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  1. No one ever says goodbye on phones, even with normal conversations, they just hang up. If that happened to me on a call, I'd presume their phone cut off and call back. But no, everyone's just rude in films/tv and hangs up.
  2. See another one I have on this (not so much something that pisses me off, just a observation). Where are all the dead bodies and human remains? Cities full of millions of people and not one single person stayed behind and died there? Seems doubtful. There isn't even any Zombie remains unless killed by a character. In TLOU they almost get away with this because it takes place 20 years after the prologue and it also takes around 20 years for an exposed human body to full decompose, skeleton included. But other shows/films seem to have nothing left behind.
  3. Wasn't really "Kang" they introduced in Loki, but that's by the by. I mean it's easy to be cynical and says that's the reason thr new big bad is in this film....or a varient of them anyway. They've said they wanted Ant-man to have a big film and not just be a filler film like time which is why he's kicking off Phase 5 and setting off the event. It does makes sense considering his links to the Quantum Realm.
  4. We watched M3GAN tonight too. There's some rally good stuff in there but I wish they hadn't gone for the PG-13 rating in the US because it made all the deaths really tame with most off screen. Would have liked more over the top stupid kills.
  5. We just watched it and most of the violence is pretty tame or done off screen. I don't think I'd have a problem with her watching this. She's seen scarier stuff.
  6. A few notable misses for me. The Batman & Top Gun missing for Cinematography. The Batman for best Score Viola Davis Lead Actress for The Woman King RRR missing from best forgein film and by all accounts Decision to Leave should be there too (I've yet to see it). Also Avatar shouldn't be nominated for best picture, but whatever, it won't win anyway.
  7. The show runners have already said they're playing around with timelines because events and characters are spread over thousands of years and they've had to condense these down to a more manageable time frame. Otherwise they'd replacing non long living characters too much. So, it's absolutely is Gandalf.
  8. Ah yes of course 🤦‍♂️ For some reason I was thinking one of the killers had a connection to Billy but thay was Sam wasn't it. The kilers were just obsessive Stab fans.
  9. Maybe the "I'm different" is that they actually don't have any connection to a character this time round and just a some rando who got too obssedd with the legend of Ghostface and doing all purely for sport.
  10. Probably give this one a swerve with her then for the time being.
  11. I see it's a 15 but I've been told it should really be a 12A. My daughter wants to see it but we'll have to wait for streaming. Is it OK for a 9 year old?
  12. SkyGo isn't much better. I used SkyGo on the PS5 and there were notable drops in quality. I also watched an episode of House of the Dragon on the PC app last year and it was atrocious. Like DVD quality. You'd think these huge multimedia companies could produce decent apps to watch stuff on.
  13. I think anyone who complained about Bella Ramseys casting before we even saw anything can get fucked after that first episode. She nailed Ellie imo.
  14. I've heard they've taken all the difficulty out of it too. You can complete it with just pressing a few buttons.
  15. Completely agree on this. Falls apart massively in the final act.
  16. Watched the pitch meeting on this and reading some of the comments underneath just made me dislike the script and story even more. It's so poor.
  17. I'd rather change the whole team before getting rid of Klopp. 606 callers are the fucking dregs.
  18. I caved and went to see it today. It's on par with the first for me, a solid enjoyable 3/5 that's pulled through mainly by the visuals than the storytelling. But at least this one was more original than the 1st. There was stuff I liked and some moments that were great. However at times I found it ponderous and dragging, it didnt need to be so long. I have no issue with long films if they're worth the time, but I didn't think this needed to be 3hrs 15mins. Some of the dialogue was just awful and the use of "bro" & "cuz" felt so jaring everytime they said it. Thankfully though, I didn't find the kids annoying which is always a good thing. Apart from the younger one who just succumbed to all the usual tropes of a young child. Visually its unmatched and there were moments that looked incredible. The water effects were outstanding as was the motion capture. My biggest gripe with the visuals though is when you introduce real humans into the world, they look weird and almost fake. Going forward I would like to see something different that isn't just humans arrive and attack. I'd be more interested in seeing conflicts internally and with other tribes. It's a huge world, lets explore it. Based on schmojos post though, it sounds like that's what we're getting.
  19. She does dress differently to others, but it's on purpose surely, in order to stand out from the crowd of biege and grey. You'll probably find instanstnces of the characters male and female throughout that are the same. But it's hardly sexy or provocative, she just has her shoulders out 🤷‍♂️
  20. Your original complaint was literally about it being too revealing.
  21. It's a just a dress ffs. Has it got to point where people have nothing else to complain about other than a woman showing her bare arms? Fucking hell 🙄 It's hardly GOT levels of skin is it and I'm sure if Nazanin Boniadi felt uncomfortable she'd have had the costume changed. Actors have way more say and power in these things now.
  22. Looking forward to season 2 and the "it was shit" crowd to not be back. Of course, knowing this place, they'll hate watch it anyway
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