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  1. Yup, slight overkill in my opinion!
  2. theres 37 pieces which I have and all of the Recipes I get are now dupes
  3. If anyone struggles for Egg Furniture let me know, I’ve got them all now so plenty of eggs coming daily that I don’t need until the 3 other recipes unlock on the 12th
  4. I pretty much sell clothes straight away, as soon as you’ve catalogued them you can always re-buy so no point in taking up space, What you’re talking about you can do, you need a Wand, Star Wand, Cherry Blossom Wand etc. It removes them from your inventory and locks them to a wand
  5. 40 Recipes in Total including the 3 you get on the 12th, done mine, now got to put up with 10 days of these pissing Eggs while I wait
  6. Right you horrible lot, I’ve not opened in a few days.... 104PT Have as much fruit as you like, mind the flowers
  7. Apparently unlike New Leaf there’s no way for a Villager to leave without first asking you if it’s OK. He must have said his goodbyes as you merrily skipped through the chat
  8. Tried my hand at a bit of terraforming this morning, must admit I’m quite proud of my Well Island!
  9. If it helps at all the only fish that give the Eggs are the size 3 shadows, as soon as you can figure out which fish is a size 3 you’re laughing, I’ve just caught a Killifish and a Zebra Turkeyfish! Hoping to catch a snapping turtle at 9pm
  10. 12 days has got to be the quickest I’ve ever put 100 hours into a game
  11. I’ve got a couple spare if you need a Stool or Merry Balloons?
  12. Just about finished the Egg set, there’s 40 items in total (including the clothing) just got to make the table next time I come across Earth Eggs and I’m done!
  13. I have caught literally nothing but Eggs! All day long
  14. My 10 year old asked to have a go on AC while I made dinner....I said yes as long as you don’t change anything..... Just come back to this, I can’t put my finger on it but I feel......Different.
  15. I want that written word for word on my headstone
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