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  1. I'd also thought something simular. I love that it's so open to these interpretations.
  2. Oh I fully think the Green Knight knows everything, setting it all up and manipulating stuff to test him.
  3. I didn't get that at all. I thought the ending was failry clear.
  4. We'll never get Wilder vs AJ whilst neither holds a title but I still think AJ vs Fury happens because it'll make both a fuck ton of money. The titles aren't needed for that fight (although they'd help). I think after Fury batters Wilder again, he fights Usyk for the undisputed crown (AJ ain't beating him in a rematch). Then we wil get AJ vs Fury, there's too much money involved for it not to happen. Fury of course will win though cause he's the best Heavyweight out there.
  5. He made one sub and it was one of the better players of the day too. Baffling. Taki and Origi had a decent week and he didn't didn't both trying to change it up.
  6. Our defence was fucking atrocious today. That Salah miss cost us the 3 points there too.
  7. Fuck. Off. That Mo miss seems massive now.
  8. Jones blasts it over "Hang on boss, give me a sec before you take me off" BAM
  9. Absolutely loved this. The style, the sounds, the guitar shredding, it was all just stunning. Sometimes I'm just well up for games like this that aren't a challenge but are just stunning to look at and listen to, with a nice story to go a long with. Very much like A Night In The Woods.
  10. I'm mean the right wing t-shirt probably gave it away.
  11. I had read rumours about him being a pain on MCU sets too and bothering people, banging on about God and shit and handing out psalms to people. Could just be bullshit rumours though.
  12. He's never said anything in public (he's not that stupid) but he goes to a church renowned for being anti gay and providing gay conversion therapy. I don't care if you say you're pro LGBTQ+, if you're going to that church and giving them money you clearly feel the same too, even if you don't say it out loud.
  13. I think he does good VO work in the LEGO movie. I'm sure he'll be fine and lets face it the reaction to anyone being chosen as Mario was going to be the same because we've had 20 odd years of him sounding like a stereotypical Italian characature saying nothing more than "itssa-me-mario", "wahhoooo" and "ooooh noooo" No fucking way Martinet was ever leading this film.
  14. People are bellends who throw full pints in the air to celebrate. People in the crowd don't wanna be soaked in beer, especially kids.
  15. Ah nice. I'll add it to my ever expanding reading list.
  16. I've not seen this weeks episode but so far I've felt Captain Carter was the weakest. Just felt its was switching two characters around whereas the others were completely new things.
  17. Has anyone read No Country for Old Men? How does the film compare to that because I think the film is outstanding.
  18. Supernova (2021) Colin Firth (Sam) and Stanley Tuchi (Tusker) play a gay couple of 20 years who have to deal with the effects of dementia as it slowly starts to take over Tuskers mind. From the trailer I expected this to leave me in pieces but I came away from it feeling quite ambivalent. Firth and Tuchi are both really great and whilst the film is gentle, tender and intimate, I felt it was also a little lacking and lukewarm. I think if you've ever had a loved one suffer from dementia it would probably hit you harder than it did myself, but its quite hard not to compare this to something like The Father which I think did a much better job in telling a story about dementia. The Father left me in tears, this didn't. It's not bad, it's just a bit beige and completely held together by Firth and Tuchi in the central performances. 3/5
  19. Lizard Man of Arms? What? *edit* Oh you mean the latest one, not Revelations.
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