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  1. Golden Sun turned up today, Not disappointed with £30 if I’m honest
  2. Any retro youtubers people can recommend? That bloke in that video posted above is a right dick
  3. I am and you have a deal! I’ll PM you good sir
  4. Hi Guys, has anyone had much luck with buying retro games from CEX Online? I’ve just bought Golden Sun for the GBA boxed for £28, which is around £20 cheaper than I generally see it sell for on eBay, trouble is at least on eBay you have some idea of the condition where as CEX online I just know it’s “Boxed” is there a chance it’s going to turn up and look like a dogs been at it? I also ask because they have things like Chrono Trigger in stock but if I’m going to spend £60 on a game I want some sort of guarantees that the condition will be good, Thanks all
  5. I always thought consoles were coated in something anti-flammable and after years and years the coating wears off leaving the console with a yellow tinge, I obviously dreamt that
  6. I hate games that go out of their way to not tell you what on Earth is going on, I like open world games but don’t just throw me in the middle of one with little to no explanation of where to go or what to do. Certain games you have to use a guide because where you are meant to go next is so obscure or hidden in dialogue that you could literally waste hour upon hour trying to figure out what to do, Don’t hold my hand all the way through a game but at least make sure I know what I’m doing and give me a glowing cursor on a map it something so I know what direction to head in... Edit - Oh and @Doctor Shark - survival mechanics - crafting - resource management Add in level grinding and you have my perfect game
  7. I can speak fluent Japanese (I cant, I just remember playing it as a kid, I’m pretty sure I imported from King Cat when it came out in the US)
  8. 1998... Resident Evil 2 Suikoden 2 Good times
  9. Ok this is bloody excellent. I get it now.
  10. This is stressing me out in a good way Spoilered just in case people are playing through for the first time on PC
  11. Any tips for a noob? I started playing today on Vita, I’m possibly an hour and a half in and haven’t actually done anything yet, a lot of story and a lot of setting up but I sort of feel like I must be reaching a point soon when I’m off on my own, I’m not sure I’ve had more than 10 seconds control of my character so far! That said I’m loving it, love the style and the story seems to be going places so any tips for things to look out for and what’s best to do would be appreciated
  12. The Park scared me, something about wandering around an abandoned Theme Park proper shat me up. I’m not great with scary stuff anyway, love scary films but the idea of controlling something with scary stuff going on isn’t for me, I had to turn Resi 7 off after about an hour. i seem to remember the start of one of the Dead Spaces being a bit scary too
  13. WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Day one!
  14. I’m the worst gamer in the world, if I play a game and it doesn’t immediately click I never play it again, and if I get bored of a game and leave it for a few weeks I can’t carry on playing it, I’d have to start again because I wouldn’t remember where I was or what to do
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