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  1. Quite but if someone replies, I can reply. But I know I'm not the only person who found it odd, I heard it on some podcasts too. Just thought it was an odd way to go. They've put so much heart and emotion in exploring things in other parts of the show, it would be nice to just seen someone who's new to all this feel some remorse. It's just a side of the MCU that never gets touched upon. I think only Spider-man has cared enough to make sure he doesn't kill (unless it's Aliens of course). Still been great show though.
  2. Yeah, nah they really didn't lol. Van blew up straight away and then rolled down the road on fire.
  3. You're completely failing to understand what I'm getting at. I'm not arsed about the henchmen, it's more her straight up killing people for the first time without having any feelings on it. She's not a trained assassin, she's not been wired to be like that but it was all too easy for her to kill people. They didn't explore her experience of killing at all, which would have been nice to see, especially when Clint was talking about how you lose things leading this life. Anyway. Another great episode this week, with a wonderful mix of emotional moments, action and lightheartedness.
  4. This was a massive let down, especially considering the cast. I thought the premise sounded great but the execution wasn't unfortunately. It couldn't quite decide what genre it wanted to land on, the noir voice over and setting would have worked so much better had the film just settled itself on a look and feel. Instesd it became a proper hodgepodge of a film. Also the script is really terrible in parts, the way people spoke to each other at times just wasn't believable. A great concept, wasted. Think @Stopharagenailed it really.
  5. It was more her ability to straight up murder people with such ease.
  6. You aren't gaining any advantage that far out though are you really. Not with your shoulder only being 5 inch ahead of a defenders boot.
  7. A part of his body that be scpred with is ahead of the Arsenal player. I find it pretty stupid though, it should be based in where your feet are as that's where any advantage comes from.
  8. I'll be back here back end if Dec after I've seen a few more 2021 releases and my last 2 cinema trips of the Matrix and Spider-man.
  9. And it came back to bite them on the arse. Love it.
  10. Absolute dogshit game. Sloppy passes, dogshit finishing, sitters missed....BUT WHO THE FUCK CARES ORIGIIIIIIIII
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