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  1. Honestly I wouldn’t know FPS if it bit me on the dick, I can happily play something on the PS5 / Series X then fire up a game from yesteryear and I can honestly say it’s one thing that doesn’t bother me at all
  2. As much as I agree that the genre could do with an overhaul, as a fan of the genre in recent years I’ve enjoyed Octopath Traveler, Dragon Quest XI and Xenoblade Chronicles. I am going to try Yakuza as a result of it being mentioned in this thread.
  3. I can’t remember what the hell I’m meant to be doing, all my gear is level 1050 but I remember not being able to get better gear before I stopped playing years ago, I’m assuming that’s no longer the case. I went to a planet at random, both my weapons were immune when shooting the first enemy and everything is one shot killing me Ive still got some exotic gear, is that still the best? Any tips for someone picking it back up after a few years away?
  4. Guys can I have a bit of advice please? I played Destiny 2 a lot on XBO a few years ago, I’m sure I paid for a couple of DLCs at the time, I now have a Series X and can see it’s on GamePass with only one DLC available Beyond Light.....Does the GamePass version include all of the DLC up to the newest? Also I’ve logged in to my Series X with my same GanerTag as my XBO, will I be able to carry on from where I left off or will I have to start over? Thanks
  5. I started this yesterday on PS5 and I’m hooked! anybody got any tips or things they had wished they’d known before starting out?
  6. Started this today on the Series X, much like everyone else I have early game Pros and Cons - Pros - It looks absolutely bloody glorious Night City really does feel like a living breathing place, the amount you can do seems staggering The work that has gone in to the side missions is excellent, puts other games fetch quests and repetitive go from A to B to shame Cons - Shock horror there’s bugs, loads of them, everywhere. I’m in no way a purest when it comes to games, if it’s janky so what, however considering I’m only a
  7. At work I’m seen as “the geek” to your average gamer that solely plays FIFA and COD so they often come to me for advice, obviously Cyberpunk is bloody everywhere so I’ve had a lot of questions about it and spent the week convincing people to wait a couple of months before playing it so they have time to iron out the bugs and how it will inevitably not live up to the hype, Get home, get mowed down by the Hype Train after reading this thread and Pre-Order I’m a terrible person
  8. Might be being a bit thick here so apologies, if Switch is getting a P5 Spin off how come it’s never got one of the main line Persona games? I’d have bloody loved P4 Golden or P5 on Switch
  9. I’d travel back in time to the launch date of the Dreamcast and get PowerStone instead of Jimmy Whites Cueball
  10. Started this today and I’m loving it so far! I’ve got just about as far as building a bridge so what? 3 hours in? Really enjoying it
  11. Just a heads up Borderlands Collection is £20 on Amazon, an utter bargain that
  12. Came in looking to see what you wonderful people were playing on your shiny new PS5’s and thought I’d stumbled into the wrong thread As I’ve mentioned I haven’t had a PlayStation since the PS2 so tomorrow is payday and I’ve got a whole host of new and old games in my Amazon / Argos basket. I got Horizon - Zero Dawn for £6.99 which I’m told is one of the best PS4 Games, I’m also going to get Death Stranding, FF7 Remake and Miles Moralas so I’ll have a fair bit to keep me occupied, Just need to sort a headset that works with both the PS5 and Series X that isn’t a million
  13. Series X and PS5 I’ve put over 100 hours into Monster Hunter World since the Series X was released so the only love the PS5 has got so far is the Daughter playing Astrobot. I get paid tomorrow so the plan is to pay for a years PS+ to enable to play the PS4 games I missed last gen, as well as purchasing FF7 Remake & Horizon, No regrets here
  14. Guys if I’ve got GamePass Ultimate and download say No Mans Sky on both my PC and Xbox, if I’m playing on my PC, save the game can I then go on my Xbox and carry on from where I left off? If so can you do the same with all GamePass games because that would be a real game changer with my Monster Hunter addiction lol
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