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  1. Ah ha, my Arthur is like that. He usually doesn't mind being told to do one, but if the person is aggressive or gets their gun out, he'll often blow them away. Then usually have a sleep in their camp.
  2. There are horse hitch posts that look a little like fire hydrants. They have a horses head on the top
  3. Can anyone assist with what I'm meant to do about/with the Mayor in Strawberry?
  4. The manual tag unlocked for me last night actually. I was on a mission in Chapter two
  5. R1 is the prompt to change between the different things you can interact with in the spot. If you look directly above (perhaps below) there will be dots, which indicate how many things there are to page through with R1.
  6. I've got that in Chapter 2. I wonder if it is linked to your dead eye skill.
  7. Yeah, I can see why people like it. I just find the engagements incredibly unsatisfying.
  8. I can not get on with the CoD BR. I've been playing lots of zombies and mp (mostly customs with mates though). It's started my itch for pubg again though. I played my first game in about 4 months last night. It was glorious. Also I really want the clown Halloween costume.
  9. Yeah, you can't collect a bounty whilst there is one on your head. I picked one up in Saint Denis the other night, the whole thing felt like a set up. But Arthur managed to shoot his way into and then out of it. He took the body back to the Police Station and went to collect his earnings. Arthur remarked at the low pay for a hard days graft, but the smug office just chuckled and sat at his desk. Arthur circled the man for a good few minutes wondering if it would be a smart move to shoot the head of police in the police station. Even after two bottles of gin he thought wise of it and rode off. Another day perhaps.
  10. It's entitlement. I want Diablo 4 and I want it now! I'm going to have a tantrum until I get it! Blizzard fans are the absolute worst for this, absolute warmongerers.
  11. The crowd at Blizzcon weren't reacting to that though, were they?
  12. That deluxe bath though. *Scrub right leg* *Scrub right leg* *Scrub right leg*
  13. Let's not be hasty now, the ball physics are a thing of beauty.
  14. I have this bug. Everyone returned during the party and remained in the camp, however they were gone the first time I left and returned. This kind of bug smacks very much of smoke testing behaviours to test builds coming being created in quick succession. I imagine they always spoke to the camp people to check interactions then tried missions, as it's the most optimised way to hit everything.
  15. I believe someone in the thread said they reappear in chapter 4.
  16. No worries.
  17. This is a bit of an old quote, but discord released an update last month that acts as a universal launcher for origin, steam, uplay etc.
  18. This is a really interesting point. Especially when you consider the context of what those graphics represent. The world of RDR is probably one the most beautifully released game worlds in existence. Which is what ultimately creates the bulk of the gameplay. If that is not something which appeals, and for me it didn't at the start, then it's basically no different to GTA 3 from a gameplay perspective.
  19. Yeah me too. I might have a fiddle with the audio settings. I've got the game set to stereo which is working fine for everything else, but for these events it's terrible.
  20. I wrote about this above, but I think the intention for no HUD is to set out on adventure and explore the lands. Not specifically do the missions. Every r* mission is basically head to dot and do X,y or z.
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