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  1. snowbind

    Left 4 Dead

    Head shotting tanks, you can take them down pretty quickly with it. But your right you need the protection of your team.
  2. snowbind

    Left 4 Dead

    Played five games on the 360, two where excellent. Was the only brit, but everyone worked together, had a laugh and had some fun. Three games I played no one else had mic's and they just wandered off. Two of them where on expert and we only got past the first safe room. It was really frustrating as people kept just fucking off and not helping anyone. Stand out moments; "What ever you do don't shoot the car !" "What ?" Bang Woop Woop Woop "Fuck" Entering the last room "Don't open the door yet" Click "Shit" But the best moment was after we cleared the last room, no one wanted it to end so we just stayed popping of the zombie waves. Till one guy shot one of our own team dead. So we piss around for a bit then end up back in the subway, where the dead guy has returned as a survivor. As soon as we open the door, everyone let rips and all four of us are on the floor is some weird disabled Mexican stand off, shooting the fuck out of each other till we all die, laughing all the way. Good fucking times. Definately a game relient on having decent people to play with. One for the PC I think, as once people get to grips with modding it, it'll be endless fun. Can't wait to play as a Zombie either.
  3. ahhh so this is the thread. yeah its alright i guess. its surprisingly underwhelming. i find tryarchs textures too rich
  4. snowbind

    COD 5 Beta

    Got my beta key today, so i thought i would start a thread up, see whose in and what you think ? Only played for half an hour, so will report back later when i've given everything a proper go. Peace
  5. snowbind

    Metallica S&M

    i think this album is phonemenal, its one of my favorites. nothing else matters, that version is awesome its one of my outright favorite songs in the world ever.
  6. have i missed the boat on this ?
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