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  1. Avengers: Infinity War - April 2018

    Anyone who wants themself a sweet ass Infinity Gauntlet but is on a budget
  2. PUBG Mobile

    My first go on it and i only went and got a chicken dinner. I think I might retire. *edit* fuck sake I've just read the bots thing The game is janky as fuck, dont know if this happened for anyone else but I always knew someone was close because it froze everytime.
  3. PlayStation VR

    Rez Infinite is currently half price on the PS Store. £11.99
  4. Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection - May 2018

    On the adapter in general or playing SF with it? I used the my DS4 on MK8 and it worked perfectly.
  5. Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection - May 2018

    I just bought a dongle that means I can use my DS4 on the Switch, so think I'll go with the Switch version. That means I can use my DS4 on the Big TV but also play in bed or on the go if I fancy it.
  6. Football Thread 2017/18

    Yes of course your right, I meant in the league sorry. Dunno how you played like that that day, was like seeing a completely different team.
  7. A movie watchers blog

    Yeah that fair, makes sense. But for me the downsizing concept was interesting, the self journey wasn't. Seen it a million times before.
  8. A movie watchers blog

    But the second half was pointless, it could have been any movie about a divorced down on his luck man looking to find himself. The downsizing literally plays no part into it other than a catalyst on why hes alone.
  9. A movie watchers blog

    Downsizing (2017) A movie of two halves if ever I saw one. The first half is enjoyable, smart, conceptual and full of interesting ideas. The second half is a completely different film about a man finding himself and it loses anything the first half did well. The downsizing aspect of the film takes a massive back seat and other than a few nods and mentions of them being small, it could have easily been set in the regular world. The only part I did like was it's commentary of social classes and how even in this idlic rich world of the downsized, theres still a massive divide between different classes. Its not as cosy and perfect as the brochures paint it to be. Other than that, its a snoozefest and I was clock watching. Its like they had a gimmick to draw people in and then once it got us, they threw that to the side for something completely different. It's a massively missed opportunity that I think the idea would have worked better as a TV show. It would have benefited a lot more too if they'd have had more interaction with the regular world after the downsizing had occurred. On a positive note, the support cast were very good. 2/5
  10. Football Thread 2017/18

    You really don't half talk some shit sometimes . Our main goal and wish was to get back into the CL, we're now there (further than your lot too incidentally). We're also on course to be there again next year if we keep our form going. We wanted Champions League football, Klopp took us there, so how is that a failure? It's step one in getting us to where we want to be again. Sure, like any team we'd like to win some trophies, but if not winning those is failure then your failure is even worse. You've won 1 Trophy in 25 years, so have a look at your only failings before you talk about ours. Klopp's taken us to 2 cup finals, one which was 50/50 and we lost on penalties and one we only have ourselves to blame so I can't argue against that. This years we've only lost 4 games in the league all year, haven't lost a single game at Anfield and we are playing exciting football. Progress is being made under Klopp, in no way is he holding us back. Your maths is off too, because even if we lose one more game and win the rest, we'll finish on more points than last season. So before you come on here, spouting how our season last year of this year is a failure, how about you look at your own team first, who have done no better than us in the grand scheme of things the last several years.
  11. Football Thread 2017/18

    Wastes his chances too. 4 on target, 4 goals.
  12. Liverpool Football Club Thread

    That Bobby goal. Audacious.
  13. Avengers: Infinity War - April 2018

    I think they can and they've also said this film is more Thanos' film than anyone elses too. So gives me hope that we'll get some emotional heft behind his actions other than "Random space dude wants to destroy half the Galaxy because, why not?"
  14. Avengers: Infinity War - April 2018

    Its pretty much going to be a follow on though isnt it. I'll be pretty dissapointed if Thanos turns up and is defeated within one movie. I'm sure that wont be the case though.

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