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  1. These are films releases in the UK on 2019. This is the full list of films from this year I've seen. https://letterboxd.com/stuartbakeruk/list/2019-ranked/
  2. If my wife did that I'd just let her leave whilst I stayed, more fool her (your wife). Lucky Mrs.Stig loves these films too so waits for the mid credits. You missed out this time, they're both two major scenes with future implications. As I've said before on the Tony Stark criticism, I don't find it warranted. He's Peters father figure, a male figure he's latched onto as he doesn't have one in his life. To just ignore all that and the pain he feels over his loss would be ridiculous. I also liked how
  3. VAR is following the rules. You can think the rules are ridiculous but non of that is VARs fault. It was used correctly and followed the rules set out by FIFA. Now as much as I enjoy City getting done over by VAR, the new handball rule is a joke.
  4. It makes me regret not rewatching it all against before season 8. I was so sure this was a show I going to buy the box set of but now I know I'll never watch it again because of the ending.
  5. I haven't even bothered going back for season 3.
  6. Watch this last night and this is spon on. I found it so dull.
  7. Theres a scene in Dredd where Mama and her goons are just blowing the shit out of a hall on the other side of the tower where Dredd is. Once all the bullets are depleted, theres dust and smoke everywhere and out steps Dredd dragging one of Mamas main men and just tosses him over the side in front of them all, turns and walks back through the smoke without saying a word. Bad ass. *edit* Managed to find the full scene. There's a few little differences to what I remember but the badass moment is that of Dredd just tossing a fool over the edge without giving a single fuck.
  8. Oh god yes, 100% this. That first season was amazing, after season 2 I sacked it off. Then I heard it basically turned into 24 and I love 24 so that's not a slight against that show, it's just not what Homeland was about.
  9. As mentioned, Sliders just descended into utter tripe and on my watch through several years ago I gave up after 2 episodes of the final series. No Mallory, no Arturo (who's evil doppelganger story they didn't even touch on) just made it not worth bothering with. For me Greys Anatomy is a prime example of when something outstayed its welcome. I genuinely loved the show for several seasons, even with some of the outlandish episodes, it had heart, some great drama and full of really funny moments. It also had surprises that were genuinely gut punching (if you've seen the show, I'll just say George). But as it started getting on, actors left, new characters weren't as interesting, storylines just kept going round in circlesa and a fall out between Patrick Dempsey and the shows writter/producer resulted in the shitest ending for such a beloved character. I gave up around season 12, but my wife still watches and its now on season 15, renewed for 16 and 17 I believe. I was getting bored by it anyway but the final straw for me was when they had this amazing cliff hanger episode and thought it was back on track, but then the next episode centred around a group of the doctors called to another hospital to help out with something. The episode didnt mean anything or touch on the cliffhanger once. It was this shitty random epsiode they stuck on that meant nothing and I just decided it wasnt worth my time anymore. How I Met Your Mother dragged on way too long too, to the point that I ended up not even liking the characters anymore. Friends ran out of ideas when they tried to make Joey and Rachel an item. Nah, fuck they noise.
  10. Just waiting for the gender reversal announcement and for incels to go absolutely mental.
  11. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07P975Q9R/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_DdDvDb6ZRGSP4
  12. This is the birthday card I got for my wife.
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