replacing non long living characters too much. So, it's absolutely is Gandalf.
  22. Ah yes of course 🤦‍♂️ For some reason I was thinking one of the killers had a connection to Billy but thay was Sam wasn't it. The kilers were just obsessive Stab fans.
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