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  1. Genuinely don't get why it's a problem? Surely you just have shortcuts to all the Stores on your desktop and fire up whichever one has the game you're looking to play? I honestly couldn't care less if there was 100 different stores as long as they are easy to use and laid out well.
  2. CovisGod

    Final Fantasy VII (SEVEN)

    I've got a massive dilemma where by I got over half way through the game on the PC a couple of months back when they announced the Switch version and I got giddy, I now can't be bothered to put that amount of time into getting back to where I was on the Switch version and can't be bothered to finish the PC version knowing I'd prefer to be playing it on the Switch......
  3. CovisGod

    Borderlands 3

    One BILLION guns you say? Sounds like a challenge to me....... In.
  4. #ThreadRevival, So how many people are still playing this? It seems massively popular still, there's often queues to get on to my server and just wondered if there was any interest since the latest (and probably last) expansion Shadowbringers is due for release in a couple of months. I've been playing for exactly one month today and it's gripped me more than any game has for a long time, possibly considering its my first really dip into MMO's. I've been playing for just under 100 hours and have just finished the main game, starting the expansions with Heavansward tomorrow. I'm a level 61 Samurai, If anyone is looking to try this out you get a free months trial and if you head over to to Zodiark server I'll help out in any way I can.
  5. CovisGod

    Borderlands 3

    Teaser just dropped for something Borderlands related called Mask Of Mayhem....
  6. CovisGod

    Nintendo Switch

    It's alive! Leaving it plugged in overnight seemingly did the trick
  7. CovisGod

    Nintendo Switch

    Yep, holding the power button down doesnt do anything
  8. CovisGod

    Nintendo Switch

    RIP my Switch, Ive charged it today for the first time since Christmas. I've had it plugged in now for 2 hours and the little battery symbol at the top is showing with the lightning bolt but it won't turn on, tried holding down the power button for 15 seconds but that doesn't do anything, Serves me right for neglecting it for so long
  9. CovisGod

    Best MMO to start in 2019

    Just thought I'd revisit this to say that I owe everyone who mentioned FF XIV a pint. I'm level 54, just finished the first base game set of quests, I'm in a really decent free company, one that's really active and its even spurred me on to get a new PC made which I'll have by the end of this week. Can't thank you all enough, its exactly the sort of thing I was looking for
  10. CovisGod


    More of the same is fine by me. I loved Undertale, it was a breath of fresh air when I played it at the time, I thought it was clever, different and in places incredibly funny. Looking forward to playing Deltarune and wasn't aware the first part was free so thanks for that
  11. CovisGod

    Steam - UI Overhaul Coming Soon

    Folks I've got a massive gaming backlog and I'm trying to get stuck in to Final Fantasy XIV If anyone wants any of the codes from Marches Humble Bundle send me a PM, All available, I'll post here when ones gone. Cultist Simulator gone to @spork Vermantide to @dreamylittledream EDF to @carlospie Enjoy guys
  12. CovisGod

    Nintendo Switch

    Ouch. Yeah that's put me off. Shame because I'd have certainly played through 4 again (never completed it) and I've never played 0.
  13. CovisGod

    Pokemon Sword & Shield - Nintendo Switch

    Well that looks fantastic. Can't wait. #TeamGrookey
  14. CovisGod

    Best MMO to start in 2019

    Let me know which server you start on @Flub
  15. CovisGod

    Best MMO to start in 2019

    OK, this is great. Really great. I'm up to level 15, running around doing missions and generally having a great time. I've already bought the complete edition and pre ordered the other DLC.... All in!

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