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  1. I wish I “got” Slay The Spire. I played it for an hour and that was enough for me. I didn’t like that there was seemingly no permanent progression or levelling up etc. I apologise in advance as I know it’s held in incredibly high regard here. @therearerules thanks for the recommendation of Stories Untold, watched a review and it looks great
  2. I just bought the Walking Dead Telltale series, seasons 1, 2 & 3 for a little over £10 combined! I’ve always meant to give them a go
  3. Just watched a review and it looks ace, slightly disappointing that Multiplayer is missing entirely, even if it was just leaderboards or something but as this includes all the DLC there’s a fair whack of content for your money
  4. Haven’t got a bargain off the selling pages for ages but just paid £10 for these which I’m more than happy with
  5. I bought Moero Chronicles for the Switch without watching a review, I just saw the style of it and wasn’t fully prepared for the “rubbing of anime girls” element. I’ve not played it since
  6. Late to the party but I’ve just bought a Vita, I’ve bought Persona 4 Golden, Dragons Crown, Lego LOTR & Virtua Tennis 4, are there any other essentials I’ve missed? Anything at a decent price on the PlayStation Store I should be picking up? Thanks all
  7. bought one off the forum in the end thanks very much @gossi the dog
  8. Im going to bite the bullet and buy the first one I see sell for under £50. I don’t sell games any more and I know I’ll play it if I spend that sort of money
  9. oooh I haven’t a clue I’ve not received it yet
  10. I’ve just bought a Vita off the forum with the idea of playing this as one of the major reasons for the purchase having never played the series before, This was before realising that it sells for silly money on EBay, I don’t suppose anyone has any suggestions of where to pick this up please?
  11. My mint NES collection, I spent literally hundreds on it and sold it on for a 10th of the price when I was skint. I had things like sealed Final Fantasy One and Legend Of Zelda. I still get that heart sinking feeling when I think about it. Im piecing my Retro collection back together now bit by bit but prices are ridiculous now compared to when I bought things the first time round, for instance I paid £1 for Metal Slug Advance at a car boot, can’t find it under £40 now, a tenner for Chrono Trigger and can’t find it under £70, for a bloody DS game.
  12. Anybody got any tips on spotting a fake GBA cart? I hardly dare buy off eBay as it seems rife with repro carts. Is there a definitive way to tell if a game is real?
  13. @Das is currently building me an IPS screen GBA with a Clear Shell and buttons, I’ll post the results when I receive
  14. For crying out loud that’s me sold, thanks very much
  15. As someone that adored Xenoblade 2, I’m aware that Xenoblade Chronicles came out before 2, is it any sort of step back at all? Gameplay wise? Does it play as well as 2?
  16. My light turns off, if I charge over night the light has gone off by the morning
  17. anyone know why the Bioshock and Borderlands games aren’t on the eShop? They’re out in a couple of days aren’t they?
  18. I started this today, after the several hour 100gb update I’m now level 4 and I think I unlock a load of freebies including bunkers and stuff at level 5, exciting. I can also make myself a VIP but I have no idea how
  19. Does anyone here play this? theres a free weekend this weekend and with having a bit of time on my hands I’m tempted to get into something new, any tips?
  20. I had no problems playing anything I’ve tried and I’ve watched 100 review Vids before buying where others had no problems either
  21. Droidbox.co.uk are UK based, in stock with next day delivery
  22. I’m just wondering wether there’s somewhere I’m unaware of or have massively overlooked when it comes to buying retro games? Generally if I want something I try - Here eBay FB Selling Pages And obvs not currently but Car Boots. Is there somewhere glaringly obvious that I’m missing because when it comes to eBay the prices are ridiculous, I’m not paid £60 for an unboxed Mario Tennis on the GBA, and it seems that folks on FB Selling are wise to it also, everything is snapped up within seconds or priced by retro game sellers instead of the average Joe, I massively regret selling off my Retro Games collection when my first Daughter was born as I got literally peanuts and to replace would now cost me tens of thousands, Thanks guys
  23. you won’t be disappointed! Have you got a link to the cases you’ve found please? Ive put about 8 hours into Final Fantasy 6 today that I’d never played before and spent all last night playing the GBA Mario Tennis! Such a lovely bit of kit
  24. Droidbox.co.uk Same place as I got my GPD Win 2 from, great after sales too
  25. My RG350M turned up this morning and my god I’m impressed for the price. I paid £100 with a 64gb card Full of Emus and Roms. It’s not struggled with anything up to and including PS1, running things like FF7 like a dream, And the thing I’m most impressed with is the build quality, it’s heavy, it feels great in the hand, the buttons are responsive, sticks are great, screen is incredible, I’m astounded by the overall quality. You could genuinely throw a Nintendo logo on it, charge me and extra £100 and I’d have still been impressed. if anyone’s on the fence I strongly recommend the RG350M. If anyone has any questions or wants me to test anything let me know!
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