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  1. Started this today and even though granted, I am a huge Pokémon fan, I really can’t see what all the fuss is about regarding it being shoddy, it’s a bit shaky in places but overall it’s brilliant and I’m loving it, Not encountered any of the crazy bugs or anything that I’ve seen about, Looking forward to completing a new Pokédex and getting obsessed with IV scores and breeding post game
  2. Guys what was the name of that site that tells you how well something runs on the deck? I’ve gone back a few pages but can’t find it
  3. Has anyone played The Quarry on Steam Deck? Just been reading reviews saying it runs like absolute garbage, wondered if anyone could confirm before I bite the bullet please
  4. I was just about to buy this but everyone pretty much saying that it gets worse the longer it goes on has put me off a bit, I’ve never played Until Dawn so I don’t have that as a comparison, and don’t own a PlayStation so have no way to play it! What do people think? If I’ve not played Until Dawn is this still worth £35?
  5. Sounds right up my street, I’m a big fan of things like Edith Finch and Gone Home as well as the Walking Dead Telltale series so I’ll certainly give this a go! Will check out Until Dawn in anticipation now
  6. Having never played anything Supermassive Games, the trailer looks good, I’m assuming this is a Visual Novel / Walking Sim?
  7. New to the thread so haven’t done a lot of reading back, how does this compare to Diablo 3 on Switch? Is it massively scaled back or is it pretty hefty in terms of content? secondly, with it being available on PC has anyone had it running on Steam Deck yet?
  8. Anybody want any of the following for their Steam Deck? Pm me for whichever one you want - Spongebob - Battle Of Bikini Bottom Command & Conquer Remastered - @Mitchell Spellcaster University Surviving The Aftermath - @smithstock If Found….. - @watusi Genesis Noir - @watusi Embr - @smithstock
  9. I have a horrible habit of not wanting to play games if I'm even slightly tired, in my head I’ve got to be at peak performance or I’ll forget where I am in the story, keep dying etc. But one game I find massively relaxing is No Mans Sky, even if i’m tired, I can fire it up, go and farm some stuff on a couple of planets and generally just chill while playing it
  10. Fallout 3 / NV They count as one game in my eyes
  11. I’ve been playing huge amounts of No Mans Sky on this, I couldn’t click with it on Console but it’s just perfect on Steam Deck, runs flawlessly, battery lasts for an age playing it, doesn’t seemingly kick the fan in so can play in bed with the baby asleep in the same room. Great stuff Back to mining rocks and building bases!
  12. My favourite stuff always comes out on an Indie Direct Give me news on Haunted Choclatier over BOTW2 news every day of the week
  13. Has this been posted yet?
  14. Has anyone got a link to the last one of these we did? Curious to see how many of mine have changed in 5 years
  15. 1. Fallout 3 2. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 3. Final Fantasy IX 4. Animal Crossing: New Leaf 5. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 6. Borderlands 2 7. Stardew Valley 8. The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 9. Red Dead Redemption 10. The Last Of Us 11. Monster Hunter World 12. Bioshock 13. Mass Effect 2 14. Xenoblade Chronicles 15. Fable III 16. Diablo III 17. Tomb Raider II 18. Broken Sword 19. Pokémon Red / Blue 20. Alan Wake Some really hard decisions as a few of the games have incredibly similar sequels, and I only wanted to choose one in a series when in reality I love Fallout NV just as much as 3, and I love all 3 Mass Effect games, all 3 Fables etc. Happy with my list overall
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