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  1. This is great. I've spent a few nights at a mates playing with 4-8 of us. None of us are smash pros so we've just been picking randoms. I finished 12 ko's ahead today
  2. Time is a quantitative measurement, but value is qualitative.
  3. At my own request cs source for the original Xbox, when I didn't have a Xbox live sub.
  4. GoW is game of the year though. By game of the year I mean, single player AAA game. I've played it over Xmas and it's actually reminded how good single player can be every now and again. Rdr isn't a patch on it in terms of gameplay. Actual game of the year is pubg though.
  5. To echo @MarkN I've worked on a few games that were absolutely fucked by the publisher. Most notably I think was Haze. Ubi (I think) chose the weakest platform iteration purely because they wanted to market the game as a ps3 exclusive halo killer. It wasn't and they locked in the delivery date before talking to any developers, to hit the market before halo 3. None of the Devs we're happy with the game. There was also an outsourced writer who took creative lead who was awful, but featured in a lot of interviews. The game was almost universally panned. Frustratingly it had a pretty decent multiplayer.
  6. Ha, my bad. I got abzu - which I really wanted, it looks.like a very chill, trippy, underwater puzzle platformer/ exploration game. Hollow knight, which I have no idea what it is, but I have heard podcasters speaking very highly of it. Xcom 2, which was on my list and I'll be very happy to play. Thanks sants!
  7. They should be in your email account steam is attached too.
  8. Thank you very much santa.
  9. Excellent, I came in here to post the above. Yes, please make them public or bad rats it is.
  10. Stats are amazing. I was browsing mine the other day and found this one. I can't remember when or where I did it though....
  11. @Rob Rule Those were very enjoyable games. Same time next year? @Nathan Wind your story has travelled far and wide One more sleep lads.
  12. @VN1X can I has dawn of war code please?
  13. Yeah, that's exactly what it is. This is a move to slow down big companies from seperate good from the platform.
  14. I don't play single player games any more. I just play multiplayer with my mates.
  15. Depending on where you are in the game that might be a lot, it might not. Personally I'd go into a town, start firing my gun into the sky and then surrender to the law. You have to do a night in the slammer and they'll take your cash, but it'll clear the bounty, refill your cores and your trusty stead will be waiting for you in the morning.
  16. @Thor That's interesting I've had a few occasions where I've aggro'd someone in a town, they have started shooting at me and the Sherriff has gone after them.
  17. Yeah, the hair is growing quicker than the beard, but they are both growing quicker than without.
  18. Ah ha, my Arthur is like that. He usually doesn't mind being told to do one, but if the person is aggressive or gets their gun out, he'll often blow them away. Then usually have a sleep in their camp.
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