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  1. 2005 1. Sin City 2. Batman Begins 3. The Descent 2006 1. The Departed 2. Little Miss Sunshine 3. Pans Labyrinth 2007 1. Hot Fuzz 2. No Country for Old Men 3. Superbad 2008 1. The Dark Knight 2. Wall-E 3. In Bruges 2009 1. Up 2. Inglorious Basterds 3. Fantastic Mr.Fox
  2. I dont doubt that's where it start but attaching the Joker confirmed commercial success. Had this not had the Joker attached it would maybe have found success at home, but not at the cinema.
  3. SO much better. Why didnt they just go with this design to start with?
  4. Southgate giving it the old "I wont play players out of form" Leaves Trent, Sancho, Mount and Abraham on the bench. Starts Winks, Rashford and Pickford
  5. Stigweard


    Exactly what I thought.
  6. Explain please? It isnt just his metal health issues that cause him to snap, it's a multitude of things This isnt just "man with mental health issues snaps and kills people because hes mentally ill". Its quite clearly more than just that. Also mentally ill people can and do cause damage to themselves and people. Metal illness isnt just down to one thing where you can put in a box and say "this is mental illness and this is how people who are mentally ill act". It affects people in many different ways. So how is it a damaging depiction to show that one man whose mind is dangerous cause harm? Those people do exist in real life. How far do you take this? Do we just stop showing the really bad and negative side of things in film/tv altogether? Here we see it contribute to his descent but as I've said, a combination of everything is the reason for the results not just his illness.
  7. "More damage" They haven't done any damage to it at all. Even if you didn't like this, it's hardly taken a big shit on BB, it's cannon or where the story was left. It's not like 90% of the people watching it are coming out and shitting all over it, most reaction seems positive.
  8. Dora and the Lost City of Gold. Surprisingly a really fun film with some genuinely laugh out loud moments too. 3/5
  9. Anyone watching the new series? I've only watched the first 2 episodes so far, but them going at China was brilliant.
  10. I thought it was a really good redemptive epilogue for the show and Jessie. Was it needed? No. But it doesn't ruin the ending to Breaking Bad at all.
  11. I would genuinely love to but I live in the middle of Yorkshire and my local indie only ever shows box office films (just weeks down the line). I'm hoping when we get the new cinema in my town (it's going to be an everyman) they might show some more independent films.
  12. Anyone else spot this hidden batman imagery? Saw it on Twitter last night.
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