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  1. Just a heads up Borderlands Collection is £20 on Amazon, an utter bargain that
  2. Came in looking to see what you wonderful people were playing on your shiny new PS5’s and thought I’d stumbled into the wrong thread As I’ve mentioned I haven’t had a PlayStation since the PS2 so tomorrow is payday and I’ve got a whole host of new and old games in my Amazon / Argos basket. I got Horizon - Zero Dawn for £6.99 which I’m told is one of the best PS4 Games, I’m also going to get Death Stranding, FF7 Remake and Miles Moralas so I’ll have a fair bit to keep me occupied, Just need to sort a headset that works with both the PS5 and Series X that isn’t a million
  3. Series X and PS5 I’ve put over 100 hours into Monster Hunter World since the Series X was released so the only love the PS5 has got so far is the Daughter playing Astrobot. I get paid tomorrow so the plan is to pay for a years PS+ to enable to play the PS4 games I missed last gen, as well as purchasing FF7 Remake & Horizon, No regrets here
  4. Guys if I’ve got GamePass Ultimate and download say No Mans Sky on both my PC and Xbox, if I’m playing on my PC, save the game can I then go on my Xbox and carry on from where I left off? If so can you do the same with all GamePass games because that would be a real game changer with my Monster Hunter addiction lol
  5. serves me right for skimming, thanks buddy
  6. Can anyone please recommend me a headset that works with both the Series X and PS5, preferably around the £100 mark, Many Thanks
  7. CovisGod

    Power Stone

    PowerStone is still the only fighting game I’ve ever enjoyed, I’ll get my coat....
  8. I know I’m in the minority but I really like the design of the console Vertical, it looks like something a games console should look like, if it was 15 year old me with it in my bedroom I’d think it was well cool, looks like a spaceship, Trouble is I’ve got a Pregnant Mrs that doesn’t like it as the centre point of the living room I’ve convinced her to change the entire “Theme” of the living room just to suit the PS5
  9. I spent 6 hours yesterday looking at the PS5 with shifty eyes thinking any second it’s going to slide off it’s stand and the absolute unit is going to fly through the telly. Read the instructions and realised there’s a screw for the base.....Don’t be too cool for instructions.
  10. Same, I posted this pic in the PS5 thread. My Daughter until today despite trying with everything from traditional games, to Sing Star, to Lego Dimensions, I just couldn’t get her interested in gaming, watching me play this for 30 seconds and she was hooked, This is more than a freebie, this is a magical little journey down PlayStation History lane and a remarkable insight into the Controller and what’s to come with the PS5.
  11. My eldest has just come home from school, this is the first time she has been interested in games in any way, even she’s impressed!
  12. I’m absolutely astounded by the controller! What sorcery is at work in that little thing!? Incredible
  13. No tracking info for my Amazon order yet, pretty sure I didn’t get tracking for my Series X until half 10ish though so I’m not wildly concerned
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