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  1. Thanks! I keep missing these! Any chance of a tag when they go up?
  2. I’ll have a think about the other question
  3. Tommy is my in game name I only really bother doing the 5 star raids, they generally give you 4iv-6iv
  4. I was on one of your Snorlax raids last night, bloody thing ran away! did manage to catch one though, 5iv so happy with that
  5. Ryse springs to mind, Looked pretty but that’s about it
  6. Wasn’t aware of the Flame Body thing, thanks for that
  7. People who are multi-hatching in search of Shiny mon, I’m just curious as to how you do it to make best use of your time? I’m using a 5iv Jap Ditto, do you just wander round until you’re full of eggs, run up and down until all 5 are hatched then swap out and start again or are you constantly picking up a new egg as one hatches?
  8. Portia - Soul Calibur - @Treble Yakuza - @dirk_beefhammer
  9. Anybody want these? Would recommend Portia it’s ace!
  10. No bloody way, I’ve hatched 1300 with shiny charm, Jap 5iv Ditto and no luck whatsoever
  11. How many eggs did that take bud? Shiny charm or no shiny charm?
  12. Guys I’m missing out on Max Raid battles by literally having 0 friends Add me please - SW-1527-5385-4505
  13. Also, it would be so easy to add DLC to this, add another 100 Pokemon and another Wild area - £20, add an extra bit of story and a couple of new legendaries £20. Easy money, Not generally the Pokemon way though, I expect Pokemon Sword Slash and Pokemon Shield Bash to be released at some point at full price
  14. I’m about there with the game now, got over 20 Mon to level 100, tons of Gigantamax, no shiny as yet, if anyone needs anything specific I’m now in a position to help out I’m now breeding off a 5iv Ditto so a good load of mine are battle ready
  15. 1) create seasonal character, select adventure mode then log out 2) complete the current challenge rift 3) log back into seasonal character and open challenge rift reward Whats the idea between logging out and back in guys
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