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  1. I absolutley adore this! Finished the first Island and now back on my main island, I've started the foundations of something that's going to be fairly massive but I'm going to carry on with the story and pop back and add bits, I'll add some screenscots if I can figure out how to get them off my Switch
  2. @Garibaldi Thanks for that, saves me wasting my time. Its a shame because the idea of an MMO Fallout should be my favourite game of all time, and instead months and months after release I still can't bring myself to play something that may ruin my favourite gaming franchise for me, If any good can come out of this game I hope its that they feel they've massively cocked up and the next main game in the series ends up being something incredible, I feel I may be clutching at straws though.
  3. Looks like they've got real visions of where to go with this in the next year, the 2019 Road map looks like they are really trying to make a go of this, Has anyone stuck with it? Is it time to jump on board yet?
  4. Anybody want to hear my tale of awesomeness? After yesterday absolute arse of a situation I'm pleased to report the refund took little over 24 hours AND they sent me a money off code that worked so I now have this downloading for £35 Can't wait to get started!
  5. Anybody want to hear my tale of woe? I've been buzzing to play this and I've got today and tomorrow off work, but payday isn't until Friday, I managed to move some bits around and manged to get the exact amount needed to get this from CD Keys, Excitedly paid and clicked the download button.... Nothing happened, just an error. E-mailed and happily got a reply within a minute, were sorry issue at our end, here's a refund and a £5 off code! Even better, went back on to CD Keys, put the code in, that didn't work, no bother though atleast I can finally get this downloading! Nope, you don't have the funds in your account, checked my bank, empty. E-mailed then again and asked why they hadn't issued the refund to my PayPal? Its been sent back to my bank and can take up to 30 days to clear. I'm now genuinely upset and would like as many empathy pushes as possible please.
  6. Bioshock for me, Just something about the under water setting with the artwork and the music. It's one of the only games Ive played where I've stopped playing to look around and appreciate my surroundings
  7. Right you lot I'm in, Spent 3 hours today watching someone build a Mansion and I'm having me some of that. Played the first one but burnt myself out after the first act, spent too long perfecting a house there and couldn't be bothered to do the same on act 2, this one I'm going to take my time and unlock everything before turning into some sort of architect
  8. Guys I've got everything from April's Humble Bundle to today and none of them are getting played any time soon, I'll make a list, if anyone is desperate for any of them PM me Edit - Here we go, all I ask is that if you take one you intend on playing it, if not please leave it for someone that wants to give it a go, 60 Parasecs! He!llblade: Senuas Sacrifice - @Treble Love Is Dead Moonlighter - @Unofficial Who Nairi: Tower Of Sin Road Redemption - @disperse and recoagulate Warhammer 40,000: Mechanics - @Herbalizer 911 Operator + DLC COD Black Ops 4 + DLC - @Isaac Duskers - @MarkN Paratopic Pool Panic - @frumious Red Faction Guerilla: Re-Mas-Terd - @parrapatheslapper Assassins Creed: Origins - @Paulando Do Not Feed The Monkeys - @bigfoot Finding Paradise I Am Not A Monster The Journey Down: Chapter 3 Monster Prom Wandersong - @Zero9X Absolver Dandara MINIT Mutant Year Zero: Road To Eden - @SM47 Northgaard - @Butters She Remembered Caterpillars Steel Rats Tannenberg Fight N Rage - @strawdonkey Late shift - @Gabe Paradigm Slipstream Tower Unite Aaero Bleed 2 Full Metal Furies Rock Of Ages 2: Bigger and Boulder Sniper Elite 3 - @dreamylittledream Double Daryl Deluxe Tom Clancy's The Division + DLC - @Isaac Aurion: Legacy Of The Kori-Odan Void Destroyer
  9. CovisGod

    Nintendo Switch

    I've just had a random urge to taking the wrapping off LA Noire and fire up the Switch, I don't remember it first time round, just that it was a murder solving jobbie where you look at crime scenes and stuff, sounds like it should work well on Switch
  10. Well this is a bit good isn't it... I've just completed Act 1 on my first run through, it was touch and go, beat the boss with 1hp left! As somone who enjoyed Hearthstone, Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon TCG I can see myself sinking far too much time into this...
  11. I've just bought this after months of umming and arring, any tips for a noob?
  12. Anybody know anything about Graveyard Keeper? Just seen it in the coming soon section, Looks a bit like Stardew Valley....... In a Graveyard...
  13. Yup, when you start True Vault Hunter mode you retain everything from playthrough one, then when you beat the last boss in TVHM you enter playthrough 2.5 which level scales all enemies and side missions to level 50, you then retain all that again when you start Ultimate Vault Hunter mode, I've completed the 3 modes before, now doing them all again, I'm saving all the DLC until my UVHM playthrough then going to do the entire game, all the side missions, all the DLC and finishing with the new DLC that bridges the gap to 3, Im hoping I'll be somewhat rewarded for this when I start 3, a few keys or whatever the equivilant in the new game would be nice
  14. Currently most of the way through on normal, going to blast through just the story again on TVHM and then give the while game a proper blast, side missions and DLC on UVHM
  15. Oh man that is steep, anybody going to convince me its worth the price? I need a reason to give my Switch some love
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