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  1. Taking away annoying voices does help on that front. Its weird with them sounding different but worked.
  2. Was about to say that, Randor threatened her father with death too.
  3. I don't need to imagine, I've seen the reaction to a black woman who's character is called Michael being the lead of a Star Trek show.
  4. If that show was called Superman and the Justice League you might have a point.
  5. This response is fucking hilarious. Next you'll be saying her arms were too butch and she didn't smile enough How dare this woman deal with grief in a way you don't like. She should be sad and crying at all times. For what it's worth, she is grieving but she's angry and fearful. There's a whole part of the show dedicated to it.
  6. Great point. As I've said I think he's far more connected with the story that people are giving it credit for anyway. On another note, one think that pisses me off is the whole "this is woke bullshit" stuff because it follows a female more. They seems to think anything with a strong female is woke these days and that it's being forced down our necks. They're even accusing Marvel as doing it now. You know, the MCU that has 24 films out where only 2 woman got to be lead characters in their own films. Apparantly 2 films is too much and the MCU is now too woke . Or Star Wars because they dared to have a female lead, somehow completely forgetting the OT had a strong female lead too. Female leads bake in Nostalgia = Good. New female leads = Too woke.
  7. As much as I'm cool with Teela taking more of a lead role I think not just releasing it all at once was a bad idea. I can see why they have done it this way because of the end of episode 5 but Kevin Smith has constantly said He-Man would feature loads after the main plot was leaked several weeks ago. Let's be honest, He-Man did barely feature in this in terms of screen time but he's constantly said different and the trailer suggested different too. I think if part 2 features him more they should have just put it all out. Then again it does come across as an excuse for people to be misogynistic and complain about "woke" culture. Well done for never paying attention to the original series idiots.
  8. The very idea of people saying "this is the boys show, she-ra is the girls show" is up there with "girls don't like proper video games". It's not exclusive to one market these days and having a female lead for a few of the episodes doesn't mean men can't enjoy it. I can totally see why people would find Teela unlikeable though, she turned very bitter and appears she hasn't handled her grief well at all, but people handle things in many different ways. But the story having 3 episodes on what would happen to the world without He-man is interesting to me. He-man is a fun character but at times he's like Superman, he's Deus-Machina, so exploring some new things is OK in my book. Plus in a sense its still all centered around him really even if he's not on screen, he's the catalyst for everything. I fully expect him to return and be a central character though.
  9. What, you mean a new interesting take that was really well done? (albiet with some shonky parts). Anyway, one more time for the people at the back "ITS CALLED MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE, HE-MAN ISNT THE ONLY MAJOR CHARACTER AN MOTU"
  10. Exactly this. Not to mention its long term story telling and for those who watched the show I think we can see where its potentially going People are so impatient these days. Also fuck anyone moaning about it being "too woke" cause the story is centring on Teela. She was always a strong character in He-man, following her story is fine within this world. It's like people forgot that She-Ra was a thing too. If people are complaining about strong woman, they're clearly not people who watched the original show. Anyway I really enjoyed it, thought the music was fantastic, liked the set pieces and I'm not sure what the problem with the animation is for some, but I thought it was fine. Only thing I was disappointed in was Skelator not
  11. Fuck this guy, he's the typical shock jock YouTuber who clearly hates woman.
  12. Oh man I just remembered Ryan Dunn passed away didn't he I hope they have a dedication for him.
  13. Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom is great and genuinly funny at times. I also love how everytime the elves says "we're Elves" they toot a horn. @Jammyare you talking about the bit where Peppa just hangs up on Suzie? That cracks me up. But in general, Peppa is a horrible spoilt brat.
  14. This one makes me laugh every time
  15. It's got me watching clips on YT. The Ram one on this clip, proper made me lol
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