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  1. Right I’m in! Please tag me ever month so I don’t forget!
  2. Anyone on the fence about giving this a go it’s £34.99 at Curry’s with the code FNDDGAME
  3. Right guys, after putting 400 hours into this in the first couple of months I haven’t turned it on until today for over 9 months, have I missed anything? Any new features or stuff I should know about?
  4. Thanks for that, I read that 3 had an update or something so now there’s a menu dedicated to showing you what happened in 1&2 but that may be wrong....Maybe I’ll make this my next venture and get the first two on Vita first. I like the look of the combat system, seems to be a really detailed version of the usual formula. And I’m told the games are fairly hefty in length and content? So that should keep me going
  5. Has anyone played the Trails Of Cold Steel series? I’m a JRPG fan but it’s a series that has totally passed me by, can anyone recommend / tell me it’s shit?
  6. My Coffee Talk Collectors Edition for the Switch came today and like a true weirdo I’m going to keep it in its wrapping and have spent another £15 downloading the game off the eShop instead Ive also ordered Alex Kidd and Stardew Valley Collectors Editions today, the first game I ever played and my favourite game of the last decade. The Mrs has agreed that I can have a display unit in the lounge with a “few” of my games on so I thought I’d invest in a couple of nice Collectors Editions
  7. Wait Hunter Rank is tied to the hub quests not the Village Quests? I thought I had read the opposite or I wouldn’t have bothered with the Village stuff I much prefer playing with others. In your opinion then now that the credits have rolled and I’ve seen the story should I switch focus straight to the Hub?
  8. Thats good, the more game that’s in there the better, Monster Hunter is a game I’ll play and come back to for the next few years so the main game being bulky before DLC and updates is a great sign
  9. The way Hunter Rank works in this seems a little odd, I’ve been working through the Village Quests and the credits have just rolled after about 10 hours but I’m still only Hunter Rank 2? My plan was to blast through the Village Quests until I reached the final boss then let the real fun begin with the hub Quests but I’m a bit confused about still being HR2 after the credits have rolled, do HR 3-7 go pretty quickly from here on out?
  10. Just Pre-Ordered the Signature Edition £60 jobby from Signature Games! How could I not? First game I ever played and I’ve had an Alex Kidd Avatar on here forever! https://signatureeditiongames.com/
  11. As a veteran of the Monster Hunter series I always worry when a new game comes out that it will be worse than the last but after a good amount of play time now I can honestly say I think this is the best in the series. Especially compared to the Base world game, a lot of endgame stuff will be added and the Monster Hunter series is one of the games that benefits from constant updates even years after its release. If I had one minor thing I feel like is missing it’s the way entering Multiplayer games are handled, I feel you know less about who you are playing with until after you’ve
  12. Is anyone playing Littlewood? If I’ve recently put a combined 700 hours in to Stardew, Animal Crossing and My Time At Portia is this going to feel like overkill?
  13. You can buy just the left Joycon from Amazon, I tried to go down the route of replacing the thumb stick after seeing just how easy tiny fingered bionic eyed Youtubers made it look and fully fucked mine up in about 2 minutes by snapping a clip of a bit the ribbon cable sits in. I ended up getting a nice pair of Purple and Yellow ones
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