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  1. Portugal Wonderers FC
  2. 12 Angry Men - 12 men from a jury deliberate a murder trial. The whole film takes place in one room. I love this because we as the audience never leave the room and have to make our mind up about the case based purely on what these men discuss in the room. We don't see the accused or any of the trial so there is litterally no predisposition. One of the best films I've ever seen. Room - A really harrowing tale of a woman and child kept in a room against their will for several years. For the child the room is all they know too as they are born in it. So its a really fascinating look at a woman who has lived in and knows of the world and a child who only knows of the room and how the mother has to deal with that. Both leads are utterly fantastic and one of only a few films to make me cry, not just tear up (loads of films have done that), but really make me a blubbering mess. Lion - Another film that absolutely wrecked me and made me a crying mess more than once. The real life story of an Indian man who uses Google Maps to find his birth mother and village after becoming lost and separated from his brother when he was only 5 years old. Rear Window - One of my favourite Hitchcock films with one of my favourite actors of all time, Jimmy Stewart. A man laid up in his apartment with a broken leg begins a fascination with watching his neighbours from his apartment window, only to discover that one of them may be harboring a terrible and deadly secret.
  3. Are they 100% that price or is that just a place holder? I remember PS4 games going up for £60 and that suddenly dropped right before launch.
  4. I know this. They also did the bombastic version for the films too.
  5. Maybe not. I've also read this is happennig regardless.
  6. What company has been exploitative here? The issue isn't about the devs its about the owner of the IP. I think you're getting two very different things mixed up here.
  7. Neither are able to happen WB make shit tons of money of HP. The Philosopher's Stone alone passed the billion dollar mark the other week with a re-release in cinemas. On the other point, you're never gonna be able to see HP without thinking JKR.
  8. I think before you all start spouting your hate at this game because of JKR you need to remember this game was well into development before her TERF rants and stance. As El points out, buy/dont buy the game its up to you but direct your anger to JKR not the game devs. Shes a billionaire and it won't matter a jot if you do or don't buy it, the people who made the game don't have that luxury.
  9. Thats cause the wizzarding world never caught on with Muggle technology. Their world, even in the 90s where the books takes place is still stuck in the 1800s. They don't use electricity, modern pens, telephones etc.
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