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  1. So I've had a good run of runs today. I wanted to get to know interchange as I need an in raid gas analyser for my quests. I did a few hatchling runs, but got capped by scavs. So I ran with a pistol. I killed a few scavs in Oli and ended up with a decent kit. So I decided I'd just play with the kit until I died and do another pistol run. Then I accidentally loaded into customs and was super near dorms, so I ran over and straight into Rashala. I killed him and his henchmen, then got into a fight with a PMC. I also killed him and then very slowly took my hobbled ass back to cross roads. I've ended up ridiculously kitted, all off the back of a pistol run :D


    Still haven't got a fucking gas analyser though!

    Free Kit.JPG

  2. In factory I have a few spots I like to sit in. The dead end blue containers near the two searchable boxes, the raised platform above the dead scav or the tunnels to the left if you are coming out of gate three. Then I usually wait and listen. I try to get a feel for where people are and where the fighting is. Keeping mental note to scavenge the bodies. Player scavs you can see a mile off so I try to kill them, but in general I don't agro the scavs by killing them, unless by accident. Then once I have a feel for the map I try to play around the fighting, moving under the cover of gun fire and looting. It's amazing how easy it is to pop players whilst they are looting if you wait. Even better is that they have usually harvested the good shit for you. Getting out gate 3 is always a bit risky, but it's my preferred exit as you can get to it from a number of ways. The corrugated box the closest to the right is the one to watch as you go past into the exit, as well as watching for exit campers. I was down to 1.7 mil two days ago as I wanted to buy stuff to upgrade my hideout. Currently sat at just under 4mil, mostly from factory scav runs. 

  3. Ah, just on the upgrade. If you are going to buy the big one. Buy each stage as you get the gear for each bit. I didn't but my friend did and got more shit than me. It only works the once though, when they wipe you just get your tier back. 


    This is why I love scaving Factory. I spawned in with a pistol and some bandages :D





    260K from that quick 5 mins. I kept the keys, the relay and the drinks. 

  4. 11 hours ago, ravnaz said:

    Is SCAV'ing Factory still the thing to do?  


    Yeah, I think so. I extract every other time at least. My last run netted me 270k. To be honest it isn't really for beginners. I think customs is probably the most beginner friendly map. But factory will get you shooting at people or more sensibly hiding until the gun fire stops, carefully listening for footsteps and picking over the the dead scavs for loots. 

  5. 4 hours ago, moosegrinder said:


    Yeah but if he's not level 5 he doesn't have access to the flea market. It took me about twenty something hours to get to 5 because I kept getting flattened :p


    after that though yeah, the flea market is your god and saviour.


    Yeah, that's a really good point. The LPZ ammo is still great tbh. 


    This is my current stash :D





  6. 59 minutes ago, Sir Mullo said:

     Snowblind said though, waiting around for lads to shoot each other, then sneak and when its dies down, that can be end game.


    Play the cards your dealt 


    So what's grrat about tarkov is there's really no win conditions other than stay alive. Sure there's the quests, but these were added as filler until they have the main campaign/story in. How you play and win is upto you. If you want to go kill players and get dog tags you, if you want to loot and never be seen you can. The world is harsh, punishing and full of threats. So it is upto you to approach it. 


    Me and my duo buddy like to chase fighting and shots. Then we chose when to engage. Third partying people that are weak or looking elsewhere might not be heroic, but it is fucking effective. 


    Also you don't need masses of roubles. Spend it on your hideout and stuff off the flea market. Better armour makes it easier to survive, which means you'll extract with more loot, more often. 

  7. 22 minutes ago, Adrock said:

    I take it you need to be suitably proficient at FPS to play this? I'm absolutely shit at them and could never be bothered to learn recoil patterns in CS:GO for example.


    Is this game for me? It sounds very intriguing but i reckon I'd end up dead, constantly.


    Yes and no. If you run head first into players then aim will help, but it's not the only way to kill. The maps are built so that you can stalk, out maneuver and use tactics to flank and get the drop on enemies. It goes a lot deeper when you start adding armour, bullet quality and various other stats.


    You will die though, but that's what makes it great.

  8. 57 minutes ago, moosegrinder said:

    The 7N1 is Prapor LL3 though. I don't think I've ever found any. I definitely don't have any. The ammo you can buy from Prapor LL1 is the LPS gzh which apparently pierces L4 armour and does flesh damage (according to an idiot proof chart I found last week). I can never get the bloody thing off before whoever kills me as almost everyone gets the drop on me.


    Just get it off the flea market. Keep 5 in your gun, 5 on your dude and the rest in you secure case. 

  9. The infantry or standard, there's very little in the specs with them. Ak's are great, but the reason I suggest the mosin with a red dot and 7N1 ammo is that it'll headshot almost every helmet in the game for 42(ish)k. It's a great way to get used to hittiing heads and taking fights/shots when it's in your advantage to do so. It forces a style of play, that I think is good for new players. However, if you find something that works for you, do that.


    Something worth noting, in Tarkov hip firing or point firing is actually really effective. The recoil is managed mostly by the character model, not the mouse so you can be very accurate with it. Especially if you have a laser. 

  10. 7 hours ago, moosegrinder said:


    @snowbind or @Sir Mullo would be better off answering that. With a Scav it doesn't matter, but as a PMC I think it's more what you do in the time rather than the amount of time you take before getting out. But like I say I'm not sure.


    I actually don't know. The xp shout might be a good thing, as I've definitely done quick runs, with no kills and not go it, but I have looted the shit out of an area.

  11. So scopes are kinda fucked ATM. You move really slow with them. I'd personally ignore them and just whack a red dot or 2x on your mosin. 


    On selling stuff. Just sell everything and get a build you like to take into raids. Keeping Ak's is a good shout tbh as they behave pretty consistently. Be careful with offline mode as it runs way smoother than PvP, but it's great for learning the maps.


    Seriously though, learn to scav factory. Avoid firefights and listen for PMC fighting. They usually die or evac within the first 10 mins so you can just scav and pick up the remains. Learn how to get to gate 3 and security gate and you're golden. Just near gate 3 there's a shack/container with only 1 enterance/exit that faces gate 3. It's a great place to camp people trying to leave. It might take 10 runs or so, but you can make it consistently out as a scav, making your PMC runs effectively free with a bit of bank too.

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