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  1. No, not really. I seem to recall there was very little stuff in the one we unlocked.
  2. Yeah, I've got an LMG build that wrecks, so I'm not really interested in playing on my own. My group basically raced to the end game and then we've all dropped off. However, I'm good with that, as it means I can go back to playing pubg.
  3. Regarding specialisation ammo. You can just switch your specialisation at the white house and then switch back and it will fill your ammo. It's useful if you want to run something hard.
  4. That's odd, I've had a continuous and relatively easy path from 250-500. I did read in the last patch they've tweaked some loot. Maybe try recalibrating some higher items?
  5. From both. Once you're 500 things drop up to 515.
  6. Me and my crew did two WT5 +4 Control points last night. Good lord, they were intense.
  7. I hit GS 448 this evening. M700 is getting a nerd tomorrow....boo
  8. Fighting through the flood with a shotgun was and always will be, amazing.
  9. In the dark zone your skills get normalised so it bumps everything up. On your load out menu there's a normalisation toggle that will let you see those values without being in a normalised zone. To exit a squad go menu, social, click on your name and then leave group. It's no the most intuitive of processes.
  10. So I've still not triggered the end game stuff yet, but my mate is world teir 2. I jumped in his game earlier and started ending lives, whilst constantly picking him up. He's been banging on about his gear score for ages, but it turns out that doesn't could for shit compared to my m700 and quick aim. Happy days.
  11. Noooo. The lighting is phenomenal. It's rare a game, film or TV actually make things dark. In combination with the weather effects, it's amazing.
  12. Yeah, I've had a few missions and side missions bug out with broken scripting. For a game this big, it's excusable. I hit 30 earlier without any real grind. I've got 10 or so side missions yet and have only done one stronghold. I've throughly been enjoying it. I've got an m700 that does 75k damage on a headshot, which makes downing people easy
  13. Yeah, it's phenomenal.
  14. I'm excited for this. I played a few hours and remembered how much I enjoy tootling around the town and doing missions. I played the first game almost exclusively with randoms, along with the rest of my usual crew as we all picked it up on different platforms or at different times, so I'm looking forwards to jumping on with everyone. It's running well on my PC. I've got everything apart from a few shadow and reflections settings cranked to the max and I'm hitting a solid 70 at 2k. Happy days.
  15. That makes no sense, but thank you for your swift response.
  16. @Timmo This might be worth adding to your original post, as the methods for playing H1 in H2:Prog are different depending on the platform. I know this was aimed at PS4 owners, but H1 was recently in the humble monthly bundle. Details are from here: https://www.ioi.dk/hitman-legacy-faq/
  17. Valve literally held Half-Life 2 to ransom requiring Steam to be installed to play it. Everyone hated it. It was buggy. It failed to connect. They won consumers over through steam sales. Epic are doing nothing new, nor different.
  18. Nice! To win takes both aggression and tactics we have found. Pushing up and taking fights has seen our survival stats drastically increase. Not only because we're getting better at the winning part, but because we're clearing space for ourselves. This happened last night and it reduced me and my friend to tears. I wish I had the audio.
  19. I've been putting in the work with the squad since Vikendi launched and it's nice to see it paying off. Games have gone from 1-2 kills occasionally, to regularly hitting the 3-4 and then 5-6 range. Last night we won with me finishing on 8, which is my highest ever in squads. Happy days. Gotta keep pushing for the elusive double digits though.
  20. Nice! Where do you host, alt?
  21. Valve's dead lads. Valve's dead.
  22. Yeah, that's basically the issue isn't it? Not hardware, just marketing. Microsoft spent an awful lot getting the Xbox brand recognised and you could argue they had a unique timing opportunity with the death of sega consoles to get them into living rooms. Valve have tried and it went terribly with both the steam links and their branded hardware, although their marketing push was none existent really.
  23. This totally isn't clickbait. https://www.t3.com/news/ps5-and-xbox-two-just-got-called-out-by-a-powerful-new-next-gen-console But is there the potential for a new contender to the console market? Given the disruptive nature of Chinese companies taking on the big boys in the phone arena and the homogeneity consoles are arriving at with architecture, would it really take much more than cash and third party Dev kickbacks to play with the big boys?
  24. Just learnt the Bandersnatch author was Jeff Minter. Amaze.
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