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  1. Our point was we shouldn't be comparing them just because they are shows by and about woman, which is what that article say. You weren't saying that at all, you said you'll find things saying it deals with simular themes, which isn't really true. A throw away line like "it's the new Fleabag" means nothing and doesn't detail why it's the new Fleabag, other than it being about a young woman in the city.
  2. I googled "I Will Destroy You Fleabag" and nearly all the results say "it's the new Fleabag" but go into no details on why or "stop comparing it to Fleabag". The one common demonator here is that they're women. This sums it up perfectly for me https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/i-may-destroy-you-michaela-coel-sexual-assault-rape-consent-normal-people-a9568581.html
  3. It's an obviously get out jail free card, but come on, the fire starts with him in the basement, how the fuck would he get out or not be burnt to a crisp when the fire fighters showed up and got that under control.
  4. There also seems to be this 180 happening on Fleabag in order to validate this show. It's ok for both things to be good, it's not one of the other. There's room for all
  5. Even he has a bad past with substance abuse.
  6. Why? Thats a made up article with a fantasy response. The section it's posted in is called "Short Imagined Monolgues" where people submit made up monolgues. The song isn't even true considering she was 16/17 when it was written and the song leaps 5 years into the furture. It's just about stupid high school kliqs/cliches and not judging someone by their appearance.
  7. Even Bret Hart (my very favourite when growing up) was a serial adulterer. There's a fair few around now that seem like genuinly great people (although still plenty of scum bags around) but you're hard pressed to find any wrestler from the 80's/early to mid 90's that wasn't a horrible person in some way or another. Other than maybe Owen Hart, who's biggest crime seems to be that he ribbed on people a little too much. Undertaker always seemed like a decent bloke who kept things in check in the lockeroom and was willing to put over younger guys, but his political views are an abolsute shit show so he's out for that. Such a carney buisness.
  8. Tbf you made the first comments comparing it against Fleasbag though. If people think this is better than Fleabag, fine but I did wonder why the need to say anything just because it created by and stars a woman too.
  9. SpaceJesus will do that to you
  10. I would love Tom Cruise to do a reaction video to both
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