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  1. Hopefully not, but we can leave him out for the next two games and cope at least. He can have a rest and sort it out
  2. @skondo if you enjoyed the film, definitely check out the TV show, it's just as good and better in places.
  3. Exactly. I hate that nowadays so many people get 2 or 3 episodes into a show and moan about the slow pace. Just let shows breathe ffs.
  4. We have 3 games before City play their next game. If we win all 3, we'll be ahead of them by 22 points
  5. Nah, the problem with Arsenal is they always try and walk it in.
  6. But of course that's how its voted on. How are people meant to vote on something they've not seen.
  7. Subtitled alone means she out, she wouldn't be able to keep up. I think I'll just have to wait and watch his films with her when she's older.
  8. Thanks for the reminder. Your Name is one of my favourite films so I've been eagerly anticipating Makoto Shinkai's follow up. Is it suitable for a 6 year old?
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