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  1. I've just bought this after months of umming and arring, any tips for a noob?
  2. Anybody know anything about Graveyard Keeper? Just seen it in the coming soon section, Looks a bit like Stardew Valley....... In a Graveyard...
  3. Yup, when you start True Vault Hunter mode you retain everything from playthrough one, then when you beat the last boss in TVHM you enter playthrough 2.5 which level scales all enemies and side missions to level 50, you then retain all that again when you start Ultimate Vault Hunter mode, I've completed the 3 modes before, now doing them all again, I'm saving all the DLC until my UVHM playthrough then going to do the entire game, all the side missions, all the DLC and finishing with the new DLC that bridges the gap to 3, Im hoping I'll be somewhat rewarded for this when I start 3, a few keys or whatever the equivilant in the new game would be nice
  4. Currently most of the way through on normal, going to blast through just the story again on TVHM and then give the while game a proper blast, side missions and DLC on UVHM
  5. Oh man that is steep, anybody going to convince me its worth the price? I need a reason to give my Switch some love
  6. How much are they charging for that Mana collection folks? Are all the games still playable? Never played them before but a big fan of Final Fantasy type games, worth a purchase?
  7. Can somebody please convince me that buying another (will be my 7th) 3DS is pathetic just because I have an Animal Crossing itch that can't wait till march please. I'm sat here with my Switch on my lap and my Mrs has love Island on wishing I was on the New Leaf Island fishing for sharks
  8. I hope you can still upgrade shops and the like, one of the things I loved about New Leaf was unlocking the shops on the street bit by bit, oh and a Museum, I need me a Museum. I'm assuming after your tent you'll be able to upgrade to a house etc. Where's my DS I can't wait until bloody March I need to dust New Leaf off
  9. I'm going 2021, looks really early days. Can't bloody wait though!
  10. March 20th, Happy to wait as long as it's amazing
  11. Ah yeah I remember, so on TVHM your best off just doing the main story quests, getting to level 50, finishing the game and then starting UVHM?
  12. Guys, for some reason, even though I've completed it on every difficulty I've gone back to this and want to do the same before 3 comes out. Can anyone remember the "Rules" regarding the DLC and TVHM and UVHM playthroughs? I seem to remember you have to do the DLCs at a certain point or they're not worth doing as they don't scale in normal mode and you have to be careful not to hit level 50 too early in TVHM or something as after 50 you get incredibly minimal XP? I knew it all a few years back but I don't remember now
  13. Every year.... Mr Mrs has it on the TV, whilst going "phwoar" every time she sees a fella with his top off, I sit playing on the Switch without looking at the telly for 58 of 60 minutes, and as soon as I forget myself and look up.. "Having a good look at her tits were you" "No dear"
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