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  1. Yeah, baring a KO, wouldn't surprise me if this somehow ends a draw
  2. Oh look, one of the biggest events in UK boxing history is taking place in.....Saudi Arabia
  3. I found the perfect actor for the lead role
  4. We really enjoyed it. I wasn't sure my wife would be into it as much as me because I'm well into my fantasy stuff way more than she is but I could tell she was really invested in it come the midway point. 8 episodes was the perfect length too.
  5. That's not how spending time with your children works.
  6. What a silly and insulting statement to make.
  7. I mean did they not pick up on her being gay at any other point in the film? It's very evident. Also, fuck whoever wrote that. Pricks.
  8. This was incredible, full of so much heart, great characters, wonderful moments and was absolutely hilarious. So many laugh out loud moments and the part had me crying with laughter. Even using the cliche of a stupid dog didn't wear thin and the first joke was amazing. The animation style was fantastic too and I loved the use of handdrawn hearts, rainbows, creatures, emoticons etc that would pop up around the characters throughout. This film left me feeling great with a massive smile on my face when it ended. Loved it.
  9. I got the impressions that
  10. VPN is a good option if you can watch comfortably at a PC or hook a laptop up to a TV.
  11. Yeah, you look even more silly bringing that idea back up
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