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  1. As if they've dissalowed that Spurs goal. Fucking hell, the refs in the PL and on VAR are shocking.
  2. Netflix, Amazon & Dinsey (although Dinsey is my brothers and he uses my Netflix) My Apple TV sub just ran out but will probably drop on and out of this. Regarding physical media, we have a fair few DVDs and BRs still but rarely buy any now. I pretty much bought all my favourite films on BR and before Disney+ was a thing, we were collecting all Disney classics and MCU films on BR. Haven't bought one since Disney+ launched though.
  3. Thank fuck for Alisson though, without him today we'd have probably lost that.
  4. This is why the refs are so shit and inconsistent. Give a pen there but wave off the clear penalty on Jota against Spurs.
  5. That's not a penalty. Balls too far gone, Jota clearly sees the keeper coming and goes into him more. I'd be fuming if it was the other way round.
  6. Yeah, if sifting through a shitty toilet, shitting yourself in someone elses bed or finding your child dead due to neglect is seen as cool, then put me down as uncool.
  7. Kelleher confirmed to start Carabao Cup final by Klopp
  8. With added Martha begging for the attacker to spare Bruce.
  9. We should do a sweepstakes. In which ten minute intervals will we see a pearl necklace snap and drop to the floor?
  10. He's always been a best for business kinda guy. He may have been on top a lot during his time in wrestling and buried people at times (although ultimately these weren't his decisions) but when asked to do something that made his character look weak, he'd always do it. I love him in this role though. It's the complete antithesis of his good guy wrestling character I spent years having to put up with.
  11. Maybe it wasn't in it's final form as it hadn't absorbed the Earth or something. Meh. Still think setting this on Earth with that storyline was a massive mistake.
  12. So Fellowship of the Ring is a 1.666666/5 then cause that only tells 1/3 of the story? You can't tell the full book in one film, which it's why it's split, just like LOTR was or even the last Harry Potter novel. Theres too much to tell so the films have a break point, which is why it's "Part 1".
  13. It's Part 1, it even states as much from the get go. It's not half a film, it's half of the story.
  14. Haha spot on. The turn around in Arsenal fans attitude from when Liverpool called off the semi final to when they called off the North London Derby was a thing of beauty.
  15. Yeah the general public in the MCU seem to just crack on with 3.5bn people popping back up 5 years later like they'd only been away a weekend.
  16. Oh that's perfect Thank you so much.
  17. Yeah the Hutts look terrible in BOBF.
  18. Tonight, we were looking through photos of our recently deceased cat and whilst doing that I came across this old photo of our family pets. My mum has always loved this photo but hates the fact there’s a huge pile of washing in it. I was wondering if someone would be kind enough to photoshop the chair & pile of washing out for me please as unfortunately it's beyond anything I can do. I'd love to be able to print it off for her. I know it might be difficult because there's a door and wall in the background behind the chair of washing too, so it might need cropping down on the sides. I'll leave that decision up to you. Thank you. Will pay for the work if need be.
  19. The podcast is so funny, the last 2 episodes have been fantastic. Charlie talking about the rules within religion this week and body parts in film had me audibility laughing out with tears in my eyes. Rob retweeted this too re last weeks episode
  20. It's a man knowing he's getting a nice payout in the morning.
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